Thursday, 4 November 2010

Juggling with Jam

I'm trying to learn how to juggle at the moment. I don't think I'm very good at it yet. Today was my day off and I had lots of plans for it, but apart from doing tidying type stuff, food buying and just stuff that couldn't be ignored I haven't done any of the things I planned. I also did a bit of staring at things.

In my head I had a daft idea that I would cut up all the squares for Eldest Bun's Memory Quilt, possibly even have it all patched and sewn by the end of the day, make more brooches for Pick 'n' Mix and then take a few pics to show you all.  Do you start the day with such big plans too? Reality is that working three days a week means there's not much time left to work for me and be our family PA, D.I.Y. guru and occasional daydreamer. So sometimes something has to give and so I went to the hairdressers instead, chatted to friends and then watched a bit of Dr Who with Little Bun. I've enjoyed my day.

I'm going to work on the juggling and see if I can do better next time.  

I'm also going to work on liking Alfie Blue again. He was very very bad tonight. When  Little Bun and I went to collect Eldest Bun from her friends he broke into my wardrobe. I'd hidden the Bun's choccy selection boxes and other Father Christmas stocking things in there. He scoffed the lot. Boy am I angry with him, he's made our carpet really brown and sticky too. Cats are so much more civilised.

I also wanted to say I feel bad that I never have the time to pop round all of the blogs I like to read and say hello to those of you who leave me such lovely words. I'd hate you to think I was just not bothering to say hello, I'll get there eventually and catch up with you all.


  1. Me too. As I wait for sleep to come at night - I think of all the lovely things I am definitely going to do the next day - so much excitment - and then......well......I can dream.

    And as for juggling. I am trying to create 3 separate businesses at the moment - and having to learn quick! Importing from China to Uk - selling and manufacturing in USA - designing and printing 1000s of things - all with no budget. then 3 kids a dog and a hubby and paid work. God why am I telling you all this - because everyone else is asleep!

  2. Oh give yourself a break. We all need time to unwind and think too. Your intentions are good and all will work out.

  3. Im sometimes like that i have to been in the right mood for sewing and being creative. But it is hard trying to juggle everything, you can only do what you can do with the hours you are given.Sounds like you had a lovely day though ;-)) Dee

  4. I think we all juggle (rather unsuccessfully for me I might add) at the moment. I always have grand plans for the following day and they rarely if ever come to fruition.

    You sound like you do a pretty good job to me.

  5. I try not to plan for a day but instead have a weekly list - I take great pleasure in ticking items off that.

    Hope Alfie is back in your good books soon.

  6. Yes, I start every day like that, the more I have to do the less I get done. And the fact that you have christmas presents hidden away already makes me think you are doing a pretty good job :)
    ps... naughty dogs are much more fun than good ones!!!

  7. That sounds like my day...everyday.

    Though I probably spend more time day dreaming than the actual doing of stuff.

    Hope you have a better day today and Alfie is out of the dog house - so to speak.

    Nina xxx

  8. I wake up every morning full of ideas and projects I want to do,but some days you just need to chill out and have a bit of time for yourself.
    In future I think you're going to have to find a new hiding place for your Xmas stash! Hope Alfie is back in your good books now.I get mad with Bella sometimes,and then feel really guilty afterwards :0)

  9. Don't give yourself a hard time, everything will get done in it's own time!
    Poor Alfie Blue, don't be too hard on him! He's just being a dog, perhaps a bit of a naughty one but just a dog!!
    Vivienne x

  10. Everyday I go to bed thinking - well I didnt get half done that I had planned - maybe we just plan too much . Your doggy sounds fab - ours had a bad day on Sunday - he chewed the heel on my moms shoes, ate my dads poppy and demolished yet another scourer into a thousand pieces !!

    I was ready to strangle him my the end of the day - but he looks far too cute
    XX Love and hugs

  11. Don't beat yourself up dear. I have a list longer than my arm and it keeps growing. Remember that you are human, you will get there in the end.

  12. Oh not what you needed at the end of a busy day but it did make me chuckle - sorry.

    What a cheeky chappy imagination his delight when he'd found the treasure.

    Hope the buns didn't find out.


  13. I constantly think I can do a million unachieveable things in a single day its never going to happen but I give it a good try. Like you I often end up day dreaming for most of the day thinking about the things I could do.
    How organised are you have stocking fillers already, naughty Alfie Blue. We have three naughty kittens at the moment. I found a dead mouse floating in their water bowl on Wednesday, how delightful.

  14. I try not to make plans for the day as I just get annoyed if I don't get things done :-( I too have a mischief pet who drives me crazy - oohh I would have been angry at finding the chocolate eaten gggrr.

  15. That is all you really need to do with some days - enjoy them.
    Naughty Alfie, hope it didn't make him ill though.
    Carol xx

  16. There's nothing wrong with having a day off. I think it's great that you recognised you needed it and then enjoyed your day without feeling guilty.
    As for Alfie Blue! Maybe his Halloween outfit went to his head :S
    Have a good weekend.
    Mandy x

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