Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunny and Simple

I'm boinging about with the joys of Spring this morning. Dappled sunlight crept into all of the rooms first thing and it's the weekend - yay. I'm hoping to get in a bit of secret stitching time as there's an Easter Mister Bunny to make for Eldest Bun and a birthday dolly to finish. Let's not gloss over this, there's lots of things I've started that need finishing. I get too excited about the new thing and then watch my pile grow.


I've wanted to make him for an age, ever since I first saw him in Childhood Treasures. All the pieces are cut out waiting to get given a personality.

Little Bun will have a beautiful Bun of her own for Easter too. Not made by me, but by the incredibly talented Sasha who will be at the June Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market. Little Bun has yearned for this Bun in her bed for an age, so I've hidden her away for Easter time. She has her 9th birthday just before Easter and I've got some wonderful surprises for her then. One which I'm dying to show here, but if you visit Vanessa over at Do you mind if I knit? you might already know what I'm talking about.

I've had a play with the goodies I found in the Charity Shops yesterday this morning already. Rose coloured glass sherbet dishes were my first find.

Then my excitement grew when I found a soft lemon blanket in another shop, along with a worn piece of linen. Straight away I was thinking of different coloured embroidery threads and felt applique being stitched on these. That meant a quick visit to the wool and haberdashery shop. Red ric rac, felt and spotty ribbons and I was feeling very content.

Which comes back round to my happiness today. Simple pleasures are the order of the day. Before breakfast I collected the eggs and then took Pixie and Dottie (hiding) out to go in their run.

Alfie took to sunbathing and keeping an eye on the ladies. They refuse to drink in their run and love a bowl outside the back door. Alfie's not daft, he knows they get bread and pasta there too. Just need to be patient.

The simplest pleasure of all is looking at a line of washing. Don't know why, but it always makes me feel good, especially as we've run out of heating oil again, so thank goodness for the sun.

Before I came back in I saw a funny little lad sitting at the bottom of the garden. I haven't shown him to you for a while now. I think he was wee and cute last time. 

Now look at the bruiser he's become. He's a big daft boy this Olly, he yowls to come in and use the litter tray and then goes back out again.  I think I'd better show him what's what.

Must get going now, we're off to see a fabulous exhibition and take part in a WW2 family day. Tell you all about it soon.


  1. Love that rabbit. I used to have the very same lemon blanket on my bed when I was small, infact I had two as in those days there was limited heating - the three day week!
    That little pussy cat is so cute.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That rabbit toy is gorgeous! Such a lovely present for your daughter :)

    Jo x

  3. We already spotted Little Bun's present on Vanessa's blog the other day! We ooohed and aaahed and wondered how you get such a wonderful likeness from paper mache! What a talented lady. You must be thrilled and I'm sure Little Bun will love it - who wouldn't?

    Childhood Treasures is one of my favourite books but I've never plucked up courage to make the rabbit. Look forward to see how yours turns out.

    Ellie (& small jammers who have just admired all your pets!)

  4. I've just realised you have matching pets! How stylish! Hasn't your puss grown into a handsome chap? I've seen Vanessa's wonderful creation, she captured the Little Bun's wonderful smile perfectly. Isn't it lovely to have a sunny day at last, a real spring day.
    love Penny

  5. Love today's post, especially all the animals. I've seen the wonderful creation on Vanessa's blog, little Bun will be thrilled with such an original gift from a talented artist.
    I like to see the washing on the line, small pleasures but important nevertheless.
    Carol xx

  6. Lovely to see all your beautiful animals!! What a handsome lad Olly has become! I just love your black bun though, just gorgeous!! I used to have a black bun too her name was Buttercup, she was tiny with lots of attitude, I still miss her.
    Love all the other bunnies in this post too, never can have too many bunnies, in my books!!
    Enjoy your sunny weekend. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Hi Lisa - sorry, I'm just catching up - it's been one of 'those' weeks!

    My word, what a big boy your wee little olly has become.

    Good luck finishing your makey stuff.

    Have a fabulous weekend - the sun is shining here too.

    Nina xxx

  8. What a gorgeous rabbit! I also love those your charity finds! I went round 5 this morning and came back with...................nothing!

  9. What a lovely post, I too am a big fan of washing on the line, it really means spring is here for me. I love your bunny and chickens and also marvelled at vanessa's beautiful papier mache gift she has crafted for your daughter. I hope she has a very bunny birthday xox

  10. Oh Olly you are a handsome fellow!

  11. lovely start to your weekend!

  12. This post is beautiful,I love your black rabbit and it looks to be in a fantastic world with many animals and nature,so sweet!.

  13. Squuuuuuueal, what delights for sure. Cute as!!!
    Wee Bun is gona be chuffed to bits.
    Hell yeah to simple pleasures. Simply the best!!!
    Hope your weekend is a blast. Toodle pip for now chicka, Loves Ionwen XXX

  14. Washing on the line is the best. I love your cat, he is just GORGEOUS.

  15. WHat a fun post to read! I loved each and every picture in it, it's hard to pick my favourite to comment on first! The bunnies... soooo cute and I wish I could sew because my partner loves bunny things and unusual toys and I wish I could make one for her! Your pets are so cute, I can't believe your cat, he has grown so much and I love how he looks quite inidignant!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! I hope the sun continues to shine!

  16. Lovely post, lovely photos! I really like both the bunnies (handmade and real), and the black cat reminds me of one of my "lads", and yowls a lot as well...

    You must have super charity swops near you, I really like the sherbet glasses.

    The sunshine yesterday was just such a joy wasnt it? Lets hope there is more just around the corner...after all, it is officially spring tomorrow (umbrellas at the ready then!!)


  17. What a lovely sunny blog. Everyone's blogs seem full of sunshine at the moment. It's wonderful. Loving all your spring-like photos. x

  18. Love the bunnies...real and cloth!
    You are going to be very busy, can't wait to see what you're up to x x x x x

  19. Wow, Olly has grown and what a beautiful handsome boy he is. They do have mad habits, don't they?! Look forward to seeing the rabbit you make, he looks fab... Love the bun in her bed, too.
    Hen x

  20. What a heartlifting post, every picture made me smile.

  21. The book is now on my list, thank you for sharing!!! Bunny and bed are perfect........
    And loving little kitty cat too.
    Nattie x

  22. Alfie is so charismatic isn't he! Pugs are, aren't they! Whenever I see photos of people's rabbits, I always want to pick them out of the computer screen and cuddle them, and look at their quivering whiskers. I've loved rabbits since as far back as I can recall. This is such a lovely post Lisa, showing a snippet of your day. Oh, and I agree, Mr.Big the cat needs to be more homely, do his share of being a pet! Love Vanessa xxx


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