Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Tempations, Distractions & Delights

I think it would be marvellous if every day was like this Easter holiday. I'm between jobs, so  we might be watching the pennies, but not the fun. No school routine and a whole month off to enjoy being a mum and doing what we want when we want. On top of all that the sun's shining. This is Bliss. Mind you at the back of my mind is all that work and planning I should be doing for my new job. Mmmm.

Instead I'm getting distracted and tempted by other things. I  had a peek at Teawagon's fabric which ended in me pushing the add to cart button. I'm slowly getting the right collection ready for Eldest Bun's quilt. One day I'll start cutting and patching I'm sure. Jane sent the fabric along beautifully wrapped as usual with a wee chick and a lovely handmade card.

Then there's my yarn addiction. I figured as I'm very nearly near the end of a year of the Dottie Angel challenge I could buy new yarn to make a wrap for myself. Not that I can ever see myself buying in the same way ever again. More about that another day. For now I just want to enjoy the pleasure of being tempted by the delicious colours Rowan have in their Amy Butler range.

I wanted the yarn to be just so and all the same weight if I was going to make the Japanese Flowers wrap. This yarn is wonderful to work with. Even better, the colours are delicious, which makes choosing very difficult. I ended up wanting them all, but sadly my purse said no.


After two great days out with my lot, I was getting badly itchy to get going with my new yarn. Finally, this afternoon after a long walk by the river, cake eating and getting all hot and bothered we just wanted to just flop. Little Bun hid in the tent I made for the Buns last summer and Mr Bun and I sat beside her chatting every now and then. Five flowers were hooked and I felt very happy. All done just in time for Eldest Bun and my parents to arrive home for tea.

My greatest delight this week has been finishing the Easter Bunny I've been making for Eldest Bun. I cut out all the pieces weeks ago and then got sidetracked as usual. I've always been a last minute work like a loon into the wee hours finishing stuff kind of person. This time I've actually finished something with days to spare.

As each piece was so fiddly I decided it would be better to handstitch the rabbit and all of his clothes. Somehow it made making him all the more pleasureable. I can't wait to see what she thinks of him and what name he'll be given. Little Bun chose Timothy when I showed him to her today. She's very good at secret keeping by the way.


  1. What a delghtful post! I love your Amy Butler yarn, your fabric collection for quilt making and as for Mr. Bunny Rabbit, what a marvel he is! Such talent you have, your bun's are very blessed to have such a talented mum xox Happy Easter times forall of you xox

  2. That Easter Bunny is absolutely gorgeous, I love him.
    Anne xx

  3. Love Mr Bunny's bow tie. It rocks!

  4. That's Easter bunny is seriously cute! I'm sure your daughter will be very happy to receive it!

  5. Oh I love the Easter bunny, he's gorgeous! :)
    That Amy Butler yarn does look yummy!!
    Vivienne x

  6. Love love love all your new pictures.....and Mr. bunny well, he is just well dressed and distinguished a bunny...who couldn't love him....I rather like the name Timothy . I do think it might fit him!

  7. Lovely rabbit I wish he was mine. Hand stitching is so satisfying isnt it. Love reading your blog it makes me happy. Happy Easter.

  8. Your easter bunny is absolutely fantastic, I saw him on your banner and thought I must find out where he is from thinking you had bought him. You are very clever and you must make more and I must buy one. I am sure he will be well loved. Talking of the Amy butler yarn I have been stashing some away and discovered deramores website the other day and they are always offering discount. I don't know if you buy it from a local shop which is good but discount always helps especially with serious yarn addicted people like me. Happy easter

  9. I so agree - though one day without the kiddos in this glorious weather just to potter and have some head space would be grand.

    I love the Easter bunny - he is as I always imagined him. Very dapper.

    Nina x

  10. Love ,love , love mr bunny and am dying to try out the japanese flowers!! happy Easter !xxxxx

  11. your bunny is the bestest! I love him and am terribly jealous of eldest Bun!
    And that yarn, what a stunning wrap it will make!
    Have a lovely easter weekend XXX

  12. awww your bunny is amazing and so cute, Wow the detail and love that has gone into him your daughter will love him. I have to say i love your circle's of crochet on your header photo, enjoy all your yarns, have a lovely weekend, dee x

  13. Awwwww so taken with the rabbit, what an amazing present. And who knew...Amy Butler yarn!!! This might just be the push I needed to learn to knit and crochet!
    Nattie x

  14. the bunny is just fantastic - clever you and the yarn colours look good enough to eat!

  15. What a wonderful Easter bunny.
    Love the Amy Butler yarn, you've got me thinking I need to do make more flowers but I've bought some sock yarn so really must start my "Crochetwithraymond" inspired rainbow socks.
    Have a lovely Easter.
    Carol xx

  16. Weeeeeeee loving Mr Easter Bunny / Timothy Rabbit (great name choice wee bun!) OooOo yes they are rather scrummy the Amy Butler/Rowan yarns. Was having a sneak peek at this years Autumn/Winter Rowan Yarns range, ohhhhh may days our yarn stashes are gona be HUUUUUUUGE!!! Happy Days to you all. Loves Ionwen XXX

  17. Timothy is just SPLENDID Lisa! SPLENDIFEROUS! He looks just like the sort of bunny you'd want to be in charge of your Easter egg hunt! Love Vanessa xxx


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