Tuesday, 16 November 2010

No more gentle purring

Driving home tonight my car went from sounding quite purry to nasty throaty. Exhaust not happy I thought in a less than calm way. Then when I stopped it acted like a clown's jallopy and wobbled and vibrated a lot. For its final act of the day an engine failure light came on and yelled at me every other second. I turned up the radio to drown it out and hoped I'd get home.

My lovely Wednesday plans of being at home and stitching (as well as getting rid of those grey roots in my hair) have been hijacked by a need to get my car happy and working again. Arrrgghh plumbing on Friday, car mechanics Wednesday. It's just not on. Thank goodness I have some handy friends who can do these kind of mending things.

Do you think Prince will get me about if my car doesn't want to play ball? Dream on.

Somehow I think Mr Bun's car will be the one getting me up to North Norfolk to decorate the hall on Friday night and back again in the early hours to open the doors on our third Pick 'n' Mix. His car doesn't like going very fast at the moment so that'll be another interesting journey. Mr Bun's suggestion was to dress the part of a genteel driver and wear a hat and driving gloves.

If you have better transport and are anywhere near that part of Norfolk on Saturday then please pop in and say hello won't you, we'd love to see you.


  1. I hope you can make it to the makers market.

    I love that little house embroidery:)

  2. O NO theres always something that has to pop up to get our in way. Hope you manage to get it fixed soon. I love Prince he's lovely. Good luck for saturday hope all goes well with no hitches. dee ;-)

  3. How fabulous to arrive by rocking horse!

    It's Wednesday Yippee!

    Hope the week improves and the fair is a success.

  4. Oh you poor soul, never a good moment for this sort of thing to happen but this is clearly an extra bad time. I wish I lived nearer, I could give you a lift!

    Good luck at the weekend x

  5. If only you could ride Price there...just like the scene in Mary Poppins.
    Hope you manage to fit in some stitching.
    Ali x

  6. So sorry to hear of your plight - but beautiful embroidery! x

  7. Oh dear Lisa. :( Always good to have skilled tradesmen as friends, I find!!
    Hope all goes well for your market at the weekend. :)
    Vivienne x

  8. Oh dear, why do mechanical things always let us down when we most need them?
    Perhaps you could knit a new car - remember Knitting Nelly?

  9. Isn't it just typical that everything comes all at once! I love your horse, he reminds me of my first 'horse' a rocking horse on springs called Rocky!! I love that embroidery too! Good luck at the fair. Catherine x

  10. Oh dear your poor car!
    The same thing happened to Mr Thrifty's car a couple of weeks ago. He was going round a roundabout and it clunked out and the light came on. Yikes we did NOT need that bill just before Christmas.
    Then last week the front and back lights went. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

    I hope you get there okay on Saturday, best of luck.

  11. Hi Lisa sorry to hear you have been having car trouble, I have been having some myself and there just isn't time, what with all the vintage goody hunting and crafting to do ! Let's hope the problems are minor and easily sorted.I would so love to come to the market in Holt but it is my weekend at work.I hope the market goes well and all your hard work pays off.

  12. Mmmm, loving Prince! I'm a bit obsessed by Mobos and he looks a very fine horse indeed. Good luck with your market! Jelly Jam x

  13. Prince looks fab, I'm sure your car will be fine though...Good luck with your market,again wish I could come x x x x x x

  14. Fingers crossed for happy cars. I hate that 'heart-in-mouth' feeling driving a stuttering car. Get some breakdown cover for the day!
    Hope it all goes well. Wish I lived nearer to go to your makers market. Good luck. Jacs x

  15. Hope that fair went well - look forward to reading all about it. Good luck with car!

  16. It was great to see you on Saturday at the Pick n'Mix Market. I've introduced another friend to it and she was extremely impressed. I think it was the best one yet! Please carry on with the good work, the Market is a real antidote to the 'other' craft fairs about. (need I say more?!) I hope you're recovering from what must be a very tiring day. love Penny and Higgins xx


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