Thursday, 10 February 2011

All in a Day

Today  started with lovely post. A card from a friend and a parcel too.

I'd bought some more fabric from Jane you see, she will keep listing some lovely bits and bobs that I just can't resist. It all came wrapped up so beautifully with a wee handmade card of a little girl I recognised.

It's a bundle of the most delicious soft cotton rose prints. My mind is wandering over all the things that these pieces could become. Why do I never seem to have the time to match the ideas I have? 

Some of it could be down to the faffing and daydreaming I do. Suddenly it seemed very important today to sort, iron, pile and then look lovingly at my fabric stash. This is only a very small pile of it all with my new arrivals at the top.

Then it could be down to the fact that I get easily distracted. It's that time of the month when the need for chocolate  gets all consumming. I had no option but to give in and make some very huge choccolatey buns.

Then I dolloped on soft chocolate cream and a big button and munched away. These were taste tested by the Buns and I in happy silence after school.

Now as I'm at Little Vintage Lover on Sunday it would make sense if I finished all the things I've made to sell wouldn't it. Somehow I got distracted again today and sewed up the sides of Eldest Bun's jumper instead and then knitted the neckline. This is a jumper that's been knitted in big leaps and then nothing for a while. I'm determined to finish it before she grows out of it. Never mind there's always a Little Bun who would love it just as much when winter comes around again.

I always curl up at the end of the day with a book. It's the only way I can sleep. Since I was seven years old I've devoured books (I guess it's where only children go to play). Enid Blyton, moved into Agatha Christie and then it became anything and everything. I read some amazing books on my degree, but always with a pencil and a critical eye (not overly relaxing). Now I alternate between clever books I should read with nonsense that is so much easier to read. 

I've just finished reading my bit of fluff, so time to choose the next. I've taken some books I've not read for a while off the shelves to try out. I'll probably be asleep before the choice is made, it's been a tiring day you know.


  1. I'm totally in love with you fabric stash. Ahhhhhh yes there is just soo much pleasure in just looking at what yarn, fabric and/or buttons has been collected over time!!! Bliss.
    I too have a wee bit of a choccy problem at the mo and I thinking I'm starting to look a little like a Cadbury Creme Egg, eeeeeek!!!
    The knitted jumper is just glorious. Love love LOVE the colours. Ooooo I do hope you get it done for Eldest Bun to wear, that would just be supa's.
    Righto lovely I'm off to the land of nod accompanied by my latest book, "Glasshopper" by Isabel Ashdown.
    Ooooooo before I go thank you soo much for popping on by my blog and for your sweet comments. Looking forward to more chats?!?! N'night. Ionwen XXX

  2. Your fabric looks so scrummy and your cakes look yummy.

  3. Mmmmmm chocolate - any excuse for me.

    Love the fabric and those bundles looks so comforting - unlike the mess I step over every day, ho hum!

    Enjoy your cakes

    Nina xxx

  4. I would never get anything done at your house, you would find me in a corner eating those yummy chocolate buns and staring at your fabric stash!!! I love that jumper, I can't knit and I can't read in bed, I fall asleep before I get to the end of the first page :)love Jane x x x x

  5. What a gorgeous post! I adore the jumper you're knitting! Can't wait to see the finished article! xxxx

  6. Oh Wow what an amazing fabric stash no wonder you just sit and look at it, amazing pretty colours and all those gorgeous flowers, you could so many lovely things. And those cakes well my mouth is just watering away ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  7. Gorgeous fabric and delicious buns!!
    I think we all have the problem of our hands not keeping up with our heads!! :)
    Vivienne x

  8. What a lot of gorgeousness. Can't wait to see what you do with your stash. And let's see the pattern for that beautiful knitting - fantastic colour combo. x

  9. Awwww those choccie cakes look soooo good with their dollop of choc cream....think I might have to bake. And I have Hunting Unicorns on my bookshelf and have yet to read it...... now you have jolted my memory perhaps I should get a move on!!
    Nattie x

  10. There's nothing like a pile of vintage fabric to cheer one up!! I've been playing around with mine all week! ;-)
    And as for the chocolate cakes!
    I absolutely love the knitting, too!

  11. What a beautiful post - your fabric looks lovely - just waiting for you do do your usual magic with them...
    I took a Grahame Green off the shelf this very morning, The End of the Affair. It is a comfort read for me. Do you have books you re-read for comfort? Even more comforting with a cup of tea and a chocolate cake on hand as well! x

  12. I read before bed too it's how I settle and I agree there are times when only chocolate will do.
    Jo x

  13. I've just finished the Dragon Tatoo books, all three in a week scarily, so I'm catching up with sleep this week and leaving my bedside pile alone, x
    P.S. Thanks for the big ups on my blog, I can't seem to stop playing with it at the moment. Maybe I need to find another trilogy!

  14. Oh heaven, chocolate buns AND fabric, Bliss!

  15. Lovely fabrics!!
    Know just what you mean about never enough time to try out all the ideas - I'm never short of ideas, that spark off at any time by seeing almost anything, but unless I write them down almost imediately, with a sketch and what inpsired it, those ideas that seemed so fantastic at the time just sadly fade away - need 48hrs a day and no other distractions whatsoever!!!
    Love your blog!

  16. So lovely. You know, many of your posts put me in mind of my 1950s American childhood. My mom made clothes for me, and she taught me and my best friend (the oldest of six, whose mother barely had time to think, let alone give private sewing lessons) to design and hand sew doll clothes.

    Mom also had the time, and extreme patience, to let us mess about in the kitchen, learning by doing and making loads of mistakes in the process.

    My mom and Gram taught me to knit and crochet, and whenever I make something today, neither of them are far from my thoughts.

    You're giving your daughters so much more than the occasional outfit and home dec item, Sweet Bun. Bless your heart.

  17. Hi, loving the lovely pictures on your blog. Especially like the very pretty colours of the jumper and the snap shot of the books from your shelf.

    Best regards



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