Thursday, 17 March 2011

One, Two, Three ...

Thursday already and this is the first chance I've had to stop by and say hello.
Yesterday was a brilliant and extraordinary day. It was a day that good things came in threes. It was the usual stuff to start with, school run and then paperwork to look forward to when I got back. On the way home I got a call. My CV had been passed around after I'd been accepted on a sessional teaching pool a couple of weeks ago. This lady was calling to see if I was interested in joining a team to teach in a secure mental health unit. Sounds really interesting so I'm off to meet them next week. 

Then I got home and did loads of boring, but need to do stuff. A while later I got a call about another job teaching 16 - 19 yr olds. I'm telling you all this because the relief and joy that I feel is huge. I stop working on the project I'm on in two weeks and I've been worried sick to be honest about how we'll manage. Now I'm content and really excited about new things to come.

Now that's two fabulous things isn't it. The third thing is to do with my friend Ruth. I popped into her shop Glory Days, after lunch with my mum yesterday. We chatted over coffee and nibbled on easter eggs. I couldn't resist another rose ring for me and I bought a gift for my lovely man.

A while back Ruth asked me if I'd be interested in sitting making in her shop. Then we got thinking about holding crochet workshops. Yesterday she told me she's already got a few people really keen to get going so we needed to plan and set a date. I've been planning in my head today and I think we can get started pretty much straight away. With the teaching, workshops, selling at markets and running the Pick 'n' Mix I think I'm going to be pretty busy, but I feel really excited about mixing together all the things I love doing.

The gift I got for Mr Bun was this wee bear. He's been called Tango Tim. Once he joined the others by the bed he settled in pretty well.  Now it seems the man who makes these gorgeous bears and beautiful rabbits wants to learn to crochet too.

At teatime tonight we made some Red Nose Critters to get us in the mood for tommorow. I've been volunteered as a cook in the morning to help bake cakes to sell after school. I guess I'd better wear my Red Nose if I'm to dress properly and be taken seriously.



  1. Congratulations on all your good news! Its funny how things can work out. But phew you are going to be busy. But at least doing what you love to do. I wish you lots of luck and happy times.

    If you like bears and crochet I do have a little giveaway on my blog that my interest you. I dont usually tout my blog, but seeing your collection thought it might appeal.

    Have fun with all your new adventures.

    MBB x

  2. Wow thats amazing its great to be in demand. Hope all your projects go well.
    Tango Tim is great too I am making a crochet bear at the moment he looks a bit like Tango but his got nobody. I mean no body. I ran out of wool.

  3. Hurray x 3! Well done you. The teaching projects sound really interesting. I teach smaller people and do wonder what lies ahead for many of them. Sounds like something you can really get your teeth into. Will you be working with Mr Bun?!
    Hope you're still going to find time for your colourful posts.

  4. Brilliant news :) :) :) well done, I love the idea of your crochet workshop, wish I could come.
    Hope you have a lovely day tommorrow, which nose are you?? I'm a pirate x x x x x x x x x
    Jane x x x x

  5. Well done on your new projects - you are going to be busier than ever :)

    TangeTim is a handsome fella.

  6. OooOo whoop whoop chickadee, what fabulishious news indeed. Ahhh being a busy buzzing bumblebee when you're doing what you love will work out just fine. Ahhh totally chuffed to bits for you. Have tonnes of fun tomorrow and good luck with the bakes. Loves Ionwen XXX

  7. Congratulations Lisa, I can feel your excitement here and I'm happy it has all worked out for you. :)
    Nothing like wearing a red nose to be taken seriously!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  8. Congratulations on all the good news! It's so great to get fab days like that when a lot of weight can be lifted from you and you can feel excited and happy again.

    The crochet workshop sounds great....just wish we had something like that where I live!

    Have a super duper weekend!

    Vanessa xxx

  9. Congratulations - what fantastic news and so much of it! You are going to have a fab weekend thinking of all the help you are going to be able to give to so many different people. Well done. Enjoy Red Nose Day. I am wearing red today as I am going into school this afternoon to help Year 3's with their cross stitch Easter projects. Can't wait. xx

  10. well done I'm so pleased for you, it would seem your going to be very busy. The bear is cute, I'm really getting into crochet, haven't done much in the last 35 years but it is so soothing in these stressful times.

  11. oooohhh congratulations, i was so excited to hear all your lovely news. It great when you can do things that make you happy to and something you enjoy. I think its such a great idea being able to work in the shop and doing the crochet work shops to your going to have so much fun, enjoy it all. dee x

  12. How wonderful to get all that good news at once. Life can be so exciting sometimes. So pleased for you xx

  13. wow you have some really exciting new things going on, I bet you can't wait for the next few weeks :-)

  14. Crochet workshops! Oh if only I lived nearer I'd jump at the chance! What lovely news that is. I love holding workshops - it's serious fun - you'll have a great time.

    That bear is adorable. Does that gentleman have an online shop?

  15. Lots of good things happening which is lovely. Crochet lessons sound a great idea, it's good to spread the word about fun things to do! I had hoped to pop in to see Ruth the other day when I was in Norwich but I ran out of time. I just love her shop!

  16. Hey Lisa - that's fabulous news.I know how much it means to you - well done you ♥ I'm so chuffed for you.

    Nina xxx


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