Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Down to Business

All the names of you lovely people who joined in with my Pucker Up giveaway got popped in the blue bowl this morning. 

I hovered, eyes shut with my trusty pink tongs, last used for chasing the Bun's around the house.  My tongs poised and then pounced. The name they grabbed was .....

Well done to you Scented Sweetpeas. Once I have your address your Mistletoe Kisses will be on their way and ready for you to Pucker Up and dream of kissing David Bowie. Thanks again everyone who shared your kissy desires. 

Last week I was thoughtfully given two awards. The Versatile Blogger from Penny and One Lovely Blog from Laura.

Penny's award involved a bit of disclosure. A revealing of seven things, possibly never revealed here in blogland. Penny's secret's have been hidden in Higgin's speak, so if you speak Daschund you'll learn more than the rest of us. I thought what the hell I'll join in, so off I go -

Number 1 Thing
I have always lusted after the perfect pair of red suede Minnie Mouse heels. I dream of looking a complete starlet in a floral dress, my knockout heels and a perfect Victory Roll hairdo. In my mind this look works for me.In my mind lots of things work for me.

Number 2 Thing
One day soon I want to learn how to Jive. Mr Bun has said he will come with me if I really badly want him to. At 6ft 1" and 6ft 5" a piece I'm not sure that any kind of dancing is really for us. Looking elegant leaning somewhere with a glass of fizz would be far more suitable.

Number 3 Thing
I love Burlesque, not that I've had a go myself just in case you were just wondering. I just love glamour, tease and naughties.

Number 4 Thing
I always start to cry whenever children sing.

Number 5 Thing
I'm pretty certain that if I stopped dying my roots I'd be grey all over by now. Let's hope I'll have the sense to stop before I'm really old and my skin tone doesn't match my hair. If not I'll start looking like a witch and scare the pants off kids.

Number 6 Thing
When I'm bored I have an uncontrollable urge to yell daft words. Mr Bun usually goes with this feeling and just yells,  I've yet to get my nerve up.
Number 7 Thing
This is a bit like using up my last wish, so I'm thinking carefully what to put here. Ok, since seeing Peter Ustinov solve the murder in Death on the Nile I've wanted to go on the same trip. It must be the 1920's, no murder allowed thankyou and I have to be stinkingly rich with fabulous clothes so I can really enjoy my week away. Then back I zip to C21st Norfolk - poor and in jeans, but very very happy.

I'm never that good at rules. I always try to do the opposite as I'm so bloodyminded so could we just say that if I visit you and you visit me we could share these awards. If you feel like spilling the beans I'd say have a go, I really enjoyed writing mine down.


  1. Congrats Scented Sweetpeas on winning the giveaway!
    And congrats Lisa on the blog awards!
    It was great reading 10 things about you. I too cry when children sing, also when I hear marching bands.
    Stay warm and cosy x

  2. lovely to hear more about you. Well done scented sweetpeas xx

  3. Well done to Scented Sweetpeas on winning those lovely mistletoe kisses,and to you for your awards!
    I'd love to learn to Jive too,but Mr Boo says he has two left feet and wouldn't entertain it! :0)

  4. Congrats to the winner!!! I was taught to the Jive very young from my grandfather who was in World War II...hilarious! Xoxoxo

  5. Congrats on the awards! Your '7 things' are certainly different, I'll give you that Lisa!! :)
    Well done Scented Sweetpeas!
    Vivienne x

  6. Congrats to the winner. I always cry when children sing too. I've embarrassed my daughter many times over.

  7. Wow!! Our own Lisa wins two awards and discloses more about herself to us, AND Scented Sweetpeas wins the Pucker Up contest. Congrats to both of you.

    In the spirit of sharing ... I absolutely cannot look at photos or exhibits or anything to do with endangered animal species. I once saw a picture in the newspaper of a songbird labeled, "The Last of His Kind," and just lost it right there at the newsstand.

  8. Lisa, I can absolutely see you jiving away wearing those Minnie Mouse shoes!

  9. I think I'd find it really hard to pick just seven things about me yours are really fun.
    I share your dream of a Nile tour and fancy frocks though I love that film.

    Jo x

  10. Congratulations! I missed the game.... Enjoy This wonderful Christmas month.

  11. Congratulations on your awards and boo hoo that I didn't win the beautiful mistletoe kisses. x

  12. Oooo, thats spooky because I want that too and for exactly the same reason and with exactly the same wish for great clothes to go with - the last wish that is. I can just see me, thinner maybe, all elegant and sophisticated, dressed to the nines with j'ne sais quois dripping from my every pore. I can see why you saved it til last - such a special wish. Hope we both get it one day!

  13. ooh pink tongs! that's v exciting, but then again now that I have central heating back in my life, many things look fantastic!
    I cry randomly, never when I expect to and always when I don't, like during Countryfile! Told you it was random, tee hee,

    love Sarah x


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