Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Smiley long Weekend

A mixture of seriously having to watch the pennies, taking part in Dottie Angel's challenge and genuinely liking all things handmade, vintage and thrifty have all changed the way I shop and see things. Pleasure comes from the small things as much as it does from the very occassional big treat.  When Mr Bun told me where he was going for a meeting on Friday, I offered to drive. We get such little time together just the two of us, so that was one reason for going. The other was a wonderful market town to wander around. Lots and lots of charity shops and vintage dealers to tempt me in and great cafes too. The sun was shining and a couple of happy hours were whiled away chatting to shop owners and buying a thing or two.

I have a long mental shopping list and over the years things get found and ticked off. I was thrilled when I found these kiddy coathangers and could put a big tick by them. I had some as a child and adored the clowns and carousel ride. We'll be keeping a couple and the rest will go on my next stall for someone else to enjoy. 


In another shop filled to the brim with goodies I found these delightful Norwegian egg cups and a thingy for icing cakes. It must have a name, but you know what I mean I'm sure. Sadly I ran out of time to get to the chapel where all things vintage can be found. They didn't open until 11am and I had a date with my man for coffee and cake and I'd much rather do that. 

When I got home I had a few hours sewing time before my date with the mortgage man. Time spent running stitches along each of the patches on the Zesty Colours cushion made a perfect end to my day off.

First thing Saturday morning I sat down and sewed my cushion cover up ready to make our dreary looking bedroom a bit jollier. I also ended up making some curtains.  I found the carnation fabric stored away in a bag all forgotten about. I can't even remember when I bought it.

A closer peek at these lovely squares. Something about these fabrics all together lifts my heart each time I look at them. They are very happy inducing indeed.

Finally the cushion is finished and perched ready on our bed to cosy my head for weekend morning reading and knitting time. Mr Bun rises early to run miles with Alfie Blue, I opt for lazing in bed and making. The Bun's added Sunshine Golly (one of many from Mr Bun's collection) and Lily the fairy and suddenly our bedroom looked better already.

Next I hung new to us curtains, but probably dating from the 1930's or 40's. The fabric is so soft from years of use and there are lots of worn holes along the egdes where hands have pulled the curtains shut. Now these were fabulous curtains to make as they already had the original header tape sewn on. They just needed patching over the holes, a lining added and a good length cut from the bottom. Now we have beautiful curtains to replace the filthy old Laura Ashley ones and I have a bit more gorgeous fabric to use in my stash. 

Next up will be painting and then it will be a room to really enjoy being in. Now the horrors of a wobbly ironing pile beckon for the rest of the morning. Hope you're all having a great weekend too.


  1. Love your vintage finds - I had a coathanger like these as well (I bet my mum still has it somewhere).

    And really like your cushion - the colours are so springy!

    Enjoy your easy going Sunday morning!


  2. Your going to heat this alot!

    I had those hangers too! Suddenly had a big flash back after seeing those!

  3. Curtains look great, what lovely fabric! Glad to hear we're not the only ones with an ironing pile in danger of toppling. It's always a Sunday night thing in our house and why do we never reach the bottom of the basket? Even when we moved house the ironing moved with us! My girls joke that the ironing monster lives in the bottom of the basket waiting to be found. doubt he ever will somehow!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. We've got a bit of sun down here.

  4. Oh those kiddy coathangers are lovely, I remember having some similar when my children were little. Also love the little coloured chicks. Looks like you had a lovely day.
    Happy Sunday
    Pene x

  5. Happy long weekend to you and all the Bun's - it's grey here today and I ache all over like I'm falling for something, but hey it's the weekend and that is good cheer enough.

    Enjoy the rest of it 'oh' and by the way I think your cake icing thingy is called a spatula.

    take care (and I'll reply email soon)

    Nina xxx

  6. I love those egg cups of yours, they're fab!

  7. You go about hunting the same way I do Lisa, there's something very exciting about not knowing what you're going to find next isn't there! Love your cushion, it's very different, with it's mix of seventies fabrics in it, reminds me of some of the fabrics of my childhood, what a strange flashback. Love the coat hangers too, they're like little pieces of art in their own right, to be hung on the wall. Lovely! Love Vanessa xxx

  8. hey lisa
    where did you go?
    I would love to buy the hangers if you sell them for koby xx
    ps come and see me soon!x

  9. Hi Lisa, am in love with your cushion x x x and your curtains,and your coathangers...swoon....hope you had a lovely weekend x x x x x x

  10. Such a beautiful cushion Lisa and I love the cute little coat hangers too! :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Oh Lisa it's so good to know I'm not alone (not good for you obviously but you know what I mean!) We'll get through this won't we.

    I'm convincing myself (pretending) that this is all my choice. I really don't enjoy my job, its been hugely frustrating this particular role, and I would love to be at home more for my boys, the house and the garden. Well they say be careful what you wish for don't they!

    Really admire your positive attitude. Will be thinking of you so very much. Hope your next fair is a bumper. You deserve it.
    (Beautiful, beautiful fabrics - completely love you curtains. Treasures to make you smile!)

  12. Your trip to town sounds so nice, and what happy finds!
    I love your cushion, it does indeed lift the spirits! New curtains always feel nice. I have just changed out the curtains in our bedroom and it makes me happy. I am in need of some new happy pillowcases next, now to find the time :)
    Have a lovely day!

  13. What a lovely bright, jolly blog and I am loving Lily. x

  14. What gorgeous vintage finds, those coathagers bring back such memories from my childhood xox Loving all your spring happy bedroom colours too x

  15. vintage hangers are all the rage right now... my friend was just goin on about them last night! Great vintages!!!

  16. Glad you are back in cyber space again. I love the fabrics, especially the curtains, very cheerful and just in time for spring!
    Penny x

  17. Just love your Golly! I loved them when I was in England!


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