Saturday, 18 December 2010

With a Flutter of my Eyes

It seems like an age since I've last been here. I've been running from this to that and back again and finally seem to be getting on top of it all.

Despite all this pesky busy stuff I took a break from my few hours christmas shopping to stop in MAC. I was in need of glamour and knew that false eyelashes were the perfect antidote. It took a good while choosing the perfect pair. (I can't believe how many there are). Once the lovely lady of MAC had glued them in place I wondered if I looked more drag queen with a couple of spiders fluttering on my eyes. A perfect look for the Bun's school Great Exhibition afternoon. Little Bun's teacher asked if I was wearing mascara as my eye's looked really lovely. Mr Bun was also very impressed and didn't ask what time the show was. So I think they were pretty sucessful.  My falsies are now packed away in their wee box ready and waiting for another day when old fashioned glamour is needed again.

The other bit of news from Norfolk is that a lot of white stuff got dumped down again on Thursday night. Our two remaining hens, Betty and Hennypenny, have taken to standing by the door all day and pecking on the glass when I ignore them for too long. In between sewing up gifts, I had to chuck old pancakes at them to keep them calm. A day spent munching and hassling the human seemed to work for them.

Now it's the start of the christmas hols for the Bun's. We're all excited about our visit to Santa on Sunday (if the snow behaves)  and then countdown begins. I can't wait until next Wednesday when I have a whole two weeks off - hooorraay - then I can join in too.


  1. How much fun, fancy eyelashes & MAC, i wish!! I just got a new hair do, that's as exciting as my new look gets. Sending you warm sunshine from Australia for Christmas, after spending many a Christmas in England, to us the snow is magical. Love Posie

  2. Wow your eyes look great! Hope you have a lovely time visiting Santa and great fun with your preparations.

  3. Ooooh , love your lashes. I've never tried these . Looking at your perfectly plucked eyebrows has sent me running for my tweezers :0)
    Jacquie x

  4. ooo love the falsies..i love false eyelashes but can never put them on or get them to stick!!

  5. Ooooh I love them - you look stunning!

    Love your festive scene, who knows why toadstools are christmassy but they definitely are!

    Enjoy seeing Santa, he was over our way last weekend and is looking very well.

    Have a super break - two weeks off for me too. Bliss.

  6. Your eyelashes are fabulous! I wish I could get them on but I always end up looking like something out of Cabaret! Enjoy your Christmas break! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  7. They're gorgeous and very natural looking.Enjoy all your celebrations.Hope the snow doesn't prevent you from getting out and about. :0)

  8. Love the eyelashes, very glam!!
    I love the photo of the two hens, it's as if they're saying 'let us in, it's cold out here'!
    We have so much snow, I'd like it to stop now!!
    Enjoy your Christmas preparations!
    Vivienne x

  9. oohh those flutter lashes are beautiful! aahh my chickens always stand near the patio doors at our house, there must be warmth that comes off them.

  10. You have such beautiful eyes! I've never worn false eyelashes and wouldn't trust myself with that glue and my unsteady hands! They'll be great for christmas day! xx

  11. Love the eyelashes!I think I would have had to invite the hens in!Enjoy the excitement of xmas and also a break from work.

  12. Have a lovely christmas Lisa and the little buns, hope you are keeping well and hope to see you soon, xxx

  13. You look fantastic! I love false eyelashes. They're such fun to play around with.

  14. Oh, they look lovely! And you have just the eyes for it! With my fair-hair, I would look ridiculous -- so, since you can, go for it!

    As for the chickens . . . gosh, they are nervy birds, ours are terrified of the snow and would never venture out in it. . . even for a pancake. ;)

    Merry Christmas!

  15. youe eyes look stunning and not in the least drag queen!
    I went shopping the other day and discovered the pink owl ornament you bought your littlest girl in a shop all the way on the other side of the world!
    Yay for holidays, bring them on!

  16. I've never actually tried putting false eyelashes before knowing my luck I'd probably glue my eye shut :S
    yours looked pretty good.

  17. Hi Lisa
    your eyes look fab! Your poor hens I bet their dying to get inside and sit on a comfy crochet blanket in front of the fire!
    Fliss xxx

  18. WhitWhoo! I bought some for my fortieth back in January but could get them stuck on properly. Had to make do with lots of mascara!
    I am loving your toadstools. I have a real thing for fly agarics design ethic at the moment! Merry Christmas to you! Jacs x

  19. love your eyelashes! i love to wear mascara, makes me feel made up even if I am not wearing anything else.
    your chickens look adorable there, i love it when ours sit at the back door waiting.
    all the best for 2011


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