Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Rosy Glow

When I got home last night our resident ducks were sitting under the cherry tree fast asleep. Then Little Bun rushed out for a hug with Alfie Blue the naughty Pug boy and he chased them off. Mind you all this kerfuffle meant I noticed how the roses have suddenly gone all blousy and beautiful. I picked the largest one and then the Bun's chose the smaller one when they fed the hens this morning.

After a day of good results at work yesterday I felt ready to attack the car boot with a vengeance. It's been pretty poor lately, but today was a bounty day. I only spent £5 and came away with coloured needles, Rosa bowls, a table, beautiful embroidered pillowslips and the loveliest babies cot sheet embroidered with a deer, bunny and fairy. I would show you the linen, but Blogger is being very bad today. Rather than beat my computer up I've given up trying to load those pictures.

I was so excited about the table I found. I've been looking for a fold-up one for ages after I lost the other one in a village hall. The man only wanted a £1 for it and it was part of his display. I felt a wee bit bad (for a second) as I would have given him more, but then more left to  buy the lemony lick of paint I want for it.

The rest of the day has passed with plans for exciting things. I'll say more when I know what's happening, just that I'm excited.

If you're interested in coming along to the crochet group I hold in Glory Days, Norwich, please email me and I'll give you the details . Be lovely to see you.


  1. I always love your car booty goodies - there is still treasure to be had out there.

    I've given up picking up coloured knitting needles as they are so many about again - but at a price!

    Enjoy the rest of the day,

    Nina xxx

  2. Oh how fortunate were you to pick up those gorgeous vintage knitting needles, I love them! My little collection is slowly but surely getting bigger too. I love your crochet hook collection too.
    There is nothing more romantic than a blousy rose xox Enjoy!
    Penelope x

  3. ooohhh those needles are gorgeous just on display so colorful. Love the last jug to. i love jugs and have far to many but i can't just seem to help myself ;-) Can't wait to hear what your plans are sound exciting ;-)) dee x

  4. I have one pale green orphan needle - I don't know what happened to its friend. Pity your crochet class is too far away for me - I need someone to teach me!

    Pomona x

  5. You do manage to get such good bargains. So bright and cheerful, and yes a lovely rosy glow. I'm afraid down here most of the prices at car boots are ridiculous.

  6. Wow, didn't you do well! Wish I could pick up bargains like that. Our car boots are becoming a bit pricey around here.
    Love the Rosa Glamour china. Have you got much?

  7. what a lot of goodies you got - love the jumper by the way!

  8. Lovely color needles! Where did you find them? Thanks!

  9. What lovely treasures! I adore the colored needles. After seeing your granny circles, I'm inspired to start something along that line. The colors are so pretty.

  10. This post has proven to me that I am slowly but surely turning into copies of my blog idols. I have needles, just like yours. I have a bowl, just like yours but in blue... I have a fair few bits scattered about that would look right at home over at yours.

    Fab jumper in an earlier post, the colours are terrific, Little Bun looks a beauty.

  11. oh Lisa I wish i had your life, it seems so perfect and pretty! I picked some lovely peachy roses from the garden and a handful of salad, it always cheers me up wondering up the garden with my cream enamel sieve, a pair of scissors and my flowery pinney (and if Im honest my pyjamas!) on, wonder what the neighbours think? fliss xxx

  12. Thanks So much for leaving kenzie a comment - he's still cockahoop!
    What treasures you found - good work.
    fee x

  13. I always think of those coloured knitting needles as treasure! I collect them, but have to buy them from ebay as I've never found any in a charity shop or the like, so I think you did extremely well there Lisa! My mouth is watering just looking at them. Love Vanessa xxx


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