Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Huntin' & a Gatherin'

The daffodilly's are bursting out and perfectly match the sunshine cruet set I bought in the boot field this morning. The bunnies that were on Little Bun's birthday tea table have stayed out to welcome the wee deer who came home too.  Quite a few events still to come with Mother's Day on Sunday, then next week 10 whole years of this marriage lark to be celebrated and best of all Easter with good food and egg hunts.


I have three finds that have excited me today. Cute Bambi is one, then there are these amazing Racey Helps dominoes all intact and immaculate.

Last lovely find were three cotton floral sheets which are now spinning around and around in the washing machine. I bought one and then raced back for the others before anyone else spotted them. 

I'm just having a wee break from all the stitching and making I'm finishing up for Saturday's Little Vintage Lover in Dragon Hall. I stayed up far too late last night knitting some more egg cosies. Cosying up with coffee and needles on the sofa to add all the tiny flowers and leaves sounds a perfect place to be. I also have my super posh glasses case that was one of my leaving presents from my lovely work friends. They're too used to me losing my glasses all the time, so now problem sorted.

I must add that Millie loved having birthday wishes sent from you all. I think she felt quite famous.


  1. Oh that little salt and pepper set takes me back, I remember one of those when I was young, I think it was mint green!
    Love the sweet little bunnies and the domino set is great!
    Vivienne x

  2. I am having a similar day Lisa only with the addition of a large bar of whole nut chocolate. Its raining hard in Sussex so sitting with my knitting and our cats for company is bliss. I love those dominoes - its one of our favourite games but ours are boring black and white ones. Karen X

  3. I'm kicking myself up and down stairs because I didn't buy a floral sheet in the cs today! I ummed and aaahed and then didn't get it, silly girl.
    The sunshine cruet is really cute and I love your bambi too.
    Carol xx

  4. Wow, you found loads of goodies. I was not so lucky today, only a couple of books for the girls from a visit to 5 charity shops. Very disappointing, although my daughter is already transfixed by one of the books. x

  5. Weeeeeeeeeee how divine are those dominoes. I would be over the money n all twinks. I have to agree with your prefect place to be of an evening, knitting while cosy n toasty on the couch, pure bliss!!! X

  6. Can't wait to see the finished cosies. x

  7. Happy Anniversary and Birthdays all around Hip hip Hooray for the Buns!

    Enjoy wont you?

    Sarah x

  8. follow up - My friend kindly went back to the charity shop today, the lovely floral sheets were still there so she got them for me!
    Carol xx

  9. A lovely post filled with lovely things :) Hope you have a lovely weekend Lisa
    Jane x x x x x x


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