Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bad Broadband

Just to let you know our broadband has died and apparently despite paying enough for the service, no engineers are around until next week. It will be a wee bit quiet here for a while, we'll be getting more and more frustrated as Mr Bun runs his business from home computer and I'll miss getting a blog fix in the evenings.

See you soon hopefully.


  1. Oh no, that's not good for Mr. Bobo Bun but extra crafting time for you.
    If you are thinking about changing provider - I've found Plusnet to be first class.
    Carol xx

  2. Eeeeek. Hope you manage the week lovely!!! Lots of craft time, whoop whoop?!?! Toodle pip for now then twinks. Ionwen XXX

  3. I second Plusnet, with Carol. You can get through to support easily and they actually reply to emails too!

  4. Not good - especially for MrBun.

    MrVV works from home and needs his broadband all the while.

  5. Do you remember that nursery rhyme, 'there was a little girl, who had a little curl, right in the middle of her forrid...'? People used to quote that to me ALOT as I was a little girl with a lot of curly hair. Eventually I had to ask my mum what a forrid was, anyway I digress. Computers, when they are good they are very very good,when they are bad they are horrid! x

  6. I sympathis completely, when ours went awol earlier this year I was just about pulling my hair out with withdrawal..Hope it's sorted soon and your back with us bloggies.

  7. Looking forward to having you back very soon. Bet you feel like you have had your arms cut off! x

  8. We sympathise entirely. We are having router problems here and it drives us insane but at least we can operate. Hope you get it sorted asap. x


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