Sunday, 12 December 2010

Getting ready to Jingle and a Jangle

Well - I've still not written the cards, but I did buy some, which is halfway there. I also got into gear and posted my dearest friend her parcel to Oz. I've started buying presents at last and today I've been stitching away at the making gifts. I think I've got into the christmas way of thinking at last.

The Bun's and I went hunter gathering for a tree on Saturday. We went for smaller than usual as (I reasoned with myself) it's less tree to pull down when Olly climbs it. Mr Bun sprayed it with stinky orange stuff to put Olly off the tree, but he'd climbed it before the lights were even on. It was such a gross smell it put us off the tree for a bit though.

We got round to putting tons of stuff on the tree eventually. Each year I buy the Bun's a new decoration to add to the tree. This year a perfectly pink owl perching near the top for Little Bun.

A glitzy reindeer for Eldest Bun. The long red glass drop is from Mr Bun's childhood christmas trees so that's always an important one to go on. Little Bun loves to add the small paper crackers made by a Grandad she has sadly never met. The passing years and family are all here on our tree.

I couldn't resist these vintage repro labels to put on the presents that'll go under the tree. When I showed Mr Bun he said you can't give them away, they're too lovely. 

Now before the presents start appearing under the tree, I got a wonderful gift of my own. I was incredibly lucky to win the giveaway over at Flossie & Tom.  Sara had packed this gorgeous sewing box with all sorts of goodies.


Underneath the beautiful handmade needle case and pincushion are all sorts of buttons, ribbons and trims. I was so thrilled to receive this. We had friends over when I opened it. I don't think they quite got why a complete stranger would send this to me. How can you really explain this blogging thing to others without sounding like a real fruitcake?

Now before I head off, I have a promise to keep. As I was taking some shots Little Bun set up her own scene and took a picture. She's said it's for my blog and I must point out it's her photo. Unfortunately she put in the horrific leafy thing. We made some foliagy xmas things at work in a craft session. This is mine. Apart from getting excited painting tipex onto pinecones to look like snow, I don't think it was really my thing. It made Mr Bun laugh a lot and wonder why I'd brought it home. I said it was for the christmas table to go with the other ready meal tins. Ha Ha.
Have a good week getting ready won't you. 


  1. Lovely basket from Flossie full to brim with goodies, lucky you :-)

    The tree is looking great with all the pretty decorations.

    Hope you have a good week.

  2. wonderful , festive, beautiful vintage post! the card!
    hehehe i think my friends and family think im abit bloggy mental, but unless you have one its hard to explain the bloggy world ;0)...but such lovely giverways and giftys from bloggy land is always a joy in my eyes.
    The tree and decors looks beautiful.

    * best festive wishes *

    x kazzy x

  3. I love your tree and decs, once the tree is up its starts to feel more like christmas,have a jolly week x x x

  4. Lots of lovely Christmassy stuff going on today Lisa!
    What a great giveaway, lucky you!!
    Congrats to Little Bun on a great photoshoot. :)
    Vivienne x

  5. Cards bought here too, but none written - yet. I'm hoping to get round to it tonight!!

    Love the festive stuff going on around your home - I can't believe it's not this weekend, but next!

    take care,

    Nina x

  6. What beautiful decorations I hope nothing breaks if the naughty kitty climbs!

    Jo x

  7. Loving your vintagey Christmas.
    The pug card has really made me smile.
    Half of our UK cards have been posted, the rest are due to go tomorrow when I pop to the post office.

  8. Your tree looks so pretty with all the lovely decorations full of memories! So glad you won the lovely sewing will make very good use of it. :0)

  9. I love getting the tree decorations and remembering where they all came from. The car at the top is great isn't it, I got some os those.

  10. Hi Lisa, I love your tree and the pug card is adorable! I always enjoy getting out all my vintage christmas deccies, they add a nostalgic warmth to the festive season.

  11. Love, love, love your decorations! I almost bought those labels yesterday, but I had a handful of bits and thought I had to be good. They are lovely though, darn it, should have kept them in my hand! ha ha!

    Your posts are always so lovely x

  12. Scarily I'm leaving all things Christmas until the very last minute... I've decided that this year I'm going to devote thursday the 23rd to Christmas. this isn't something I've ever tried before as i'm usually a list writer but i reckon it could actually be quite good fun... or it could be a complete disaster, we'll see! x

  13. What a great Christmas decorations you have. So warm and cosy!

  14. Its lovely to see you creating so many happy memories for your children! I feel all warm and festive after reading that post, although.... christmas still hasn't sunk in for me here!
    What a gorgeous gift, you are soooooooo lucky! Yes, just try to explain blogging to people who don't blog! he he


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