Monday, 23 May 2011

Colour Happy Days

My head feels as if it's fit to bursting with ideas, colour and plans again. I've had a few weeks of having an empty creative head. My job has been using up all my creativity as I plan and devise things to engage and interest the students. I come home and can't think of a thing beyond wanting a cuddle and a laugh. This weekend the lightbulb went back on again. I have a sneaking feeling that it was buying Jane Brockett's The Gentle Art of Knitting that inspired me to get going again.

This has to be one of the most exciting yarny books I've bought in a long long while. I'm devouring each page and my head is whizzing along with all the ideas it's giving me. I've already started on one of the projects as I've plenty of wool that needs using up for a colourful project.

On Sunday afternoon Little Bun and I sat and made together. Normally I have both of the Buns wanting to make with me. This usually ends in an argument as I've still not mastered the ability to help them both at the same time. Yesterday was different. Eldest Bun was happy just being, Mr Bun was sorting out cake for us all and so a calm happy making time came about.

I have to admit I always feel a wee bit of guilt about making with my girls. I really want them to learn all the skills I have and then they can enjoy making too, but on the whole I don't have much patience with teaching my own children. I'm also a real perfectionist (poor Eldest Bun has this problem too), so I find it hard to just let the Bun's get on with it in their own way. I'm working on this though and I think I'm getting better.

Little Bun finished her embroidery with no interference from me whatsoever. I absolutely love it, she's so proud she's taken it in for Show & Tell. She drew the picture, picked all the threads and her buttons with a clear idea of where she was going. All the help she needed was threading the needle. Being left handed she's found sewing really difficult, but suddenly it flowed. Now she's excited by her new skill and is planning to make us all embroidered names for our pillowcases.

My pie slices are coming along nicely now I've got the pattern in my head. Last night Eldest Bun and I watched yet another repeat of Outnumbered while I knitted slice after slice. Later she told me that the garland in the Dining Room was too wintery and needed sorting out. I guess crochet mistletoe and baubles is stretching it a bit far for May.

So today has found me cutting and stitching up a quick bunting strand to sort the problem out.

All done and hung. I fancy I might start making some patchy pillowslips as well from all these lovely prints.

Before that late lunch beckons and a read of Mollie Makes. I finally tracked one down after a lead on Twitter.

Final bit of colourful happy to share with you is my new treat of a hummingbird top. Some clothes can just make you feel happy and right all day can't they. This top certainly does it for me.

It was lovely reading all your lovely comments on my last post. Well it's always loving reading them, but it was good to know how much you all love the gentle happy stuff too. 
Hope to see you sometime later in the week if the teaching doesn't leave me in a collapsed heap first.


  1. Lots to love Lisa, the bunting, your new top, the roses and the knitting!!
    What a clever girl Little Bun is, I love her embroidery. :)
    Vivienne x

  2. Such a sweet embroidery, I'm so impressed with little bun :-) I know what you mean about showing children how to do things, tricky, I have to sit on my hands sometimes!
    have a lovely week x x x x x x

  3. Lusting!

    More colour on my blog right now!

  4. Love the embroidery by little bun!
    I can't wait to show my little girl how to knit and sew etc etc ......

    Have a good week!
    Leah x

  5. I know what you mean about letting children get on with it. I taught our daughter a few weeks ago to knit. I sat there apprehensively waiting for her to drop a stitch so I could jump in and help instead of just letting her get on with it and asking for help if she needed it! I like the new bunting!
    The embroidery is pretty too!

  6. It's so lovely when our off springs follow in our creative footsteps isn't it?! I too love 'Outnumbered' it's such a brilliant easy to watch programme and hilarious too! x

  7. Well done little bun on your embroidery,an excellent job!

    Lovely bunting and top Lisa,we love outnumbered here too! hope you have a great week.xxxxx

  8. It's all too gorgeous, the bunting, those swallows(LOVE), your beautiful daughter's handmade stitches and your colourful knitting. I NEED the Jane Brocket book and have noticed a few more people in blogland suggesting it and complimenting it on how lovely it is. Hhhmmm I think a quick amazon order might be necessary! xox

  9. I also learnt not to take things of the children to correct etc. Kiddies makes are sooo lovely. Little Bun has done a stirling job with her picture.
    Your blue ring is gorgeous.
    Just got my knitting mojo back after a long absence and waiting for some patterns to be delivered.

  10. Hé Lisa,

    You made me curious after leaving a comment on my blog...
    But wow!, your blog looks so sweet!
    The pictures in this post make me smile!!

    have a nice evening.

  11. lovely pictures (I love that hummingbird top). I too know what you mean re teaching ones own children. #2 son asked me to help him draw a picture for his homework (of victorian mill children...not the easiest ask) and I really struggled not to get impatient! really.
    Have a lovely creative week
    fee x

  12. I have yet to get that Jane B book - its on my wishlist - just waiting for some funds to treat myself.

    Well done to Little Bun - that looks great. I know what you mean about sitting on hands.

  13. I have looked everywhere for Mollie Makes, but with no luck! I have Jane Brocket's book too and am really enjoying it - just debating which pattern to knit.

    Pomona x

  14. I do synpathise with the left handed thing being a lefty with a left handed husband and 2 out of my three offspring are too. But where there's a will there's a way and I can see Little Bun is rising above the situation beautifully. I remember struggling all through primary school being made to sew in the wrong direction, AND, most ridiculously, having to wear my thimble on my right hand, because that was where it was supposed to be! It took me years to work out what it was for! These are more enlightened times!'
    Glad the 'light bulb is back on, Jane Brocket's book looks fab. I daren't look at knitting patterns at the moment tho', I might get distracted!
    love Penny x

  15. This is the most glorious post full of wonderful crafty goodness and beauty. I love your little girl's embroidery and I'm sure it will inspire her to do more.
    Your new bunting is gorgeous and I love the photo with the chicken in the background.
    Have a great week,
    Anne xx

  16. Lovely post!
    Love your top and especially your brooch!
    Bunting looks happy too!

    Sandie xx

  17. aww your daughters are so clever bless them lovely little embroidery ;-) Sweet bunting to. Enjoy your knitting . Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  18. Oh I just love your space... and whimsy... so sweet and color-full!

  19. Wonderfully colour as usual. I always come away from your blog feeling so inspired. Must paint our French windows!

    Mari (Buns & Bunting)

  20. So much lovely colour in your blog, it always cheers me up!
    Little Bun's embroidery is great - don't think I'll be allowing my daughter near a needle for a few years yet (she's a danger to all surrounding her as it is!) but it's nice to think that one day she might make something like that!

  21. I love your blog. Your pets make me laugh how they all live happily side by side.

    Good work by Little Bun.


  22. Such bright and beautiful photos. x

  23. Hello Lisa, and welcome to my blog (thank you for following- I am honoured)
    Where do I start? I love your blog, and your ring, your blouse, your cat, the bunting, your finds. SO pleased I have found your beautiful blog. I have been left inspired for the week ahead.
    Jo xxx

  24. It's so lovely that your girls want learn all your skills, her embroidery is really sweet. It is hard to sit on your hands but its the best way for them to learn. Loving the bunting lovely bright summer colours you can never have too much it always looks cheery.

  25. I keep gazing at the photo's of your chooks through your french doors. I miss my chooks (or Yicks as i ended up calling them) hopefully I'll be getting more after half term.

    I have been eying up the Cox and Cox shelf for, gosh a year or two now, is it as well made as it is gorgeous?

    The JB book, would you say it is good for beginners such as myself?

    I've just entered Janes give away and choked on my own spit from laughing so hard at your comment!!!!! You do not look like my Uncle John!! You're taller for a start.


  26. ....Well blow me down!!!!! I've just seen myself over in your sidebar. WOW!!!! Thank you!! You've made my week!!!!! x x x xxxxxx x x x x x xx xxxxxx x x x

  27. I love your top... it matches your tattoo sort of!
    I just had a read of your last post too and it left me feeling all gooey and inspired... gorgeous! x

  28. Your world looks so lovely and cosy Mrs B - I love all the colourful stuff.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Nina x

  29. Eeeep! Don't really know where to start-
    Found you via a comment at My Pangaloon- now here, and am loving the first post: gorgeous bunting, lovely knit book, fab embroidery... I can't keep up... Need to come back when not so tired...
    Will be a follower so I don't miss out on any more loveliness...

  30. Sweet embroidery! Well done little bun on your embroidery!

    San Diego Mobile Notary

  31. Hi there Lisa,
    A lovely post and I can identify with so much of it. I've not had much creative time since the tiny happies arrived but am finding my opportunities to create whilst they're doing crafty stuff. Like you, I have to remind myself to be patient when teaching the children creative skills - funnily enough, I've found that if I do a bit of collage making too, then I'm not so bothered about where the children are putting glue, etc! I think there can be too much input and supervision, do you think?
    Love your hummingbird top and the new bunting too!
    Happy days to you,
    D xx

  32. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog. And where did that lovely dress you are wearing come from? x


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