Friday, 4 March 2011

Running to the sea

I had an interview this afternoon. I called Mr Bun on the way home and halfway through our chat he suddenly yelled 'the b's gone blue'. Hurray - broadband decided to come and visit us again. When this internet thingy got invented I couldn't see the point. It was just so sloooww. Now it's part of everyday. Work, banking and bloggy fun. How I've missed it all.

The day before the broadband died we went on a wee trip to the sea. Just for the day, we inhaled so much sea air we came back lightheaded and slept like tops that night.

We always pack a picnic when we go on our adventures. Great excuse to use my lovely Rob Ryan drinky thing.

First stop when we arrived was the daft delights of the pier. We rode in a submarine, had our fortunes told and met a creepy pair of medics.

After all that sea air we were sleepy and seriously hungry when we got home.  We had a feast of smartie cake and cheesy scones. A lovely end to a half-term week before all the busyness of the week that just was. 

Thanks for your messages while I was away and hello to the new followers who have popped in. Good to see you. 


  1. Thank you petal for your lovely comments as always!
    We too enjoy stolen seaside moments... Slap and I have a Wag Club where we take our little orange beach tent and both nick off work for an hour or two to lie on the sand. I swear two hours doing this is the equivalent to a really good nights sleep, I come away invigorated, x

  2. What a trip & yes, we pack picnics too. Wishing you connectivity happiness in the future, love Posie

  3. Oh I do so love Rob Ryan's work n all. Beautiful and stunning. Whoop whoop what a fabulishious day indeed. Ahhhh to be beside the sea! Glad to hear your Broadband is alive n kicking again. Toodle loo twinks. Ionwen XXX

  4. Great photos! Love the doctor!

  5. Oooh cheesy scones, and Smartie cake what a lovely way to end a wonderful adventure to the sea.
    Love the Rob Ryan drinky thing, perfectly useful.

    I often wonder how we survived before the Internet came along. Can't imagine life without it now.....

    Claire :}

  6. sounds like you had a perfect day...i love a picnic ;-)) have a lovely weekend, good to see you back, dee x

  7. That chocolate cake looks sooo good! How did we ever manage before the internet!

  8. You can't beat a trip to Southwold and a play on the Pier - its our favourite family day out :)

  9. Lisa
    I'm moving in with you!!! All that yummy cake :)

    Come see us soon- I am pulling my hair out with nappies, colic and tiredness!!
    I am painting a lovely piccy for you to visit!!


  10. Love those seaside days! Your cakes always look so yummy,and your pictures are too! :0)

  11. glad you had agood day - the cake looks delish!

  12. Good to have you back Lisa!!
    I love piers too, the good old British seaside at it's best, I think!!! :)
    Yummy cake too!!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. Called into Vanessa's last night - wonderful!!

  13. Oooh the choco cake looks very nice indeed. Today I am making chocolate and beetroot cake. Never made before ( by the way it's raw beetroot not the pickle kind. ) Never made before but I think it's just a bit like carrot cake with the beetroot used for moisture. Enjoy your weekend.

    Leah x

  14. Glad to see you back! Hope your interview was a success.

  15. Sounds lots of lovely fun. I miss the sea.

    Hope you get good news from the interview.

    Have a smashing weekend. Stephx
    P.S. What a fab flask btw!

  16. Sounds like a glorious day out. Wouldn't want my feet treated by that chiropodist - makes me have in-growing toe nails just looking at her! and I don't like doctors at the best of times! but they are sweet in a quirky way - thanks for sharing them.

  17. Don't we miss Broadband and suchlike. I am a latecomer to computers but whenever I have a technical hiccup now I am lost. What a lovely day you had and your homecoming feast sounds delicious. x

  18. Great to see you back Mrs B - aaahhhhh the sea. I always sleep well. N xxx

  19. Oh it's so long since we've been to the sea or had a picnic we just don't manage trips like that any more with busy teens.
    I've just visited 'do you mind if I knit', what a beautiful gift for your daughter.
    Jo x


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