Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Half-term for the Buns and holidays for me - bliss so far. I've found some brilliant books at the library and bought one too.

Crobots has made all the robot lovers here ooohh and aaahh. It's been decided that this wee fella needs to be made as googly eyes can't stop looking at him. 

Knitted Toy Tales has had me reaching for my needles already. I know there are already lots of other things waiting to be finished, but the temptations of this book are too much for me. Eddy the Elephant I adore, especially the picture of him cowering away from the knitted mice.

The Owl and the Pussycat get the big thumbs up. I see a ginger cat and a purple owl instead of the colours here, too tweedy and brown rice brigade as my mum would say about anything earthy in colour.

What I've started on is Polly the Dolly. Little Bun will be nine at the end of March and so present making  is starting now. She's already seen this dolly and fallen in love so I know it will be a winner. One head and shoulders completed. The body will have to wait for bedtime before I can secretly knit again.

Polly has a choice of two gorgeous dresses, undies and shoes to die for if you're a dolly. This is the most beautiful knitted toybook I've come across, it's by Laura Long if you want to look it up for yourself.

Once I'd been inspired by this book there was nothing for it yesterday but to go and get the yarn straight away as not enough dolly skin shades left in the stash. Somehow a few other balls ended up in my bag.

The Bun's didn't come away empted handed either. The kindly owner (what do you reckon to that title Gilly?) gave them eyes for toy making and fabric samples for dolly dressmaking. Once bagged up I was told it was Kaffe Fassett and not for me to steal with a knowing look. Well how unfair, just look how lovely these are.

After getting all our lovely supplies and sweeties to munch we knew we'd had a good day.
Today has been ever better. The sun's shining and I've managed to cut out the pieces for the skirt I'm trying to make.

Before lunch we walked Alfie. We fed the ducks on the pond, popped in the shop for choc and then had an hours frogmarch over the fields. I also nosied in a garden as these mini cyclamens are so stunning.

Now two fed and happy Bun's, a pooped dog and me about to get on with sewing my skirt. February half-term bliss.

Before I go I must say hello to the new followers I have, thanks for coming along. I really enjoyed reading your comments on my last post. Thanks for always making me smile and enjoy doing this bloggy lark. One lady in particular I couldn't email to say thankyou for such kind words. Karen in the US, your message was lovely and made me very happy. Sorry if I don't always get round to saying hello and seeing all the wonderful stuff everyone else has been up to, I always seem to run out of time.


  1. lot's of great books
    love the robot

  2. You're going to be busy with all of those books aren't you?

  3. Wow, I do envy you knitters! I'm too slow and never mastered the flicking round bit, nevermind learning how to follow a pattern!
    The robot looks great and the elephant too. Look forward to seeing photos of your productions as your choice of colours is always stunning. Happy half-term to you all!

  4. Lucky Buns getting all that yummy fabric!! :)
    What a brilliant toy book, I just love the elephant!
    Have a great half term. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. I got that toy tales book a few weeks ago from my local library too and have almost bought it before then...so much to choose from, it's a great book.
    Ali xx

  6. Knitted Toy Tales looks great.I love the Owl and the Pussy Cat.fancy getting all that Kaffe Fassett material.What are they going to do with it?

  7. Ooooohhhh - definitely a gingercat and I lurve polly dolly.

    Happy half term.

    Nina x

  8. The book looks fab....just wish I could knit! Itching to make a dolly...maybe one day when the ton of other projects get done! ha ha!


  9. It sounds like a lovely start to half term! I made the little crobot and he is very cute. Lucy x

  10. OooOo pleeeeeeease can I come round. Sounds like you are all gona have some much fun this half term. Looking forward to seeing the finished wee Miss Polly. Enjoy. Loves Ionwen XXX

  11. Loving your half term frolics...ours are a distant memory now, looking forward to seeing 'dolly'
    Have fun :)
    Jane x x x x x

  12. I love the look of Eddy the Elephant!

  13. ooohhhh so many lovely things to make i love the knitted doll and that little white dress was my favourite i can't wait to see her finished what a lovely present that will be. Those books look great i have to say i was drawn to the "The vintage home" would love to see inside that one. And those fabrics look so pretty, what skirt are you trying to make? i would love to see the pattern good luck with all your projects and have fun ;-)) dee x

  14. It does indeed sound blissful - books, knitting, sewing. I keep buying toy knitting pattern books - they are so gorgeous to look at ....... so many projects to start. Enjoy the rest of half term. x

  15. Wow, you have been busy. Love all your books you found, I'm especially loving the owl and the pussycat xox tooo cute!

  16. What a treat for your buns - I looove Kaffe Fassett :-)

  17. I love your tat you gorgeous rock chick! I too am a lover of the body art, although mine's a lot bigger and a little older.
    Work it baby!! x

  18. Oh how wonderful these last 2 posts!
    It all sounds lovely and there is too much goodness for me to comment on.

    I hadn't dare show my girl that book, it would be a disaster as I can't knit! Her birthday is middle March and I have yet to start anything, yikes.

    Oh, and I love your tattoo! Good for you. I have been wanting a 2nd one for years and still haven't done it.

  19. Mmmm yummy books Mrs Bun! I have the knitted toy tales book which reminds me that there is a half finished bear sitting in a basket somewhere, gulp!

  20. Hello Bobo!

    I have never heard of a Crobot! but I love it!

    I'm your newest follower~ come by anytime....my 'screen door' is always open to you!

    ciao bella

    Creative Carmelina


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