Monday, 22 November 2010

Making and a Sharing

Making stuff is a do it on my own thing, apart from if you count my family who take it for granted that I'm attached to a hook, needle or notebook most of the time. My family have to be my best fans, it's their job and I really love their support, but it's also great when I get to meet people who want to buy my work because they don't have to like it.

This Saturday I met all sorts of lovely people at our Christmas Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market

People came to really enjoy the whole experience. A great compliment came from one man who had not known about us, just happened to be in Holt. He'd thought it would be one of those whizz round quickly awful craft fairs, but instead he'd been there an age as he thought it was wonderful.

A few people came quite a distance to visit us too. That's all down to this wonderful blogging thing. One lady who had bought from me online came from Shropshire to see what Pick 'n' Mix was all about. It was lovely to meet her and her family. I was blown away by her absolute thoughtfulness when she gave me a pop up Mabel Lucie Atwell book.

Oh and I managed to give myself a gift or two aswell. The wonderful Snowman and Tree at the beginning of all this were made by Sasha who makes toys to get the serious wants for. We did a swap for them, I gave her some Happy Days Bunting in exchange. This is the best kind of shopping, something I love for something someone else loves. Shame I can't swap a dozen eggs for a diamond ring.

My other shopping consisted of cakes and hot chocolates. The Bun's stole my marshmallows when they turned up.

Now then I'd better get on with showing you a few pictures of what it all looked like hadn't I. I forgot to take close up shots of a few stalls including my own, so my apologies to those makers.

Vanessa of Little Black Brooch had a mouthwatering selection of cameo brooches and rings.

Eldest Bun has her eye on this cat, I think she's called Doris. Little Bun fell in love with a small cat in a crocheted covered bed. I think I might be calling Sasha very soon to do some more shopping. 

A lot of you bloggers will know this lovely lady already. A shot of Emma of Silverpebble, it just captures her sunny personality perfectly and if you look carefully, just resting on Emma's left shoulder is the head of my Little Bun keeping an  eye on her mummy I guess. Her work was as divine as usual.

Just behind Emma is Helen of Funky Mutts. I never got to take a picture of her stall or even round to sizing Alfie Blue up for a new collar. He was there with us for most of the day too before he went home with the Buns and my mum. 

These stunning textile prints are by Vicki of Red Red Blue who can be found at Stew Printworks in Norwich. 

Another yarn lover is Fiona of Highfibre. She had her Fox Terrier there for a nano second. Such a beautiful girl, thank goodness Alfie didn't see her as he's quite rude to other dogs.

It was great to have Jon and Sarah of Lapwing Printworks back again. I really don't think my awful picture has captured how wonderful their work is. Most of the time I had an eye on my stall with Mr Bun nodding to me to get back and chat to a customer. 

Another new addition to Pick 'n' Mix was Sean and Tuula of Stik Designs. Their help in getting the word out about the market was greatly appreciated. Even my mum proved a dab hand at handing out a flyer or two.

Well that's us done for another year. Now we need to get a planning for Spring and sorting out a date too I guess. 

Before you go, just to let you know I have a mind to hold a wee giveaway in my next post. I'll let you in on it then I promise. 


  1. Hi lisa I'm sat here at two in the morning just trying to settle Sam and thought I'd check your blog! Lovely photos I wish we lived close enough to come, I love the snowman and also ur blue chest of drawers under the stairs, I'd love to see ur house in a mag! I've still not convinced my hubby on the bunting I might make some and take my chances, we're so tired right now he prob won't notice! Right fingers crossed I can get this baby back in his cot soon my feet r cold and I've left my slippers up stairs! Night night xxxx

  2. I'm so glad it went well Lisa.
    I was absolutely gutted I couldn't come but I'm having problems with discs in my lower back and sciatica and knew I just couldn't drive and wlak around all day....
    I was so upset.
    You have some wonderful goodies there!
    Can I ask if you will be taking additional stall holders for your spring fair?

    Karen x x x

  3. It was a wonderful day as ever Lisa - there's such a great atmosphere at the PNM x

  4. It all lookks so lovely - especially that snowman :)

    Hopefully I'll persuade MrVV to drive up so I can visit.

  5. All looks wonderful. Wish I could have made it.
    Mandy x

  6. that looks like a really wonderful fair :)

  7. It all looks absolutely amazing! Would have SO loved to have been there.Your home is going to look gorgeous this Xmas with all the lovely crafty 'makes'! I want that snowman!! ;0)

  8. Oooh, that first photo is like one of those seeing eye pictures... I was staring at it for a while trying to work out if you were behind the snowman holding it up and if so how you managed to take a photo of it when I noticed a tiny head perched on your shoulder... please don't tell me you're shrinking heads for Christmas gifts this year?! x

  9. Oh why, oh why do I live so far, far away? It all looks so lovely!

  10. Glad the fair was a success. as an organiser you carry the responsibility.

    I love your mistletoe kisses.


  11. It all looks lovely - glad you enjoyed yourself

  12. What a great market, it's a shame you're sooo far away!!
    I like the idea of swapping a dozen eggs for a diamond ring too!!
    Vivienne x

  13. Your fair looks lovely, I love your little snowman, its all making me feel very christmassy :) x x x x

  14. What a great fiar it looks - I must make the trip for your next one!

  15. Ooh that fair looks lovely!! That snowman is VERY cute!! Also I would like to mention that I have nominated your blog for a "one lovely blog" award :-) xx

  16. What a fantastic looking event with real quality stallholders - wish we lived nearer! Will have to track them all down on the web instead. Love those mistletoe brooches will you be adding them to your workshop (if you didn't sell out)?
    Well done!

  17. Wow it looks amazing im loving the snowman at the start, and the little blue fabric christmas tree. Sounds like it was such a lovely day. Dee x

  18. It was lovely to revisited Saturday with your post , Lisa. It was a fabulous day, looking forward to putting another date in my diary. If you pop over to Planet Penny you will find you have a blog award! Penny x

  19. What a wonderful looking market! Wish I could have popped by and had a look-see for myself. Thank you for sharing all the photos. What talented folk!

  20. The fair looked great so annoying I couldn't come, working at weekends is rubbish. Hopefully I'll make it for your spring fair, maybe even a stall if I can get making.

  21. Ohh that looks so lovely!! Everything does!


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