Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I've been Hexed

What a to do. Here I am stuck at home with a creaky (and to be honest very painful back). I'm pretty much resigned to sitting still with my making stuff and my laptop which is hard work I know. On one of my virtual wanders I stopped by Teawagontales and before I knew it I'd popped some fabric into my pretend basket. It came this morning (with a couple of extra bits kindly popped in by Jane) and I love it.

Before I show you what I've been up to from the comfort of the sofa I really must say a BIG Thankyou for all your kind well wishes for my silly old back. I really appreciate it you know. 

Now on one of my other virtual wanderings I visited Sew Mama Sew. I found all buttoned up's blog with a great idea for making beautiful patches for jeans. I've never made patchy hexagons before, frankly it's never really interested me. It looks too fiddly and time consuming.

Stuck here on the sofa I reckoned time was on my side at the moment so I decided to give it a go. It took me an age to make the paper hexagons so they'd all fit neatly together.

Once that was done it was plain sailing - choosing fabric (a mixture of 30's feedsack, 60's kitchen apron and a piece of 40's dress fabric) and cutting around all my wee hexes.

This is the pair of jeans that was ready to be beautified. I've liked the rip, but when I put my foot through it the other day it became a very big rip and needed doctoring.

I patiently tacked my seven hexes to the paper (the patience needed to make a whole quilt I've decided is beyond my level of staying with a project). Once that was done I pieced the whole patch together with the smallest of stitches. After all this neat and patient stuff I really enjoyed sewing up the rip quickly, any old how.

Now my jeans were ready to be beautified. All in all it took me about three hours to make this patch. Normally I wouldn't be bothered, but I'm so glad I did as I really enjoyed this wee project and making small fairy stitches.

Eldest Bun took this picture of me leaning against the wall for support. Despite my instructions for non hazy shots, it is, but you get the idea I'm sure. So warm attractive knees, not bad for a day on the sofa.

Lots more sofa projects to be getting on with another day. I seem to be taking root in the sitting room. Hope no one falls over my baskets and hurts themselves.


  1. Sorry to hear about your poorly back, I know about them!
    Love the 'hexy' jeans makeover! Nice and bright for a dreary wet January day! And that's the second time I've blogged that today!
    Now, must go, there's a fish pie with my name on it....

    Take care,
    Sandie xx

  2. looks great!
    it's a hard job, sitting still but someone@s got to do it!

  3. I am sorry to hear your back is still bad. What a greay idea with the hexy patch and i loved your use of fabric such lovely pieces. I have been making a hexy patchwork quilt by hand for seems like months now but i have to say it is nice and relaxing in the evenings. Look forward to seeing what you make next. Get plenty of rest in the mean time. Dee x

  4. That would be the last thing you needed, having to share the sofa with another patient!!!
    I really hope the back is better soon Lisa, bad backs are just awful!
    Love the patch! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Hope your back is getting better.I actually made a whole quilt once with hexagons.I wouldn't have the patience these days!

  6. Oh dear hope your back gets better soon, i have a dodgy back so know how difficult even simple jobs can be !
    Lots of rest and knitting/sewing help x

    Loving the patch for your jeans :o)

    Sara x

  7. Love your hexies! The colours are so lovely together and look perfect on your jeans! So sorry about your poor back - hope it soon feels better. Enjoy your enforced crafty time while you can though! Helen x

  8. I LOVE the jeans, they look great. Such a fabulous idea. I also love all of your baskets.
    I hope your back gets better soon.

  9. Love your new fabric and patch!!


  10. I can tell by the way you are holding your hand in that photo that you are in pain. I surely hope you get some relief soon.

    Charming patch -- I would never have the patience!

  11. What a fun idea, I haven't made a hexegon patch since school. I love all your baskets with all your stashes too xox Take care of you x

  12. I hope your back is feeling better soon. I see you are using your time wisely and are being very productive!

    Love the jeans!

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon Lisa, having a bad back is terrible.
    The hexies are great fun and look really good on your jeans.

    Thanks for your lovely comment. I am on a bit of a go very slow at the moment, hoping to feel brighter today.

  14. Sorry your back is still crocked, I can totally empathise and am touching wood as mine as been ok recently!
    Love the hexty patchwork jeans, at least you are putting your enforced "sitting" to good creative use. I made a hexy patchwork cushion cover with some Laura Ashley material back in the 70's and it still looks good (well I think it does!)
    Take care of yourself, Carol xx

  15. I love those patched Jeans, makes me want to make a hole in mine so I can have one too..also love your piles of crafty things, you're going to be busy I think :) x x x x

  16. Oh my what a lovely idea never thought of it silly me! My favorite jeans are just about to go- just under the back pocket well on the bum to be exact. I think a patch would be perfect before I embarrass myself.Happy wishes for a speedy recovery.
    Jo x

  17. Hey Lisa Love....!

    I do hope your back is better SOON....!

    On the BRIGHT side though you scored yourself some GORGEOUS fabric & I LOVE the little patch you made for your jeans....hahahahaha....If I ever came to visit you would have to check my bag before I left 'cause I reckon I'd HAVE to 'borrow' some.... :o) !!

    HA you cheeky BUGGER....I heard you laughin' all the way down here THROUGH the rainclouds at my recent 'mishap'....!!

    I hope in spite of your sore back you're having a WONDERFUL week....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  18. Sorry you're still not feeling so good Lisa - a bad back ouch. Hope you mend soon.

    I love making hexies - very theraputic, but as you say also verrrry time consuming. The patch looks fabulous by the way.

    take care and rest easy,

    Nina xxx

  19. Oh good heavens, awful about your poor back. I hope it mends quick smart and you are feeling right again soon. I am most impressed with what you have accomplished during your couch stay, I don't think I would be quite so industrious!
    Love the patch!
    Get well soon.

  20. Poor, poor you! I hope all returns to normal again very soon!

    Love the hex patch. As a kid who was ashamed to have patches on my "play" pants, I love them now.

  21. Hope your back is much better now. I have recently been shown by my dear friend how to do hexie patchworking and have become addicted!

    Yours look great!


  22. Love the hex, love all the baskets with fabrics!! Hope your back is okay!


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