Friday, 7 January 2011

Making our Year

My list of possible makes is already growing and we're only one week in to 2011. Earlier this week I got the urge to make something full of colour. After a few days thinking, I finally settled on this children's scarf (which will be mine for sharing with the kiddies, not the other way round).

It's been very addictive and has taken over from the two jumpers I should be finishing, the socks I promised Mr Bun and an order or two. I get too easily seduced by trying out a new pattern and working with different colours.  I've been up way past midnight hooking away so I'm feeling a bit bleary eyed today.

There is one other project I'm loving at the moment and that's this snood for my mum. I made Eldest Bun a seagreen one, as requested, for Christmas and then my mum hinted that she'd like one too. While I worked a few rounds on this last night Mr Bun read The Dead to us, his favourite story from Joyce's Dubliners. He likes to read it on Epiphany. It's a very important book for various reasons, two  reasons being our girls who have one of their two middle names taken from the stories. Eldest Bun is Eveline Raine and Little Bun is Berry Araby. Their other middle names are linked to their birth. Raine as there was an almightly storm when Eldest was born and Berry for Littlest as she was an 11lb dark haired bundle when she arrived.

Now she is a much bigger girl she has her own babies to look after. Her most loved is Kitty (in the middle). I have been given a long list of clothing requests for Kitty. For christmas I knitted her a purple cardigan to match the one wrapped up with it for Little Bun. I think she looks beautiful besides Violet and Jemima.

Today was a non-working day so I had a vague plan to start cutting squares for Eldest Bun's memory quilt. Then Little Bun got invited to dinner this evening with her very best friend and his family for his birthday. She asked me to make him a pencil case as he loved hers so much. Halfway through I ran out of floss and then realised I didn't have a zip so it all took more than the hour I thought it would. Pah. Finally it was finished and filled with Dr Who bits and bobs before a quick wrap up.

Now it's very quiet here this evening as Eldest Bun is out too at a sleepover, I think I need to pour us both a glass of wine and start the weekend here before Little Bun returns.


  1. Lots of lovely projects to see. I hope you enjoy the start to your weekend - sounds lovely to me!

  2. That scarf is fabulous! It's so colourful and yummy.
    I love your girls names and the reasons for choosing them, so sweet.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. What a thoughtful gift for your daughter's best friend, it's lovely. My eldest's middle name is Clare (my sister's name) and my youngest's middle name is Erica, as my father in law is an Eric. I wonder if our grandchildren/great grandchildren will know where all these names came from? Enjoy a relaxing weekend. x

  4. Well must be the optimum time for making 'to do' lists, as I wrote mine today. Its nescessary though to stop them floating around in our heads!

    Lovely names btw!!


  5. What lucky dollies, so well dressed! Love the name Berry. My Grandma always used to talk about a friend called Berry Oak which I always thought sounded very woodlandy and wonderful. My youngest is called Merry and has just started school. It wasn't 'til the hoards of school xmas cards came home that I realised all the children think she's called Mary!
    What a nice calm start to the weekend. I'd hit the wine if I was you.
    I'd better get back to the endless task of packing boxes in the vague hope we might move in a week or two.

  6. My sister's middle name is "Gale." She was born so quickly that my Dad had to deliver her, and said this name would suit her cos she came in a rush! SueXXX

  7. I too feel the need for lots of bright colours at the moment! I love that blue in the scarf, yummy! :)

  8. What lovely, well thought out names for your girls!
    Love the scarf (still crocheting till the wee small hours, I see) and Kitty's cardigan is very pretty.
    I'd have that wine if I were you!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Vivienne x

  9. What a lovely post. Wish I could crochet. My dads sister tried to teach me when I was small but it was a venture doomed to failure. Maybe I should look into getting a book about it as it seems something that's wonderfully relaxing.

  10. The scarf is LOVELY!
    Where did you get the pattern from? I think I may need one too :O) No kids to share it with either... excellent!

  11. Oh my you are so multi-talented, I love the litte pencil case and thesnood looks heavenly too. Can't wait to see the colourful scarf, we really need an injection of happy colours in January xox Have a fab weekend x

  12. Wow that scarf looks gorgeous with all that colour going on! Just love all your plans for projects.

    I feel at bit lost at the mo as for the first time in ages I have no projects on the go. I have some vague ideas but nothing that is inspiring me to get on with it.

    I miss my hooking time!

    MBB x

  13. You have made my eyes seriously happy with the pictures of that scarf Mrs Bun. How stunning!

    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. What a lot of lovely projects - very inspiring! I loved reading about your daughters' names - how lovely they are and with such a special significance for each one. Have a great weekend. Helen x

  15. I loved getting knitted clothes for my dolls and I still have Tiny Tears in the attic kitted out from booties to bonnet in pink.
    You are a very busy bun with all those projects on the go.

    Jo x

  16. Ooh so much loveliness - I would be flitting from one to another that is of course if I was bright enough to knit or crochet!
    Happy New Year to all the BUNdom,

    Sarah x

  17. All very colourful!
    I always love to see what you've been up to!
    Have a lovely week ;-)x

  18. Oh you are so clever and so busy! Lots of lovely projects on the go. I've just been writing a similar post about the beginnings of new projects... must be the time of year! Laura


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