Wednesday, 23 March 2011

March of the Dollies

My first Wednesday Car Bootin morning of the year. Sun shining and I'm in a field searching through boxes of stuff. Absolute Bliss. I walked in full of the anticipation of not knowing what I might find and came home with all sorts of goodies. 

I've been bringing more dollies home this week to live with the ones already here. I found these three this morning. We've all agreed that the googly eyed doll is a bit creepy and that we love the other two.

William and George have been here a while now. They came from Daniella of Acorn & Will.  Hopefully she'll bring a few more cuties to the June Pick 'n' Mix

On Monday I found a sweet girl doll who's now called Daisy. The Buns rustled up a dress for her to cover her modesty before meeting the boys. I think she's absolutely gorgeous. Small enough to fit in a pocket and be carried around all day.

I know some people find these dolls horrible and creepy. Looking at the ones in the committee I'm inclined to agree.

The rest of my haul was just as exciting. I'm really lucky that Mr Bun has the same taste as me. He loved this Midwinter dinner set and asked me especially not to sell it before christening it with a scone and a dollop of jam.

Then there's the vase I bought to sell, but found just the spot for. The cheeky elephant is right at home here so he's definately for keeping. So home I came with plants, veg and birdseed as well as my mixed haul of stuff and found I'll be keeping it all. Better get busy finding some new bits that I can bear to part with before Little Vintage Lover on the 2nd of April.


  1. Daisy is rather a sweetie. Never been a doll loving girlie, but I do so enjoy seeing you collection. Always makes me smile and feel like a wee un again!!! I have to say I LOOOOOOVE the calendar in the first pic, it is just dreamy. You have a great eye for some fabulishious treasures.

    P.S. Oh how super are the Gil McNeil books. I do hope she does another hey?!?

    Loves Ionwen XXX

  2. Love the dollies I have the googlie eyed one who is still naked after having her about 2 years. My girls don't care much for the dollies and particularly object to Bronwyn who I love. Great finds.

  3. Old googly eyes isn't creepy... i think he/she/it looks a little like Graham Norton. Now the comittee on the otherhand... especially the life guard in the knitted strait jacket! x

  4. love the Midwinter dinner set great colours and design. I have to say i do find old dolls creepy but the little doll in the pretty white dress is sweet. dee x

  5. What lovely booty. I love that Midwinter china. Nice and springlike just like the weather here today. I'm off to look at some baby guinea pigs so going to have to really restrain myself - is 2 enough...?

  6. You are so lucky to have midweek car boots, we don't have them round here not sure why??? I love your dollies, I see lots of them on flickr and they do make me giggle sometimes....its the eyes I think :) Great finds you must have been most chuffed,
    love Jane x x x x x

  7. I have never heard of a mid week car boot, but think it's just the thing needed to get us through the week!
    I find the dollies lovely and not at all creepy.....and I know my girls would name them all as would I!
    Nattie x

  8. Lovely finds, can you beleive I've never been to a car boot?! I love ur calendar I'm always on the lookout but have never found one that pretty! Fliss xxx

  9. Love the dollies !! They are sweet! Not in the least creepy..... They just needed homes....

  10. Daisy is so pretty in her new dress! :)
    I love that dinner set, the colours are beautiful, I don't think I would want to part with it either!
    Vivienne x

  11. Love those little dollies - ever so cute. That vase is lovely too. You have a good eye for spotting bargains.

  12. What a successful time you had. Daisy is very sweet. How lucky you are to have a midweek Car Boot. x

  13. You find THE BEST THINGS. That Midwinter, oh my!

  14. You've got 'the eye' when it comes to car booting, Lisa. What finds! And I love the way you display them, like a little wonder land. Love Vanessa xxx


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