Monday, 11 April 2011

Pick a Posy

End of term celebrations done, weekend party taxi service chores over, morning work meeting today done and dusted and now I'm mixing working from home with full on enjoying being at home with my gorgeous girls.

This afternoon Little Bun was busy decorating an egg and Eldest Bun was trying out how loud can your music go in her room. Me, I had a crocheting itch. I'd seen some brooches I really liked on Friday that inspired me to make my own. The ones I'd seen were all the same colour, but I chose a spring posy of colourful primula's.

If you fancy making your own spring posy, it's quite easy really. If you like I'll pop a pattern on here as I did what I usually do and changed the basic shapes I used to get the sizes I wanted.

I've loved wearing this today and might make myself a few more in different colours.


  1. love the brooch.Please can we have the pattern.Enjoy your crocheting.

  2. Your brooch looks gorgeous...perfect for spring :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. love the flowers - so cheering

  4. Lovely brooch - would love the pattern!
    Emily x

  5. Lovely brooch and the flower ring is stunning.
    Carol xx

  6. Gorgeous little posy Lisa !! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. I have just learnt the basics for crocheting and would love to have a go at some of your flower brooches please. x

  8. I'm loving those flowers. So bright and cheery.
    Anne xx

  9. Very sweet posy, just perfect for spring.

  10. Oh I know what you mean by a crocheting itch! Your itch beacame something very beautiful and very much perfect for spring. Beautiful!

  11. Crocheting is something I hadn't had a go at until last week. Currently crocheting some bunting and jam pot covers. Loving it. Rather nifty n sweet brooch twinkle. Adorables in fact. Loves Ionwen X


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