Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Freezing Plans

Too, too cold to sit at my sewing machine today.  I'd wanted to choose, cut and stitch beautiful fabrics to piece together into Patchy cushions.

I had two ideas for keeping warm. One was much more fun than the other. First I huddled by the fire and stitched the backs on the Round and Round Cushions. 

Blue skies and flowers on the jolly red and pink one. 

Purple splashy flowers on the green.  Once I was finished I thought I'd better give the other keeping warm idea a go.

It was that thing called housework that needs a hoover and a duster. It actually kept me pretty warm for a good hour or more, so it's another way of beating this freezing weather.

Once everything sparkled I felt hungry with a chocolate cake craving.

I tried a new recipe (one that was so easy  and the most delicious one I've ever made). For a change I used Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer. Bruce Bogtrotters Heroic Chocolate Cake hit the spot for all of us. Mr Bun declared it the best cake he'd ever eaten and could eat it all up in one go, the Bun's looked in heaven munching away. Now this all sounds a bit show offy about a cake doesn't it. But it is a seriously good recipe. 

I've not done anything I planned to do today, but it's been a really good day so no complaining here.


  1. What a great way to spend a cold day! That cake sounds yummy!

  2. Oooh you tease... I decide to limit my cake intake and you write about the most delicious cake ever! x

  3. ooohhhh i love that 50's plate and and art deco vase ;-)) Anf those cushions are truely beautiful wish i could get the hang of crochet. enjoy the rest of the week, dee x

  4. I thought for a minute you were making a ginger beer cake!
    Have you watched baking made easy?
    I love the simplicity!

    Its quite warm here today, I might even get in the garden!
    Can I call it housework if it warms me up?

    Any cake left?

  5. Lovely cushion creativity and chocolate cake all in one day. Yum on all levels.
    Jo x

  6. Snap, I baked a chocolate cake yesterday too and I'm going to keep warm with a bit housework today too! That's if I can put this laptop down!!! ;)
    Vivienne x

  7. I love your cushions, I think i had that purple fabric when I was little it just conjured up some lovely memories :) Glad you had a nice day...
    Jane x x x

  8. I love your cushions. That purple flower fabric is the bees knees.

  9. Very colorful I bet that cake was oh so yummy! I need to make me a cake~ Hugs, Diane

  10. Beautiful cushions!
    Oh my, now I'm craving chocolate cake, hmmmm...


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