Sunday, 24 April 2011

Jolly Good Egg

Last minute knitting of egg cosies for the Bun's. Once I saw this Julie Arkell inspired cosy in Debbie Bliss's magazine I couldn't stop thinking about making some.

Once they were done I decided they needed something more. So I stitched and added a wee phrase of my own in true Julie A style. I was tempted to stitch good egg on one and bad egg on the other. Somehow I doubt this would have gone down too well - so we've got two very good eggs indeed.

Happy Easter to you all.


  1. I must admit, when I read 'good egg' I looked to see if you had a 'bad egg'.

    Too sweet.


  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...........I love egg cosies and Julie Arkell's work and these are just toooo darn cute.

    Makes me want to stitch up some more egg cosies.......

    Claire :}

  3. aawww that's really sweet ;-)) dee x

  4. They are so sweet - make sure they don't get egg stuck all over them, they're too nice!

  5. So sweet, Im sure they were very well received by the good eggs!


  6. Hehe they're fab! Happy Easter :)

    Jo x

  7. Hope you and your girlies have a good day x x

  8. Love those egg cosies they are very Julie whose work I love - I might even have allowed one of her delightful creatures to fall into my shopping bag whilst visiting the Harley Gallery Smile Exhibition. Oh that was a big confession I haven't told anyone else. She has knitted knickers on and I love her. Happy Easter.

  9. Love the egg cosies Lisa. :)
    Happy Easter to you and yours, hope you have a great day!
    Vivienne x

  10. I love these, they are so cute.
    Happy Easter.
    Ann x

  11. lovely egg cosies and wishing you and your family a happy easter.xx

  12. he he... I love those :) think my boys have had some 'bad eggs' they've both gone to bed holding their tummies...(too much chocolate!!) hope you had a lovely easter sunday
    Jane x x x x

  13. These are too sweet for words Lisa! Hope you're having a balmy Easter weekend in this lovley weather.
    Love Stephx


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