Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Half-term for the Buns and holidays for me - bliss so far. I've found some brilliant books at the library and bought one too.

Crobots has made all the robot lovers here ooohh and aaahh. It's been decided that this wee fella needs to be made as googly eyes can't stop looking at him. 

Knitted Toy Tales has had me reaching for my needles already. I know there are already lots of other things waiting to be finished, but the temptations of this book are too much for me. Eddy the Elephant I adore, especially the picture of him cowering away from the knitted mice.

The Owl and the Pussycat get the big thumbs up. I see a ginger cat and a purple owl instead of the colours here, too tweedy and brown rice brigade as my mum would say about anything earthy in colour.

What I've started on is Polly the Dolly. Little Bun will be nine at the end of March and so present making  is starting now. She's already seen this dolly and fallen in love so I know it will be a winner. One head and shoulders completed. The body will have to wait for bedtime before I can secretly knit again.

Polly has a choice of two gorgeous dresses, undies and shoes to die for if you're a dolly. This is the most beautiful knitted toybook I've come across, it's by Laura Long if you want to look it up for yourself.

Once I'd been inspired by this book there was nothing for it yesterday but to go and get the yarn straight away as not enough dolly skin shades left in the stash. Somehow a few other balls ended up in my bag.

The Bun's didn't come away empted handed either. The kindly owner (what do you reckon to that title Gilly?) gave them eyes for toy making and fabric samples for dolly dressmaking. Once bagged up I was told it was Kaffe Fassett and not for me to steal with a knowing look. Well how unfair, just look how lovely these are.

After getting all our lovely supplies and sweeties to munch we knew we'd had a good day.
Today has been ever better. The sun's shining and I've managed to cut out the pieces for the skirt I'm trying to make.

Before lunch we walked Alfie. We fed the ducks on the pond, popped in the shop for choc and then had an hours frogmarch over the fields. I also nosied in a garden as these mini cyclamens are so stunning.

Now two fed and happy Bun's, a pooped dog and me about to get on with sewing my skirt. February half-term bliss.

Before I go I must say hello to the new followers I have, thanks for coming along. I really enjoyed reading your comments on my last post. Thanks for always making me smile and enjoy doing this bloggy lark. One lady in particular I couldn't email to say thankyou for such kind words. Karen in the US, your message was lovely and made me very happy. Sorry if I don't always get round to saying hello and seeing all the wonderful stuff everyone else has been up to, I always seem to run out of time.

Friday, 18 February 2011


Here I am later than planned. I'm not sure where the day's gone. After a busy day at work yesterday I stood in a very long queue with the Bun's and Mr Bun to meet Jaqueline Wilson for a book signing. She was wonderful with the girls and took a real interest in them and their friends. Eldest Bun became totally star struck and froze to the spot unable to speak. She does the same when we visit Father Christmas. Both important people to her. My gang went home and I went off for drinks with a very lovely friend. I'm paying the price for fun today as I feel shattered.

Now let me show you the beginnings of my Tickled Pink garland.


I finished sewing the letters on last week, but haven't got round to all the adding of stuff yet.  Not quite sure where it's going yet.

Out of all the letters the e is my favourite.

On Wednesday I promised two things didn't I. One was to show you a treat for me. Well I found the most wonderful sewing book.  It has patterns for gorgeous dresses, skirts, tunics and jackets which you size yourself. It claims to be really easy. We'll see about that once I launch in.

I don't feel too guilty buying this new book as I've been really good so far following the rules of Dottie Angel's challenge for only thrifted and handmade.  After all I should have the know how (fingers crossed) to make more clothes for me and the Bun's. That's the plan anyway.

I still haven't had time to curl up and read it yet since buying it. Thank goodness for the half-term pyjama day-dreaming days ahead. 

Now I'll let you into my secret. It's something I've wanted to do for over twenty years now, but have never been able to decide on exactly what I wanted. This week it all just happened and I'm thrilled. I'm aware some people will think yuk, but who cares it's my bluebird and my shoulder. Zipa-Dee- Doo- Dah Mr Bluebirds on my shoulder.

I asked a friend who has tattoo's where she went this week. At lunchtime we ended up near the chrome parlour she'd told me about and so she said go in now you've decided. I explained to them I wanted a 1950's style blubird with the wings up. I knew exactly how it had to be and they had the exact one. 

An appointment was made for after work and hey ho there he sits upon my shoulder. No regrets, just thrilled I've finally done it. Some people have asked about the pain, but as I gave birth twice with no pain relief (Little Bun was 11lb's too) I reckon I've a pretty high pain threshold so who knows if it hurts or not?

My only concern was that the Bun's wouldn't like it, but they think it's beautiful. They're used to seeing their daddies so it's probably no big deal. All I can say is I really feel like me this week and it feels good.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Rolling Along

Spring is definately in the air at last. Sunlight is pouring in the windows most mornings. Lots of shoots are appearing at last. Green is so much nicer than brown. I'm always impatient for the first daffodils of the year, so I bought a bunch of my own sunshine this morning and plonked it in a vase.


The rest of the morning I spent stitching a birthday present for a friend of Eldest Bun. A pencil roll, with her name stamped on  slowly took shape. I never use a pattern, so I was relieved when it all worked out ok.

The most important part was that it had to be pink. I found a piece of Amy Butler hiding at the back of the stash and some spotty curtain remnants.  I'm pretty pleased with how they've worked out together. Hope she likes it.

Stuff like food shopping took up the rest of my day off. I made sure I shopped near the wool shop to make it more interesting. I've been waiting for pay day so I could get these new Rowan Cotton jewel shades to add to the ever so slowly scarf I'm making. Roll on Friday when I can play with them and then show you my other treat.

I might even let you into a secret then of something I've done after twenty years of wanting to.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Are you a Little Devil?

As it's the day of lurve, we'll be waiting on Jack Valentine. Sometime today he'll be knocking on the door, leaving a bag of goodies for the Bun's and running off before anyone sees him. A very good Norfolk tradtion this one, but getting harder to get away with as the Buns get older and wiser.

On Sunday I was at Little Vintage Lover fair for some early Valentine's trading. I had a great day catching up with friends and chatting to new and interesting folk. My favourite customer of the day has to be an elderly lady who swooned with delight when she saw a pale blue glass jug I was selling. As a child her gran used to send her to collect the milk from the milkman in the same jug. She'd been looking for one the same for years and was beside herself with joy once her search was over. Selling found objects to people who will love them makes complete sense to me.

Inbetween chatting and all the hard work selling I sampled the cupcakes and made my lips sparkle with glitter.

I also did a wee bit of shopping, only two temptations. One of Tracy's beautiful vintage felt brooches had to come home with me.

This splash of sunshine fabric also leapt in my bag and insisted on coming home with me. I knew that it had to be mine as it was love at first sight.

It certainly wasn't love at first sight with Mr Bun and I, it was laughter. Once we found out we both had a naughty and devilish sense of humour we got up to all sorts of mischief together - the mischief keeps us sane still. 

What are you a little devil or a cheeky cherub?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

All in a Day

Today  started with lovely post. A card from a friend and a parcel too.

I'd bought some more fabric from Jane you see, she will keep listing some lovely bits and bobs that I just can't resist. It all came wrapped up so beautifully with a wee handmade card of a little girl I recognised.

It's a bundle of the most delicious soft cotton rose prints. My mind is wandering over all the things that these pieces could become. Why do I never seem to have the time to match the ideas I have? 

Some of it could be down to the faffing and daydreaming I do. Suddenly it seemed very important today to sort, iron, pile and then look lovingly at my fabric stash. This is only a very small pile of it all with my new arrivals at the top.

Then it could be down to the fact that I get easily distracted. It's that time of the month when the need for chocolate  gets all consumming. I had no option but to give in and make some very huge choccolatey buns.

Then I dolloped on soft chocolate cream and a big button and munched away. These were taste tested by the Buns and I in happy silence after school.

Now as I'm at Little Vintage Lover on Sunday it would make sense if I finished all the things I've made to sell wouldn't it. Somehow I got distracted again today and sewed up the sides of Eldest Bun's jumper instead and then knitted the neckline. This is a jumper that's been knitted in big leaps and then nothing for a while. I'm determined to finish it before she grows out of it. Never mind there's always a Little Bun who would love it just as much when winter comes around again.

I always curl up at the end of the day with a book. It's the only way I can sleep. Since I was seven years old I've devoured books (I guess it's where only children go to play). Enid Blyton, moved into Agatha Christie and then it became anything and everything. I read some amazing books on my degree, but always with a pencil and a critical eye (not overly relaxing). Now I alternate between clever books I should read with nonsense that is so much easier to read. 

I've just finished reading my bit of fluff, so time to choose the next. I've taken some books I've not read for a while off the shelves to try out. I'll probably be asleep before the choice is made, it's been a tiring day you know.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tickled Pink with a Red Shiny Nose

Hoarse voices have been heard here since last Friday and very loud squelchy sneezes. Add to this pale faces and a very sore red nose (me) and I think you can just about picture the beautiful scene here. Pick me ups for poorly wee Bun girls seemed to work the magic needed.

Their mummy seemed to take a bit longer mending. A morning sleeping seems to have done the trick and I feel less floppy. Curled up on the sofa this afternoon I've added stalks to Cheeky Cherries.

I've sewn in all the loose threads on the Happy Days Bunting. Sewing in threads is the equivalent  in joy factor of running fast up a muddy hill for me. I hate doing it, but I'm really pleased once it's all neat and finished.

Tommorow I might even get back to the things I was working on before this nasty thing came to visit. I must admit we did invite the bugs in. Mr Bun said too nonchalantly for words on Thursday evening how we'd missed all the nasty flu's and stuff. Then bingo I woke up full of the yucky thing the next morning.

Back to lovely things. I've been cutting out more blankety squares to sew words on. I laid a flower or two on one to see how the cream wool works with the brightness of the small cotton flowers. I'm thinking of some small wreath brooches, maybe with words embroidered inside.

Most of all I want to get on with this banner. Since seeing Nanny McPhee and the pig scratching machine, I've wanted to add the words Tickled Pink to something, anything. I'd started cutting my letters and adding them just before flopping. Now if I'm better tommorow I might just be getting on with it and even finishing it. Who knows.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Freezing Plans

Too, too cold to sit at my sewing machine today.  I'd wanted to choose, cut and stitch beautiful fabrics to piece together into Patchy cushions.

I had two ideas for keeping warm. One was much more fun than the other. First I huddled by the fire and stitched the backs on the Round and Round Cushions. 

Blue skies and flowers on the jolly red and pink one. 

Purple splashy flowers on the green.  Once I was finished I thought I'd better give the other keeping warm idea a go.

It was that thing called housework that needs a hoover and a duster. It actually kept me pretty warm for a good hour or more, so it's another way of beating this freezing weather.

Once everything sparkled I felt hungry with a chocolate cake craving.

I tried a new recipe (one that was so easy  and the most delicious one I've ever made). For a change I used Cherry Cakes and Ginger Beer. Bruce Bogtrotters Heroic Chocolate Cake hit the spot for all of us. Mr Bun declared it the best cake he'd ever eaten and could eat it all up in one go, the Bun's looked in heaven munching away. Now this all sounds a bit show offy about a cake doesn't it. But it is a seriously good recipe. 

I've not done anything I planned to do today, but it's been a really good day so no complaining here.

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