Sunday, 1 May 2011

Skipping into May

The week's whizzed by, sandwiched at each end by two fabulous long weekends. The sun has come back for another visit which has made it even better. Blue toes and sandals have been out for an airing again.

There's been no time this week for coming up with colourful makes so nothing to show you I'm afraid. All my thought has gone into finishing up the 10 week course I've planned and written. Fourteen hours a week I'll be teaching and trying to inspire 16-18 year olds, starting on Tuesday.

Friends coming for afternoon tea yesterday inspired me to whizz up a colourful cake of sparkly sugar stars and fruit.  All eaten in one sitting.

Other visitors have been the new ducklings. Their mum brought them over twice this week on their long walk back to the village pond. They came right to the door and waited for us to go out and feed them.

Today was one of those perfect days when you just feel really good inside. We went for a really long walk by the river and then ended up in a field eating cake and watching really bizarre people doing a dog agility show. It was perfect entertainment, especially the dog who looked like he was wearing his owners wig.

One more day of fun and then it's back to all the usual normal stuff and short weekends again. How will we cope with the week being longer than the weekends I wonder?


  1. Good luck with the course you have planned and the teaching too.
    Can I have a piece of that yummy cake please? Looks fab.
    Those ducklings are so cute, baby animals are adorable.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

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  3. The cake!!!! Looks heavenly.......and the ducks....the dearest little things.....

  4. I feel like I have been on underdrive for weeks - the last incumbrance goes back tomorrow and I will have to stagger off to work - oh dear! Good luck with the 16-18 year olds - a very rewarding age to teach, so I am sure you will enjoy it - hard work, though!

    Pomona x

  5. What a delicious looking cake.

  6. Love those blue toes and sandals and the weather is set to stay this week so plenty of airing. Do you know I can't remember when we last had rain!

    Enjoy the last of the weekend and sorry I haven't been in touch - too many holidays and trying to juggle to many usual.

    take care, enjoy the cake - that looks absolutely yummy.

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  7. Where to start!
    *I wish I had a daughter to wear blue toes with.
    *I'm coveting your tin flowery tray in the background
    *We had cake just like yours but not so fun as no stars dammit!
    *I'm certain your enthusiatic manner will have those teens hanging off every word.
    * The ducklings are beyond cute!


  8. Hope the course goes well. The weather really has been spoiling us a treat and the children have had a lovely time on their holidays.

  9. What a gorgeous cake, I'm not surprised it was eaten in one sitting!!!
    Those little ducklings are so cute. :)
    Best wishes for your new course, I'm sure you'll be a great inspiration to the teenagers!
    Vivienne x

  10. Glad you've had a lovely week! I just read your last post. You've inspired me to have a go myself! My weak spot is buying stuff for my Jenny. That will be a real challenge! xxxxx

  11. What sunny photos. How lucky you are to be able to walk alongside the river. x

  12. lovely pics!!
    love the look of that cake x

  13. That is soooooo sweet, the mum and her ducklings waiting for you to feed them! That's WONDERFUL Lisa! Well done on getting the course work resolved, that must have been wearing, but it's done, so you must feel all chipper now. Lisa, you create such a lovely home, full of love, with your wonderful cake, ducks coming to visit, and blue painted toe nails, it's wonderful to see! Love Vanessa xxx

  14. Good luck with your course. sure you'll have no problem inspiring those young people. Your blog inspires me with your energy, vitality and colourful pics every time a take a read!
    Best wishes

  15. What a delicious looking cake - yum! those little ducklings are too sweet, what a lovely treat to see them toddling by xox All the very best with your new venture tomorrow.

  16. aaawww how sweet are those ducklings and to have them in your own garden to. Wow that cake looks delicious. Good luck with your job, dee x

  17. hi there, ive read your blog for a while but im a little shy so ive nevr commented (srry about that). Good luck with your teaching....can i ask what subject you ae teaching? id love to teach teenagers sewing, crafts etc.

  18. Mmmmmm blue toe nails . . . . . .
    Love Helen x

  19. You've inspired me anyway... there's a bit of cake at home that is definitely looking lunch shaped at the moment!
    Good luck with the course x

  20. Such lovely piccies,love the duck & ducklings one especially!soooooooo cute.The cake looks amazing too.xx

  21. Hey - thanks for popping over the other day - and pop back soon because there is a happier ending to the duckling saga!!! (and we're keeping these little treasures safe from Mr Magpie)
    Love a day that feels right...fee x


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