Thursday, 9 December 2010

Pondering the Big Day

It's getting a bit too laid back for Christmas around here. Nights are spent snuggling by the fire, well edging in around Pip and Olly, and knitting far too slowly some of the gifts I'm making. I'm thinking that Christmas might have finished by the time I realise I should be doing something about it all.

Somehow people have written cards and each time I'm given another I think I really ought to buy some soon.

We're thinking about getting the tree this weekend, so there'll be sparkles a plenty and a lovely smell of sprucy tree. What's the bet that a tree with swinging shiny things on it is too much for a young boy cat to bear. My last boy cat Bob used to pull the tree down by climbing it every night. 

We've had the school Xmas Bazaar, now it's the play and Carol Concert to come before our visit to a man helping out the real thing. At ten this may be Eldest Bun's last year of believing in Santa, so I'm holding on to the magic even more. If she's like me she'll believe forever I'm sure. 

Sandwiched either side of the Big Day are Mr Bun's and my birthdays. I'd better get a wiggle on and start sorting out his birthday present first don't you think?

Hope you're as calm with all your planning.


  1. I'm in full blown panic trying to get stuff finished and mailed.

    I had a cat that would climb the tree. Current residents just like to pull down the ornaments and scatter them while we sleep.

    My Lexie bunny lived to be 12, so I hope your girl bun has a few years left.

  2. Sounds like me here as well. We did get the decorations down last night though so I think it will be a tidying and decoration day for me today...and then I really must get on with my gift making.

  3. So glad I'm not the only one, still so much to do and so many gifts to make but I will not stress about it.
    What doesn't get done, doesn't get done.

    B xxx

  4. Christmas will be lovely how ever organised you are...
    Thank you for your kind words my lovely.
    x x x

  5. Thank goodness I'm not the only one !! I havent wrote a card yet - havent bought most of them - I am still stitching my way through presents, hubbie still has all his to do and if we dont get finished noone will have a present at all !!! You've made me feel much better XXXX Parcel hopefully on the way today X

  6. Love the first photo, your living room looks cosy and pretty, and the cats and fire are perfect!
    I'm feeling a bit laid back about Christmas here too. I did think about maybe doing some cards last night but there's still plenty time isn't there! We hope to get our tree this weekend too, perhaps then I'll be more in the moood...

  7. Same here Mrs B - it's the same here.

    I think we are going to get our tree on Sunday and then hopefully all will fall into place - she says!!

    Nina x

  8. Don't worry Dear, it's same here too. I'm so badly organised this year.
    My eldest is 12 and still believes in Father Christmas and I'm 35 and still do too.

  9. I know exactly what you mean! It can't be right to feel this calm can it? I can only think it means that I've forgotten loads of things and I'll remember them on Christmas Eve! Had we better do some cards, Mrs Bobo Bun? Shall we do some tonight? Yes, ok. Just a few. And maybe wrap a present or two. Lots of love, Amanda xxx pass me a mince pie? xx

  10. I have to admit that I love the days before Christmas more than I love the day itself!
    I also used to love the fab days in school at Christmas time..I miss those days a lot!

    Hope you get eveything finished in time!!

  11. That's a nice cosy looking photo. I've not thought one bit about Christmas and given this week is supposed to be the busiest online shopping week I should be getting a move on!

  12. I love the way the cats are all lined up around the fire, cute!!
    Christmas will happen, so don't panic!
    My kids are 22 and 25 and we all believe in Father Christmas, why wouldn't we, he is real!!
    Vivienne x

  13. I am just desperate to make handmade gifts for loved ones but time is ticking away and I find myself in a state of panic at varying times of the day / night! Oh well, if they have to wait for after Christmas it's the thought that counts on the day ! xox

  14. So glad I am not the only one not to have sent cards yet or have their tree up yet. :-( re your little one not believing for much longer, I think this may be my oldests last year too as he is 10 and off to college next Sept.

  15. Got my cards posted and my decs up,so feeling quite pleased with myself..but then I don't have any little ones to take care of like you do.You'll get there in the end..we always think everyone else is so much more organised than us don't we?! :0)

  16. Oh, I tell you . . . my son is 10, too, and I will be so sad when he stops believing. It is all but done, too. The Easter Bunny was the first to go this past spring, then the tooth fairy. Now you know it is only a matter of the calendar. He asked me, rather offhandedly . . . carelessly even, "So you and Daddy are Santa Claus, aren't you?" Yikes. I took a moment, and then said, "I just want to say one thing before I say anything else. . . before you go asking big questions this season, just make sure you really want the answer." To which he, too, paused and thought and then replied, "Ah, yeah . . . nevermind." So there it is, said but not said. And it already feels different. blah

  17. It's kind of creeping up on us isn't it.
    Yikes only two weeks to go!

    Will feel more like Christmas when the tree is up.


  18. aww it is going pretty fast. Although i don't blame you snuggling up to your lovely open fire every night i would do the same in this weather. Love the father christmas decoration in your last picture. Enjoy getting your tree. Dee ;-)

  19. I am waiting until the last minute this year-I don't know why but it still doesn't feel massively Christmassy yet, despite the weather, but I reckon once The Tree is purchased it will be full steam ahead.
    I too have a husbands birthday to buy for, which usually involves buying shed loads of stuff and dividing it into two piles on Christmas Eve..poor boy!

  20. Oooh you sound just like me! I got all organised in the autumn - then sort of forgot about it, lots still to do. We're doing all the fun things; been to the panto tonight, putting up the tree at the weekend and have been reading lovely festive books and watching films. Not a card written though - oops!

    Can't blame you though, your house looks so cosy and welcoming. I'd be snuggled in there too.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  21. Aren't your cats wonderful, the way they're sitting upright, catching the warmth of the stove? I love animal behaviour, it makes me laugh and smile, our doggies are always making me laugh and smile! That last concertina father christmas decoration is fantastic, those vintage decorations are the best aren't they? magical, and make you think, aaahhh that's what christmas is all about, all the old fashioned values, which I love. Have fun getting and decorating your tree Lisa. Love Vanessa xxx


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