Wednesday, 29 December 2010

In the Blink of an Eye


My favourite part of christmas has always been christmas eve. I love the anticipation and the preparation. We really enjoyed the crib service, walking up to the church with the bells ringing and then belting out quite a few carols. I don't follow any religion, but I do love churches and a good sing song. Coming home to lantern light, mulled wine and a chilli - even better.

Christmas started for us at 4.30 a.m. We were told it was better than last year (well half an hour if you want to split hairs). We ignored the Bun's for a couple of hours before giving in and so in they piled to our bed with their stockings. Present opening here and then off to grandparents for lunch and more presents.

Boxing Day was filled with yet more food and lots of games. Rapidough is our favourite new game, but there was a lot of cheating involved.

Alfie Blue snuck up to the table hoping for a quick lick of a plate. A cheeky boy if ever there was one. In the middle of the day our oil ran out and we hadn't been promised a delivery until the 31st, so pretty nippy here you could say.

With only the fire to keep us warm, we've been out a lot or by the fire with Cluedo and a box of chocs. Today we had lunch out to celebrate me being an oldie of 42. Not sure what being 42 is really like so I'll just carry on as I always have I think.

With perfect timing a parcel from my best mate in Oz arrived this morning. Shamed me with her being more together than me last month when she hit 42.


  1. Happy Christmas, Happy Birthday, Happy New Year! I do hope it's a warm one! Thanks for your lovely Christmas photos and words.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope it warms up soon for you. x

  3. Happy happy birhtday Lisa. What a pair of happy girls you've got (4.30am though!!)

    Hope you're managing to stay warm, I recommend a bottle of fizz seeing as its your birthday.

    Stay cosy and many happy returns.
    love Steph
    P.s (what a pretty cherry tablecloth btw.)

  4. Ooops = I've made Barney a blog today and keep logging on as him! Sorry it really is me.
    Steph - Curlew Countryx

  5. Lovely Christmas moments shared.
    Happy Birthday too.

    Jo x

  6. Sounds like a lovely christmas. (maybe not the 4:30am and no oil)

    Happy birthday and happy new year to you:)

  7. Ha ha! My sister and I used to get up at 4am too! :)

  8. Ah, to be 42 again! Although it was only a few years ago that I was there it is an age when everything is just right - work / home balance and life is generally sorted - Enjoy! and Happy Birthday.

  9. Looks like your girls had a great time at Christmas, mind you that was an early start!
    Happy birthday Lisa and you're right, ignore the numbers and carry on regardless! :)
    Vivienne x

  10. Happy Birthday. Lisa! Sorry to hear about the oil, thank goodness it has warmed up a little outside. Hope you have a very Happy New Year.
    Hen x

  11. loved reading about your Christmas, thanks for sharing. Hope you get oil soon so you can all warm up a bit.

  12. Happy Birthday Dear!
    4.30! that is torture!
    I hope you have a lovely New Year.

  13. Happy belated birthday Mrs B.

    The forties are the new thirties anyway so consider yourself only 32!

    take care and here's to the New Year - bottoms up!

    Nina xxx

  14. Hope you had a wonderful day!!
    A very Happy New Year to you all!

  15. oh your girls are early birds, im glad you had a good xmas, i have to agree xmas eve is rather special.x ps happy birthday

  16. Just wonderful!

    Please have a very Happy New Year!


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