Monday, 9 May 2011

Making Monday

Morning sunlight really is the best for making me feel joyful and ready to plan a day of good things. The door is open, the birds are singing merrily away with the odd yell from the neighbours cockerel thrown in. Better still I used to work on Mondays, now I don't so I get to enjoy whatever I want for a whole extra day. 

I'm planning to get on with the cushions I'm making for the end of the month markets and I feel a big need to make and eat lemon drizzle cake.

I'm also stirring ideas around in my head about what I'm going to do with these lovely fabrics. They were kindly given to me on Friday by someone who knew I would really appreciate them and put them to good use. These are only a few as there are also gorgeous white and cream linens as well as other prints.

This weekend I managed to relax properly for the first time in months. Mr Bun announced with delight that there was nothing we needed to do. I thought about it and couldn't think of a thing either. All four of us just did whatever we wanted for the whole of Saturday and it was much needed. I even managed to finish up the jumper I started for Eldest Bun in the Autumn.

It's actually being modelled by Little Bun. Somehow my knitting speed hasn't matched Eldest Bun's growing speed. One of us needs to speed up or plan ahead better. I'm really thrilled with how the jumper has turned out and Little Bun is thrilled that it's hers after all.

It fits Eldest perfectly except in the length. I thought for a minute about picking up and knitting a deeper rib at the bottom, but I'm so glad to have actually finished it - so no. Little Bun doesn't mind the sleeves are too big for her as it's all comfy which she prefers. So now I know how to size for my gorgeous Eldest Bun better and know I need to knit a bit quicker next time.

I've promised her something stripy in blue's and creams as they're her favourite colours. This jumper was knitted from what I had in my stash so that dictated the colours I used. I'd definately use this yarn again though as it's perfect for my girls sensitive skin and it's great to knit with. I used Rowan wool cotton and if you're interested in the pattern, I downloaded it from the free patterns on Rowan's website. 

One other thing before I go. Thanks for letting me in on the frogginess of crochet. I get it now. I did a bit, but it's not fun going backwards is it.


  1. Lovely jumper. I'm not surprised your daughter is pleased with it.
    Gorgeous soft wool and its stripey - a perfect combination!

  2. Gorgeous fabrics, Lisa, lucky you! I wish we had nothing to do at the moment but the gardens are just a jungle. Well done on getting the jumper finished, pretty colours. Enjoy your day off, it's lovely and sunny here, should be gardening but my Dresden plate quilt is infinitely preferable.
    Hen x

  3. Lovely colour combo on the jumper. x Leah x

  4. How lovely to have a day on the weekend with nothing to do but potter and do whatever took your fancy. The jumper is beautiful. Isn't nice to finally finish a project?
    Looking forward to seeing what you make with your fabric.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  5. The jumper is lovely! I like the style, pattern/stripe contrast and the colour combination is very pretty.

    Best regards


  6. Gorgeous jumper Lisa, the colours are lovely and I really like the shape! I agree with you Rowan wool cotton is a lovely yarn. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. I love the fabrics (can't wait to see what you do with them)...and the jumper even more!!

  8. I have had just the same problems as you with my knitting completion rate not keeping up with growing girls! So I have decided to knit for myself, and hope that it will be an incentive for me not to grow sideways ...

    Pomona x

  9. Beautiful fabrics and wonderful jumper. Great pattern and fab colours. x

  10. The jumper is lovely! Isn't it wonderful when there is a day of nothing needs doing, oh so rare at my house at the mo!
    Love your blog header!
    Have a great week!
    Rachel x

  11. wow that jumper is great i love the contrast with the two different stripes you are clever. Its nice when you get a day to just chill and do what you want to do with out having to rush off and e any where ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  12. What a pretty striped jumper for littlest bun, love the colour choice too. Hope you have had a lovely 3 day weekend xox

  13. The jumper is wonderful Lisa, well done for finishing it. I had a funny feeling it would go to the littlest one in the end. I bet she'll wear it till she can no longer squeeze in to it. And purple and green, delicious! Those fabrics you show! Blimey! What a fab gift. They look so precious it must be frightening, the thought of cutting thm up! Love Vanessa xxx

  14. Beautiful jumper and lovely linens!
    Our Sunday was much like your Saturday, just doing what we pleased with a lot of pottering in the garden. So nice!

  15. Gorgeous, Lisa! You're very clever! Thank you for the heads up about the magazine. Loads of love, Amanda xxxx

  16. What a treat to do just what you fancy! Your Mondays are like my Fridays. I've been pootling around, gardening and visiting friends in my new found day off. Expensive but lovely all the same!

    I love the jumper, what a gorgoeus design and your Little Bun looks a treat. Blue and cream is a lovey combination for the next one.

    Can't wait to see what your create with your pretty, pretty gifted fabrics. Lucky you but I reckon you deserve it. Have a lovely week.


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