Friday, 18 February 2011


Here I am later than planned. I'm not sure where the day's gone. After a busy day at work yesterday I stood in a very long queue with the Bun's and Mr Bun to meet Jaqueline Wilson for a book signing. She was wonderful with the girls and took a real interest in them and their friends. Eldest Bun became totally star struck and froze to the spot unable to speak. She does the same when we visit Father Christmas. Both important people to her. My gang went home and I went off for drinks with a very lovely friend. I'm paying the price for fun today as I feel shattered.

Now let me show you the beginnings of my Tickled Pink garland.


I finished sewing the letters on last week, but haven't got round to all the adding of stuff yet.  Not quite sure where it's going yet.

Out of all the letters the e is my favourite.

On Wednesday I promised two things didn't I. One was to show you a treat for me. Well I found the most wonderful sewing book.  It has patterns for gorgeous dresses, skirts, tunics and jackets which you size yourself. It claims to be really easy. We'll see about that once I launch in.

I don't feel too guilty buying this new book as I've been really good so far following the rules of Dottie Angel's challenge for only thrifted and handmade.  After all I should have the know how (fingers crossed) to make more clothes for me and the Bun's. That's the plan anyway.

I still haven't had time to curl up and read it yet since buying it. Thank goodness for the half-term pyjama day-dreaming days ahead. 

Now I'll let you into my secret. It's something I've wanted to do for over twenty years now, but have never been able to decide on exactly what I wanted. This week it all just happened and I'm thrilled. I'm aware some people will think yuk, but who cares it's my bluebird and my shoulder. Zipa-Dee- Doo- Dah Mr Bluebirds on my shoulder.

I asked a friend who has tattoo's where she went this week. At lunchtime we ended up near the chrome parlour she'd told me about and so she said go in now you've decided. I explained to them I wanted a 1950's style blubird with the wings up. I knew exactly how it had to be and they had the exact one. 

An appointment was made for after work and hey ho there he sits upon my shoulder. No regrets, just thrilled I've finally done it. Some people have asked about the pain, but as I gave birth twice with no pain relief (Little Bun was 11lb's too) I reckon I've a pretty high pain threshold so who knows if it hurts or not?

My only concern was that the Bun's wouldn't like it, but they think it's beautiful. They're used to seeing their daddies so it's probably no big deal. All I can say is I really feel like me this week and it feels good.


  1. Well good for you Lisa! If it feels good for you, who cares what any one else thinks! Life's too short not to do the things that make you happy. I tell my children that all the time!
    The sewing book looks great as does the lovely banner. :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Vivienne x

  2. What a lot of beauty in your post today! I love the bluebird. Am 50 next year and keep saying that I'm getting one to mark the decade (said it at 40 too). Maybe i should just do it as Nike would say. Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Karen x

  3. I think if it's what you want, Lisa, that's all that matters, we all like different things. I have that book too, it's so gorgeous but I have to confess I still haven't made anything. I like the idea of dressmaking but I'm not keen on the reality of it. I must be better. Please make some things from it and inspire me! Groovy bunting too. Jeremy Strong is visiting the Munchkin's school soon and he is beside himself with excitement but like you say, he will probably be unusually dumbstruck when the moment comes!
    Hen x

  4. Well done you and why not? I love the idea of tatoos but can't quite commit myself. Love the look of that book too, it might be just what I'm looking for.
    Have a tickled pink weekend.
    Jo x

  5. Hi

    Well I for one love your tattoo! And well done for finally getting it done. I always wanted one in my younger years, but never had the courage!

    Love your new bunting too. Just gorgeous! So many lovely things in your post today.

    MBB x

  6. Love it!!!! I got a very similar one on my wrist a couple of months ago, will try to e mail you a pic, am sure I still have your address. So what is next? they are a little addictive arent't they? I am booked in for a peacock feather in a fortnight...I must start blogging again, I miss my bloggy buddies x x

  7. i've got a serious case of the wantsies. I like the look of that book and I love your tattoo! I have two teeny tiny ones, a star and a flower which my husband loathes and so I'm having them removed by lazer, I'm half way through. Hilariously my clubcard points pay for the sessions as you can use them in Sk:n in Bristol. They're on my back/bottom so I'll not miss them on a day to day basis but I like knowing they're there. I would never have them removed if I adored them.

    11lbs??? ELEVEN pounds? As a 5ft 7" woman who is due a baby in 2 days I am reeling. Reeling I tell you!

    ps I've moved my blog and changed the title but you're still well and truly in my favourite blog list in the sidebar.


  8. OooOo wow, loving this post. Gorgeous book, gorgeous bunting and GORGEOUS tattoo. Happy days twinks. Canna wait to see what delights you are gona make!!! I'm due to have my 3rd tattoo this year, just not sure whether it be the one of the back of my neck (ribbon/bow) or the one on the inside of my wrist (ball of wool & knitting needles or buttons). Decisions decisions. Shall let you know/see when the deed is done!!! Ta ra for now chicka. Ionwen XXX

  9. Jacqueline Wilson is my daughter's favourite author. She is desperate for Lily Alone (the latest book). Love the garland and loving the E too.

    Would love to make clothes so looking forward to seeing what you make.

    Not usually keen on tattoos but yours is a sweetie.

  10. Hey Lisa
    Just a quick jump on here - v busy!
    love the Tattoo !! stunning
    Also I have have to get you to make a a KOBY bunting as it looks fab!!!

    Love emxxx

  11. It looks great :)

    As a complete wimp I was surprised that it I didn't feel a thing when I had mine done.

    Have a good weekend :)

  12. I think its lovely when children like books it sets them up for the future.
    My daughter has a couple of tattoos she has entwined daisies on her wrist in rememberance of her twin sister.
    Will be watching with interst on the sewing, the book looks great
    CATE X

  13. I for one, love your tattoo
    I've had my butterfly tattoo since 1975 ! ! !

    DD#1 has 'Tweety Bird'
    DD#2 has a Vinca/Four O'clock Flower
    Never regretted a moment of it.

    Your banner is tops! ! !
    Especially 'e' ! ! !


  14. awww well done you ;-)) It looks beautiful and even better that you feel like you what an a amazing feeling ;-)) I had a little turtle on my tummy for my 30th taken off my sons babygrow at the time. have a great weekend and enjoy your little blue bird, dee x

  15. Love your bluebird!! I had a tattoo to mark my 40th birthday and still love it 8yrs later. Everytime I see it it reminds me I'm a rebel at heart lmao!!
    Happy weekend

  16. Oooh pretty tattooed lady!!
    Love it xxx Claire

  17. Loving your post. The book looks full of great inspiration. I must check it out as I am desperate to start sewing. And for your tat ....... I am jealous ..... x

  18. aahh what a fab craft filled week with a splash of excitement :-) I love your tattoo, so lovely, I do have a thing for birdies, not sure why. I also had the kiddies without pain relief but would still chicken out of a tattoo so well done you!

  19. Yay for you! I hope you have been singing the song ever since. Who wouldn't want Mr Bluebird on their shoulder! You look absolutely stunning, particularly love the black & white shot. How exciting. I love it when we do something we've wanted for ages but not quite gotten round to doing for whatever reason. Go Girl! love Jacs. x ps banner looks lovely too!

  20. Mrs B you little devil - it's gorgeous.

    I've always wanted one and know exactly 'where' I want it - just not too sure what I want....if that makes sense.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

    Nina xxx

  21. It looks very pretty and girlie. I every so often ponder on a tattoo, a bit like Karen! day!
    Good on you!
    Z xx

  22. Lisa I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!! It's good when you get them when you're older (oh that sounds a bit rude as you're not old at know what I mean!) as you appreciate them sooo much more. I have a bluebird on my ankle which I got last year and a lily on my shoulder that I had done about 22 years ago. They seem much more acceptable these days and its amazing how many people have tattoos that you wouldnt expect to.
    Love the bunting and the book too, the clothes look really pretty in there.
    Ah Eldest bun..I know what it feels like to be star struck, I met Keith Chegwin when I was 10 and froze on the spot (but it was probably more to do with fear than awe!!) xx

  23. Wow I love your tattoo, its great to do something a bit wild every now and again, I'm too scared to have one so am very impressed :) Your book looks good, lots of lovely things in there, much nicer than the stuff in the shops Have a fab week x x x x x x

  24. Go Girl!Its obviously right for you so don't care what anyone else thinks!!
    Having hit 50 last year,its made me realise that life is so short, so you just have to get on with what seems right for you - this is it!!!
    Just ordered that sewing book too -love that skirt on the front, I want to be wearing that this summer!
    Have a great half term!

  25. Sheesh I'm so behind with my blogging it's untrue. You minx -I think your little bird is fabulous. I was close to gettting a tiny bee done once. I bottled out.

    I've been loving your sewing doings recntly - so bright and cheerful. Sorry to hear about work troubles though xx


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