Monday, 16 May 2011

Mostly on a Monday

Another weekend has been and gone with us merrily doing a bit of this and a bit of that. It mainly consisted of eating, just being, playing and dodging the rain. Nothing too exciting, but we enjoyed it. 
The sad part of our weekend was the death of Muffin Little Bun's hamster. She'd gone blind and was in what I guess was a coma for the past week. We decided to leave her to die naturally as she seemed so calm. I've now said no more hamsters, I will say yes to goats, sheep and donkeys, but no more hamsters as it's too upsetting every couple of years.

Today I had an illish Eldest Bun with me. We somehow ended up in the wool shop before the school run. I've been itching to have something on the go that's knitty and for her and thought she might like to choose. I gave her a pattern book, the one I wanted to buy anyways and she chose the ideal quick project. At ten and a half she really knows her style and she has it spot on. She puts together wee vintage dresses with belts and adds flowers to her hair. I get the look if I try to interfere, so I don't. I chose the colour and yarn as she'd lost interest by this stage. I loved the feel of the Pima cotton its meant to be knitted in, but the colours didn't ring my bell so I chose Milk Cotton instead. Better actually do a tension swatch for the first time ever to make sure this one fits!

No on to the excitement of our new doormat. I thought you might like to see it. It's a bit twee I guess, but then Pip our female cat always wees on it eventually anyway so I'll probably be throwing it out before I stop liking it.  

The heady smell of these roadside Lily of the Valley should cover up any nasties if need be. 

Better be off and plan tommorows teaching while I cook the pasta for tea with my other hand.


  1. So sorry to hear about your daughters hamster my mum has said the same now she always had Russian ones but now she has 2 budgies ;-)Love the welcome mat so pretty. Good luck with the knitting, dee x

  2. Lovely photos, the lily of the valley are gorgeous. I think your mat is really nice, not seen one like it before.
    Ann x

  3. I resisted for ages in getting a hamster, but succumbed last year and I have to say I do kinda like her and am dreading the D-Day. The Bears will be most upset when it comes.

    Oh I wish I could knit. I do love to crochet but think if I could knit that would be cool!

    Love, love, love the doormat!

    The lily of the valley look beautiful and I bet they smell so too!

    Have a lovely evening!!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  4. Sorry about the hamster, but you made me laugh with what you said about the cat and the doormat :-D.

  5. we had rather a lot of hamsters as pets when we were growing parents were like the funeral directors for hamsters in the end..looking for places to bury them in our garden.. i agree with you .. goats and geese but not hamsters!!

    i rather like your doormat its so pretty.. im sure it brightens up your day when you walk in the door.. it would me!!

    love lilly of the valley such a feminine pretty flower!!


  6. Sad about your hamster but if you think of getting a gerbil I thought I would tell you what happened to us. We bought 2 gerbils a few days before my daughters birthday and kept them hidden in our bedroom so as not to spoil the surprise. She was delighted when we gave them to her but after a few minutes cried out and said one was doing a pink poo! Actually, it was giving birth to 5 babies and she wanted to keep them all so the gift became huge because we had to buy more cages to keep males and females apart!

  7. I jolly well hope Pip does not pee on your lovely mat. Be off with you Piddling Pip, please do your business elsewhere you cheeky little kitty!

    I'm learning to lknit (very slowly) as this is just the thing I'd like to make and wear.

    Thank you so much for your comment on my Tea Party post. You made me feel...can't describe it really. Just the fact that someone could guess what I hadn't written, reading between the lines style, gave me a lot of comfort. I carry huge guilt around because of the 'no girl' thing. So thank you Lisa, very much.


  8. I really like your mat it really is very pretty. Hope pussy cat behaves and does not have a sneaky wee on it!

    I wish I could do more than knit one pearl one with knitting. That is all I ever learnt as a child. I look at knitting patterns and think Holy lord no I dont think I would ever be able to understand that.

    Can crochet and in the main understand the patterns! Although sometimes......

    Pretty flowers too!

    MBB x

  9. I love the doormat - and can't smell it from here! I have given up knitting for my daughter - by the time I have finished it she has either grown or changed her mind!

    Pomona x

  10. Oooh what a lovely weekend. Your door mat is so beautiful - I'm very envious and would love to know where it came from if I'm not being too cheeky!

    My weekend was very, very noisy and boyish so I've really appreciated your soft, girlish post today. Thanks as ever Lisa
    P.s So sorry to hear about the hamster, its sad that they pass on so quickly, very heartbreaking. Love to your Little Bun.S

  11. The pattern is lovely, just exactly what I would like to knit if I was so inclined! And your door mat is so beautiful I wouldn't want to put my dirty feet on it! I have heard that cats don't like the smell of oranges so you might be able to deter your kitty from marking its territory by having something orange scented in the vicinity. xXx Helen

  12. ohhhh so sad, I love little hamsters, but little muffin will be running on the great wheel in the sky with our little bertie (formerly known as betty)and stuffing their cute little cheeks...I'm trying to sound cheery but I just sound a little bit mad..big hugs x x x x x x x x

  13. poor little muffin... we had a hamster named Eeeeeee he was so cute we just loved him....he used to escape from his cage and we said he was on vacation. we usually find him in my mum's underwear drawer with a pile of sunflower seeds.. he lived so long he was is always sad....

    then you had me laugh out loud with the kitty wee......lots of emotion for one post!!

  14. Hello there, I'm so sorry to hear about Muffin.
    I love your doormat, I have exactly the same problem but with the dogs. They always do it whether its an indoor mat or an out door one.

  15. How sad about Muffin. It is always tragic when pets get ill ....... Love the doormat. I keep looking at ours which is very tatty. Must replace it. Happy knitting. x

  16. Sorry to hear about the hamster :-(

    Love your new doormat though, so cheery!

    Sally x

  17. hey,
    last blogstop before bed - which explains why I mis-read that your eldest was called 'illish'...!

    After being portrayed as bad cop for years by all boys, including Cleggy, I reluctantly gave in the the pleas for hamsters last month and we now have 2 (Elvis and Banana Jo, yes, BJ for wrong is that!?)

    have to admit they are v cute and GB gets his out every day (which was my issue - hamster food/bedding/poo everywhere, every day)

    Incidently, I wasn't keen on the aquisition of 6 chickens, 2 ducklings and a tortoise, but it went ahead regardless...seems my opinion does indeed count for nothing!

    happy days
    fee x

  18. Oh poor little hamster ! I'm following your blog now because I need to find out if your cats are quicker than mine at weeing on the mat ! Not really your blog is just lovely and so I follow .

  19. Hope the eldest little Bun recovers soon, poor wee thing. I like your doormat, I think it spells out love! Love Vanessa xxx

  20. Forgot to say, that's really sad about your hamster, we had hamsters when we were little, and they were very much part of the family, so I know how sad it must be. Love Vanessa xxx


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