Monday, 24 January 2011

I like burying my head in sand

(added after I posted this) I need to add Two things. One is a Big  Big Thankyou for all your kindnesses and the other one is a question I have. Where exactly is the hyacinth picture as I can't see one anywhere on my post? Glad you liked it all the same.

My head caved in to a horrible migraine on Saturday afternoon. I know I don't drink enough water, stay up until the wee hours too often making things and then there's the matter of the loss of my job at the end of March. I've always known it was coming as I signed a contract until then, but the reality of it feels very different now we're near the end of a job I love and am good at. Government funding is at the heart of this so I'm chasing jobs where the funding is.

Before that nasty headache turned up I had a lovely morning finishing up the front of a round and round cushion and chatting with my lovelies. No point worrying all the time is there.

I was also trying to put off filling in my tax return and crochet seemed just the distraction needed. Last minute again as usual.

I keep some of my paperwork in this gorgeous felted envelope. Somehow it makes the very dull much more bearable. All empty now and totted up in the right columns.

When you think of a tax form alone, it's no wonder that headache turned up. To make me feel brighter on Sunday Mr Bun and the Buns brought me these sweet pink rosebuds.

Then later off we went for lunch with my folks to celebrate their 47 years of marriage. Very soon we'll hit 10 years, quite measly in comparison.


  1. Keeping Positve Thoughts for a better year ahead for you.

  2. I'm glad you picked up to enjoy some of your weekend. Sorry to hear about the job situation it's all bit pants at the moment good luck with finding another one. Hope your Hyacinth smells as delicous as mine when it opens.
    Have a good week.
    Jo x

  3. To stop a job that you love is difficoult,but everything happens for a positive,you will find a gorgeus new job!.

  4. Sorry about your job - these cuts are not fair. I know of several people in the Education sector who are effected :( Hope something comes up soon.

    I wonder if that hyacinth has bloomed fully yet?

  5. sorry to hear about your job, government cuts are a pain in the bottom i work in education and it has hit us badly. Bet you feel better for doing your tax returns ;-) Beautiful roses how thoughtful. Wow 47 years is wonderful but so is 10 years congratulations ;-)) Your crochet is looking wonderful to everybody seems to make it look o easy. Enjoy your week, dee x

  6. I see you also have the wonderful weekend book. It's fun isn't it. Hope you find another job soon.

  7. I'm a firm believer in the head in the sand technique, especially when it comes to grown up stuff like tax forms,and I bet something great is just round the corner for you, sometimes change can be for the best....keep smiling :){{{hug}}}
    Jane x x x x x x x

  8. Sorry about the job situation, best not to worry too much though, no job is worth your health and I'm sure there's something round the corner for you!
    I'm afraid I stay up way too late too, it's hard to put something down you're working on!!
    The crochet cushion is beautiful, such a pretty colour. :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Hope your feeling better Lisa - headaches are the pits. I always feel like come Saturday morning 'bang' I've started another one - I think it is the deep breath I take as I wake up on that first morning of the weekend from a very frazzled and hectic week that sets them off.

    That and the red wine I had on Friday night!!

    take care

    Nina xxx

  10. So sorry to hear about your job! Its hard not to worry though isnt it?! My husband will be finding out in the next couple of months whether he will be losing his job too!
    Not a good year for lots of people!

    I hope you find something else soon.

  11. Sorry about the migraine. I have recently begun having them, too. Not fun. Good luck with the job hunt. Also not fun.

  12. oh how horrid! migraines are so vile..job worries and tax forms definitely to blame.Such a shame you have to leave when you love your job,it doesn't seem fair at all.fingers crossed for you that something good comes your way.
    Beautiful Hyacinth and those pink roses are gorgeous in that pretty blue jug, you always have such lovely colour in your posts Lisa, they are a joy to visit.x

  13. I hope your migraine managed to lift. Sorry to hear about your job. Try to look at it as a positive though...a new adventure...easier said than done I know....might just keep the migraines from your door for a bit though!

    Lovely cushion, lovely and cheery!

    Vanessa xxxxxx

  14. Migraines are a pin in the butt - I had one Friday and then had a horrible kicked in the head feeling that I've still got now - like you I know I dont drink enough, stay up too late, eat too much sugary stuff and stress wayyyyyyy toooo much.

    I think head in the sand is a brilliant remedy - I've been using it for years trouble is thats why I stay up too late cause I cant get to sleep worrying about all the things that need doing - mad creatures arent we - I think a lottery win and a PA is the answer :)

  15. Sorry to hear you are feeling glum, no wonder you are though. Personally in the past when I have lost a job due to redundancy something better and more exciting turns up - I hope the same happens for you and I am sure it will. xxx

  16. Hope you are feeling much better now and the lovely roses are cheering you this week. I know what you mean about the tax forms - I've just done mine and I hate it hanging over me like homework!Sorry about your job worry - but something even better might just be waiting for you...Helen x

  17. Sorry to hear about your job coming to an end,fingers crossed you find another one very soon.

    I am so with you on the tax returns. I compelted three last week, I hate the bloody things.

    Get in done and out of the way thats my advice.

    Take care


  18. Bummer! Hope you feel better soon, hyacinth, hyacinth, hyacinth... did I mention the hyacinth? x

  19. Sorry to hear of your migraine. I have to say my head hurt after doing my tax return, such a horrible chore. That round crochet cushion looks like its going to be beautiful xx

  20. I've been a follower of your blog for a while.. not sure if you've seen my beauty blog but I just wanted to let you know I now have a new YouTube beauty channel also.. take a look and subscribe when you have the chance. Thanks so much x

    Angel of High Heels & Lipgloss

  21. sorry about how things have been. Hmmm, yes i agree about hiding out for a wee while. I love your pics so much, i love the girl in the bonnet.

  22. These are wobbly times aren't they. I really sympathise but hang in there, life has a funny way of sorting things out.

    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, keep positive.
    Lots of love Stephxx

  23. Sounds like your head is way too full with nasty worryings! Hope all will be better for you!!!!! Love the crochet..

  24. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better, and I am sorry to hear about your job.
    The cushion is looking beautiful and I love your little folder!

  25. Sorry to hear about your job Lisa. I think you are amazing to do all that you do, AND have a job, AND look after the family so I'm sure someone else will snap you up very soon. Hope your head is behaving now!
    love Penny and Higgins xx

  26. Hello , burying your head in the sand is a must!!! i am not surprised you had a migraine with the worry of your job and the dreaded tax form hope things begin to look brighter kind regards Tudor Rose

  27. Oh Lisa Love I am a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E blogger for SURE....

    There I was rabbiting on to you last night in my email about how FANFREAKINTABULOUS my Jingly Jangly brooch is & how I ADORE it ever so while YOU my Friend have been feeling POORLY....I should have CHECKED here first....PLEASE FORGIVE me....I HOPE you are feeling better now & I'm SORRY to hear your job is coming to an end in March....!!

    Maybe....If my Customers ADORE my brooch as MUCH as I do on Sunday when I wear it to the Market I can place a HEAP of orders & you won't need to worry about 'regular work' again....Sound like a plan....?? :o)

    Take care my CLEVER Friend & have a RELAXING weekend....!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)


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