Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Normal Service Resumed

After weeks of shedding their feathers and looking pretty rank, the ladies have got back into full scale egg production again. Hooray I say. Weeks of buying shop bought eggs for the first time in two years just wasn't the same. Now we're back to sunshine yellow yolks and that good feeling that comes from baking with your own hens eggs. I can forgive them for pooing everywhere and trashing the garden if they pay for their destruction in eggs.

Just as the hens have got their groove back it seems we're all supposed to do so too. We don't really want to though. Mr Bun went back to work yesterday and said he sulked most of the morning as he knew what fun we were having at home.


Our mission for the day was to eat lots and lots of cake, especially these lovely choccy ones made by Eldest Bun. Then I had to make up a couple of pencil cases. The Buns chose the fabric when we were christmas shopping. A bright spark, who should have known better, said let's make pencil cases in the holidays. Needless to say we ran out of time and so I ended up making them on the last day so they could take them to school today. No photos I'm afraid as I finished them later on and they were packed into schoolbags straightaway.

Three back to normal service and the house is very quiet. today I have jobs though. We always follow the twelve days of christmas and take our decorations down at the latest moment on the 6th. This year I've got to do it all today as I'm back at work tommorow. We've loved our tree this year. The Bun's did a minutes silence for it yesterday with me counting to sixty loudly. Little Bun asked if I would cry when I took the decorations off. Does she just imagine or perhaps she actually knows her mummy is a bit touched in the head. So I've cut a slice of my mum's christmas cake to drink with my coffee while I get on with it. Wish me luck for all the cleaning up afterwards.


  1. Resuming normal service is the down side of post Christmas I normally wait until the 6th too but it will be tonight. It always seems to take twice as long to put away though why is that?

    Jo x

  2. I'm going to have a stern word with my hens- they haven't laid an egge for ages!

  3. Boo hoo, so sad taking down the decs, took me two evenings and I still keep finding things I forgot, looks like you had a lovely christmas though and it will be here again before we know it :)
    Jane x x x x x

  4. I know what you mean about shop bought eggs, even the free range ones just aren't the same are they :-( My chicks are still laying, really surprised as they are meant to slow when there is less sun.

    My sweetpeas are sad the trees are down, the house looks so bare :-(

  5. awww bless you i felt more sad this year taking them down than normal i think it was because its been my first vintage christmas and the house just suited it all so well, and also the fact that it's just been me and my boys so the whole period had been relaxed, fun and magical. Great to hear the hens are laying again i can imagin there really is no going back after fresh eggs every day. Good luck with the cleaning ;-)) Happy new year to you. dee x

  6. boy does that cake look good! I did all the taking down and putting away two days ago. It does always make me sad. I'm happy to say I posted some pics on my blog that helps to keep the happy alive. But... after can be wonderful too! cozy fires, snow storms, new recipes and of course LOTS of hand work!!! Happy New Year!

  7. Good luck! I'm with you, I think today shall be a good day for cake eating....I'm off to bake :) Xoxoxo

  8. i am so pleased to find someone else who holds on to there tree right until the last minute!
    i am currently trying to look at ours for as long as possible tonight all alight and sparkling...
    very jealous that your hens are laying - our ducks seem less than keen to make a start!
    happy new year lovely lady
    t x

  9. Oh, I'm envious of your egg production. Our ladies are in full molt with the cold temps, and no eggs in sight. It really is a let down to buy shop eggs, they truly pale in comparison.

    Took down the tree on Monday all the while singing "It's beginning to look a lot less like Christmas." Now the rest of the house is due for it's New Year spit and polish.

    Now I wish I had cake!
    Happy New Year!

  10. It's looking all lovely and cosy over at your place Mrs B.

    I always find the house looks so bare when the decs come down.

    Nina x

  11. I think the mission for EVERY day should be to eat lots of cake! Love your photography by the way, i wish I could improve mine!

  12. I only found out today that Twelfth Night is actually on the 5th, not the 6th!
    Been doing it wrong for years and the sky didn't fall down on me or anything! Anyway, I've taken everything down and am feeling sad because this year we had the best Christmas tree EVER! I've hung on to a few little lights round the mirror and over the dresser because they don't count, do they?
    Happy New Year to you all,
    lots of love Penny and Higgins xxx

  13. It's sad when they come down, but the room always looks much bigger doesn't it!

  14. oh im so pleased im not the only Christmas hanger on'er - im the only house on my street with decs still up!!! oh my everything feels naked when the tree and fairy lights come down! im savouring my last drop of Christmas and doing the big 'take down' tomorrow - although I am sad - Im super excited for spring/spring colours and everything being 'spring' cleaned airy and bright! Happy New Year - love your little blog xx

  15. Our decorations came down on new Year's Day. I'm now in spring cleaning mode, can't say I'm enjoying it but it has to be done!!
    Vivienne x

  16. Mrs Bun, we had planned to take down our Christmas decorations today but ran out of time as we started to perform extreme makeovers on the kids bedrooms, which meant scrubbing 5 yrs of grime off their walls & assembling new furniture. Whole house now looks like a major bombsite.. Have to keep telling myself that things really are getting more organised. Glad your chooks have their mojo back.

  17. hello sweetpea

    i am not sure you will recognise me as millie meadowsweet, but you may just possibly remember me from my previous incarnation as skipping in the meadow. yes, i'm back! this time for for keeps (i hope) and its so lovely to see you this new year.

    wishing you a very happy, sparkly, healthy 2011
    lots of love and hugs xxx


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