Friday, 24 December 2010

Is he Here Yet?

Hours and minutes are being counted down around here. Preparations for the man in red's arrival. Coconut ice this year. I didn't scoff it all in the end.

There's loads of the stuff left over though and I think I'm going off coconut ice now. Little Bun just loves pressing out shape after shape, then she made the Banoffee Pie for tonight and helped with the Pear and Mincemeat Tart. A proper helper.

Now there are just the last presents to wrap before we go off to sing a hymn or two at the Crib Service. I made my dad  the peg bag he asked for.

I embroidered and made up a purse for my mum to fill with goodies and then all my making ability left my hands and brain completely. The jammies for Mr Bun somehow went from mansize to a small woman's and the Bits and Bobs Purse for Little Bun. Well I finished it all, turned it the right way and saw I'd sewn the zip upside down. I think Meltdown has arrived so I'm off to sing and get merry.

Two birthdays coming up here after christmas. Next Wednesday I'll be 42 (there's no way that's me - sounds very grown-up and boring an age) and then on January 2nd I'll have been blogging for a whole two years. So I need to plan a celebration of some kind. 

Off I go Wishing You a Ho Ho Ho and a Very Very Merry Christmas.


  1. Hope you all have a very happy Christmas ;-) x

  2. Have a very Merry Christmas. x

  3. Oh dear about the zip! I'm sure you won't be the first to have done that though. Sounds like you have the best solution :-) Have a very Merry Christmas.

  4. Have a very Happy Christmas, Lisa xxx

  5. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.
    Much love x

  6. Wishing you and yours a lovely and merry Christmas xox i love the peg bag, just beautiful!

  7. A very Happy Christmas to all the Buns from the Jammers. We've all enjoyed reading your posts this year and hope you have a great new year.

  8. Happy Christmas to all the Buns, have a great time.

    Your peg bag looks fab by the way.


  9. I wish you and your buns a magical Christmas and a bright and happy new year !

  10. Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Carol xx

  11. Merry Christmas to you too. I'm looking forward to share 2011 with you.

  12. Happy Christmas, Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday my lovely lady from one of your very first blog readers xxx

  13. Hope you had a lovely Christmas! All the best for 2011.
    Love Lesley XX

  14. Good morning and Happy Birthday xx

    Hope you had a good christmas xx


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