Friday, 15 April 2011


Little Bun has been very poorly for a couple of days with high temperatures and night sickness. Thankfully she's her smiley self again. 
Having to snuggle up at home was just what we all needed. I finally tried out the Japanese Flower pattern from Attic 24. I've been wanting to have a go at these for a while now. I love the look of them and think them fine enough for me to buy the proper yarn for them. I've still not decided on colours yet, bright and zingy or muted tones.

Eldest Bun and I couldn't wait any longer to make our Easter tree so we went scavenging in the garden for twigs and sticks. We weren't pleased that Mr Bun had hacked the cherry tree so high we couldn't reach it.

Without any blossom we decided to make our own. We picked out some of the mini flowers I'd crocheted an age ago and tied them on to the sticks. Eldest Bun had a lovely time arranging wee creatures here and there. They're now peeking out from every shelf.

My other favourite are these wonky birds. I've had them for so many years that they are getting harder and harder to tie on to the twigs. Mostly they swing round and perch upside down. 

Now with two girls with pink in their cheeks we're off to play with friends in the park. Mr Bun is joining us next week for fun and frolics. Being self-employed he only ever has about three weeks off a year, so it's precious time and he badly needs a rest. Doubt he'll get it as we have plans for him.


  1. What a pretty easter display! I love the bird. :)xx

  2. Easter decoratins have been dusted off ready for display this weekend. I usually pinch a couple of boughs from my friends corkscrew hazel tree. Have the japanese flowers on my "to do" list, but am enjoying the african flower design at the moment. Have a lovely weekend. Dev x

  3. Loving your pretty Easter tree...I have some thing similar...but not as green sadly!
    Everytime is see lovely posts of crochet my heart wish I could do it....perhaps one day....
    Hoping the germies stay away for next week...

    Nattie x

  4. Your lovely little easter decs have made my day, we are at the end of hols here so am feeling a bit glum, now I know that today is the day for easter trees and little chicks :) Enjoy your lovely family time x x x x x x x x

  5. I love your twiggy Easter offering Mrs B and I'm so glad to hear the little Bun is better. It's not good being ill in the holidays.

    take care and happy hooking,

    Nina x

  6. Those Japanese hooky Attic 24 flowers are a real treat to make, Enjoy! We have also decorated our tree with some crochet flowers which I need to post about soon. Have a lovely family week off next week xox

  7. Really like the easter tree, sweet idea and the crochet japanese flowers are lovely too. x I like the actual colours you have used to make them with. Leah x

  8. I love all your little Easter ornaments, I really will have to get my Easter tree sorted!
    Your crochet is gorgeous. :)
    Have a great weekend Lisa!
    Vivienne x

  9. So sorry to hear your daughter has been poorly but glad she is on the mend. I really like your crochet flowers they are so neat to ;-) The little tree looks very pretty. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  10. I am LOVIN' those Japanese crocheted flowers! I tried to follow the links for a pattern but was unable to find anything. Perhaps my French is not what is should be. Can't wait to see what you make out of them.


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