Monday, 28 March 2011

My Wee One is 9

Our Little Bun is nine today. So grown up to her, still so little to us. She was born at home at 2pm on a sunny birdsong filled day. I remember it being a day of peace, laughter and easter eggs as the next day was Good Friday. When she arrived she was sucking her thumb as chilled as could be. Then the midwives weighed her and she was a whopping 11lbs. I thought they were kidding. 

Millie Berry Araby joined our family and has given us so much love and cheeky fun every since she arrived. She is eccentric, loved by all who meet her, thoughtful and has an incredible calm about her.


Her heroine of the moment is Amy Pond, so cool and the adventures she goes on with the Dr are to be envied. Now Little Bun has her own Tardis who knows what might happen. 

On Saturday we took our girls and a few friends out to a farm for the day as a party celebration. We had a fabulous time and came home ravenous, ready for chocolate cake. Today I'm baking a vanilla and raspberry filled one for the family birthday tea party.
There were so many gorgeous sheep and lambs to see at the farm. They're one of Little Bun's most beloved creatures. Since reading a Shirley Hughes poem to her about an elderly sheep called Betty she's called them this ever since. Her dream is to have her own wool flock and sell paintings of them too. By her bed is a jam jar labelled Millie's Farm Money. 

I have been so excited about this present and had to wait until today to see it properly. When I first saw Vanessa's amazing papier mache models I was blown away by how wonderful and whimsical they were. Vanessa and I had a few chats and she kindly agreed to make a Millie and Betty so we could give Little Bun a sheep of her own.

From the photos and information I sent Vanessa she used Millie's favourite colour purple, her favourite t-shirt and captured her magical always ready to laugh smile perfectly. When I first saw photos of this work I was speechless at how much Vanessa had caught the essence of my little girl without actually meeting her. Betty I wish was real as she looks so kind and beautiful, especially with her gentle blue rinse.

Now Millie being Millie likes to check things out. When she opened up Polly Dolly she checked her knickers straight away and then hooted when she realised I'd made them from some of hers. So no real surprise then that she wanted to see if she had some on too. Vanessa had given her beautiful red knicks to match the cheery stripy socks.

She is stunned to have herself made and thinks it the most beautiful thing in the world. Thanks to Vanessa and her amazing talent in making this dream come true for an awestruck little girl. 

Thankyou all for the early birthday wishes, it's always lovely hearing from you and your kind words.


  1. Happy Birthday Millie!!!!! Wow, 9 is such a great age! I would be 9 again in a heart beat!!

    The paper mâché is extrordinary! I cannot believe how much the Millie'look alike. Vanessa did such a beautiful job. It is a true piece of art to be cherished for years to come.......what a gift.....

  2. Awwwwww Happy Birthday Miss Mille - tis a grand day to celebrate a birthday!

    Big hugs and....I love those knickers.

    take care, have lots of fun and giggles,

    Nina xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. What a perfect present - Vanessa has really captured your lovely Millie. Hope she continues to have a wonderful day...

  4. Wow what an absolutely gorgeous present you commissioned for your daughter! That is just stunning & I'm sure will be treasured for a lifetime x

  5. Hope Millie has a fab day, adore her model ( such treasure! ) and the yummy looking cake...always love those candles!
    And Amy Pond is a hero to me too!!!
    Nattie x

  6. Happy Birthday Little Bun and what a very beautiful name you have too!!!
    I cannot believe the likeness that Vanessa has captured of Millie, what a stunning scupture to have.
    Hope the rest of her day is wonderful too and two birthday cakes as well, lucky girl!
    Vivienne x
    P.S. Wish I had a tardis, although I'd want David Tennent driving it. ;)

  7. Hope you have a wonderful birthday Millie - I love sheep too and shall always think of them as Bettys now. Vanessa's work is amazing with all the lovely little details and such a good likeness. Hope you have lots of cake and sunshine today. Love Karen X

  8. Happy Birthday Millie xxxx

    That model is such a likeness :)

    Hope you have a great day.

  9. What a fab present, the likeness is amazing, such a lucky girl and very lovely too..hope you all have a wonderful day x x x x x x

  10. Am in LOVE LOVE with that present!

  11. What a super present and the likeness is amazing!

    Happy birthday Millie
    viv xxx

  12. A very blessed and happy birthday to Millie, I love Vanessa's papier mache works of art and when I saw this one on her blog I was amazed how she captured your daughter's true essence.It's a wonderful ad very memorable gift, I'm so pleased she loves having her very own betty xox

  13. Happy Birthday Millie. Hope you have had the best of days and lots of birthday cake.
    What a lucky girl you are to be recreated by the talented Vanessa. I think this is absolutely stunning, a real heritage piece.
    Carol xx

  14. I was just heading off to bed, and thought I'd pop by, I thought Millie's Birthday was tomorrow, so it came as a nice surprise to get her lovely message. Nine years old, not long till double figures! I'm so pleased Millie was curious to see if she had knickers! I hope Millie has had the most wonderful day, I'm sure she's been on a real high with all the Birthday fun and treats! Love Vanessa xxx

  15. aaahhh happy birthday Millie. That doll is amazing and looks so much like her what a fab loving present no wonder she loves it. dee x

  16. Happy Birthday Millie! I love her smile, and Vanessa has caught her smile perfectly. I expect Millie will be getting the sheep for her 10th birthday!
    Penny x

  17. Oh my days Vanessa has done a grand job. Looks the spit of your wee Millie. Hope she had a fabulishious day. Spoilt rottens I bet (and deserved!!!). Here's hoping she get's her wee Eeps soon!!! Loves Ionwen XXX

  18. Happy birthday Millie.

    The paper mache is fabulous, so like millie to look at. What a fantastic job she has done. She really has got a present to cherish.


  19. So sorry I'm a day late - hope you had the most wonderful happy day Millie.

    What a milestone and marked in such a fabulous way. Here's to sheep and chocolate cake and lots of happy brithdays on your farm to come one day.

    Love & hugs from Stephxxx

  20. Hoorah! Happiest of Birthdays to your girl! What wonderful gifts and amazing memories.


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