Friday, 20 May 2011

Gentle Rhythm

Phew. Thank heavens it's Friday. After another full on day of stimulating teenagers I'm back in my blissful hideaway. I've put the rabbits out, collected eggs, hung the washing and all feels right with my world.

I'm planning a spot of knitting in the sun. Seems the ladies will nag me for food if I sit down first so better get them sorted out.

With sweet Pip (the mat wetter) for company and sunshine on my face I think I'll be here for a bit.

An hours knitting I think, then a few pots to fill with more car boot plants before I pop out. I have a meeting later today, a huge desire to go and check out Jane Brockett's latest book after Vanessa mentioned it and then the looming food shop as the cupboards are very very bare.

This weekend I think gardening, painting maybe and finally sewing the pieces I cut out for a bag Little Bun wants. I might even get her to help me make it.

Nothing too demanding just going at a slower pace and enjoying all that's around me. 

Wishing you a lovely weekend too.


  1. I love that your chickens can just wander in... Ours are up the lane a little bit, and I do miss having them clucking at the back door!
    The knitting book does look like a good investment, enjoy your knitting, happy weekend to you...
    Nattie x

  2. You seem to have plenty of company for your knitting, how sweet! Sounds like you are up for a lovely weekend .... apart from the dreaded food shop!!!
    Are you going to share some garden goodness with us next week?
    Gorgeous x

  3. Love those chickens. We also had a cat that used to wet a pair of long curtains we had. Having washed them a few times with different detergents in case it was the smells of washing powder that offended him! I gave up and threw them in the bin. Animals can get costly at times!

  4. That sounds like a perfect weekend plan. Enjoy it!

  5. I sat in the garden earlier with my crochet and almost burnt my was lovely though - the sitting not sizzling mind you!

    Have a lovely weekend too,

    Nina x

  6. Sounds like my kind of day. Unfortunately we don't have any sunshine round our parts today so I will just have to pretend it's sunny whilst crocheting. Can't wait to see the bag for your daughter. x

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

  8. What a lovely inspiring place you live! Your cat look so furry and sweet. I could happily spemd time there with your workbasket!:o)xx

  9. Souns like a blissful beginning to your weekend. I too would like to get my greedy paws on the Jane brocket book, I feel a purchase coming on.... I'm hoping it's going to be beach weather here this weekend or a picnic in the woods would be good too. Have fun and enjoy relaxing xox

  10. Love that hen pic!!
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Mmmmmm slowing down sounds good (although I did abandon work last night as was home alone...3 back to back episodes of my secret pleasure Britains Next Top model!!)

    Our ladies are loving the sunshine too - even managed some good photos of the ducklings enjoying the warm (will post tomorrow!)
    Enjoy a lazy weekend
    fee x

  12. What a heavenly post....this may be one of the best I've ever seen....I just want to move in..with your girls and miss kitty...the best is the chicken picture..I am going to make a copy and frame just makes me happy....thank you for a lovely start to the day!

  13. I have Jane Brocket's new book and have really been enjoying it - lots to read as well as knit, and just my sort of knitting! have a good weekend.

    Pomona x

  14. What a sweet post...Have a great weekend I can't wait to see more!

  15. I have hens just like that! Always pestering for food! Your pots have put mine (dead twigs) to shame. I must head to the garden centre this weekend!

  16. Sounds like a lovely weekend ahead for you and yours :-)
    Hope the sun stays shining, I wish I could come and sit with you and have a little natter and meet your little furry and feathered friends
    Have Fun
    Jane x x x x x

  17. Jane b's new book is sooosoo yummy, it's the first book where I want to make everything without changing a thing! Hope you have. A lovely weekend, fliss xxx

  18. I love these images....puts a smile on my face and reminds me, I'm in no hurry and to slow down a bit and enjoy the sun shining on my face....Have a delightful weekend! Xoxoxo

  19. Such beautiful images!
    Your planting looks very pretty and I love your Aquilegias in the jug!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  20. sounds just like my day, eggs collected, in the greenhouse planting things up, some crocheting, kids home from school then the food shop, fish and chips hey presto done x x
    have a good weekend x

  21. Enjoy a lovely relaxing weekend...

  22. This sounds utterly blissful, Lisa. I hope you enjoyed it.

  23. Sounds like a sweet day, got to sit in the sun also for a few hours this afternoon. Pure bliss feeling that warmth on your face :)

  24. awww love seeing the chickens being able to roam and go where they want to ;-)) that warms the heart. Sounds like a lovely weekend, enjoy it and your knitting, dee x

  25. I do enjoy following your blog very much, but today's post has particularly tugged at my heart-strings because your cat is so similar in looks to my cat who went missing almost two months ago. Yes, I know YOU don't have MY cat living with you, its unlikely he'd have found his way from Australia to the UK! I miss him sitting by my craft basket watching intently at what I'm doing, and I miss him following us on our walk with the dogs, and one of our dogs in particular is still fretting for the cat. You have helped me make a decision, it is time to bring another cat into our home, and I've arranged to visit the local cat rescue organization tomorrow. If my cat should return home eventually, then that will be just amazing and wonderful!

    I hope you have a sunny weekend.

  26. A lovely weekend to you too. I love your springy and cheerful pictures.


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