Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Sunshine & Lollipops

Ten whole years of marriage to my best mate today. All gone in the blink of an eye. Guess we've been having too much fun to notice the time passing. This morning I was given a bunch of anemones which were the flowers in my wedding bouquet. I adore them, they always remind me of the rich colours of one my favourite places, Charleston. Then I end up thinking of the South Downs on sunny days laying beside windmills with my love and heavily pregnant with our first daughter. Blissful days and memories.

This whole thing started with two teachers and a lollipop. I was invigilating an exam and Mr Bun came to swap so I could go and teach. He walked past, pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and stuck it on my forehead. I burst out laughing and kind of got that you only do that if you fancy someone. Pretty handy then as I was already smitten.

I've not been here for so long as I've been feeling really run down and just plain exhausted. The project I was working on ended last week which was emotional and now I'm straight into developing and planning for the new one. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to get going. Saturday was Little Vintage Lover which was fabulous as always. Completely down to Zoe running a great event.

I didn't have many new things made to sell as I'd been busy making up a Hexy Jeans patch for a friend and stitching a brooch for my mum's mothers day present. I got carried away and made four in the end for her to choose from. On Mother's Day I had two lovely girls climb in bed for a cuddle and then they surprised me with heart shaped toast in bed. Best presents in the world cuddles and kisses.

I did manage to finish up the flowery cosies which Little Bun wants as hats for her bears. The rest of my time has been taken up with sorting tedious stuff like MOT's, accounts, bills and paperwork. It takes up far too much precious time this nonsense when really I want to just get on with enjoying life. Well Easter hols are a coming so some sort of rest soon.

I also need to pot up these velvety pansies that I was kindly given by a friend who popped over yesterday. Pansies always remind me of my Nan who's front garden was filled with them. Flowers bring back so many lovely memories. 

Now I'm off to the school church service where they'll be singing along to Sunshine & Lollipops with different words. It's been buzzing in my head since the school run this morning. 

Wishing you a lovely week too.


  1. A lovely posting. Hope you have a great anniversary celebration!

  2. Lovely post, Happy Anni xxxx

  3. What a lovely story of how you met your husband Happy Anniversary beautiful flowers ;-) I love those little hats so sweet. Enjoy the rest of your lovely day, dee x

  4. Brilliant! Yes, superb. Slapping a lollipop on your crush's forehead. HILARIOUS! What panache you fella has.

    Covering the tea cosies...must learn to knit.


  5. Not sure I would appreciate a lolly stuck to my forehead, but love makes us see and do things we wouldn't ordinarily do. Congratulations to you both. Love your little hexies and those pretty brooches are such a nice way of using up bits of embroidery. Dev x

  6. Congratulations what a lovely story. I hope you all enjoy your day.

  7. Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Bun - hope you are having a lovely day. You have made me giggle with the lolly story - what an original way to get your attention. My youngest breaks up today for 3 weeks and oldest tomorrow - we are so looking forward to this as life seems mad at the moment. Hope your Easter break with your gorgeous girls helps to make you feel better. Karen X

  8. I love the lollipop memory - so funny. I think he may of been smitten too.

    take care and have fun,

    Nina x

  9. Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Bun!!
    Beautiful anemones and pansies. :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Happy anniversary! The Anemones are simply lovely!
    ;-) x

  11. I love your happy story of how you two met, happy anniversary and have a lovely week x
    Take it easy love Jane x x x x x

  12. What a gorgeous post! happy 10th Anniversary xox It's was ours yesterday and it's always a special time and nostalgic too x Your patchwork and little cosies are very sweet indeed, perfect spring colours too x

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  14. He sounds a bit of a cool dude does Mr.Bun, what a great way to show someone you fancy them! brilliant. happy anniversary Mrs B.
    Now you've got me singing sunshine and lollipops in my head too! x

  15. Thank heavens for lollipops, I am so glad you and your candyman had a happy day celebrating and not surprised at all that your littles surprised you with heart toast!

    Happy days all round I say!

    Sarah x

  16. Hi Happy Anniversary to you both!It was also the anniversary of when my husband & I met.....4 years & its flown by. Loved your story of how you met.
    Lovely to see you at the vintage fair (I was wearing the red polka dot scarf), I've had lots of lovely comments about my cheeky cherries brooch!!!!
    Natalie x

  17. I'm not sure if I'd like to have a lollypop stuck to my head, he must have been very special :) Your patchwork looks pretty!xx

  18. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful story.
    The brooches are gorgeous!
    I hope you have a truly lovely weekend.

  19. read your post yesterday after driving bhome from visiting my mum in hospital and realised that I had just driven by Jack and Jill windmills and thought I would tell you that they were looking beautiful in the afternoon sunshine.

  20. What a great story of how you met your husband. Happy Belated Anniversary X

  21. Ten years hey! Congratulations!
    Yes, I definitely think you'd need to fancy someone to enjoy a lollipop they've been sucking, stuck to your head!!!!!!!!!
    Love your new brooches Lisa, especially the embroidered circles, they're beautiful, so is the little flowers one too.
    To have Anemones in your wedding bouquet, that is truly marvellous, very original too, I'd say. Love Vanessa xxx


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