Friday, 12 November 2010

How to Sort out a Big Drip

Thrifty goodies have been very very thin on the ground lately. It's never a great time of year for hunting and gathering. Most of the boots have stopped and so I'm missing going out and coming back with something I never knew I wanted.

I did find these at a market recently though. Still in the original wrapping. Gorgeously leary in their splodgy pattern. I knew Little Bun would love them being a wee bit partial to the purple. I left them hanging to dry on the Rayburn and as she walked past I heard an "ooohhh", followed by "can I have them please?"

I do think they need orange crochet trimmed edges first though or they will be far too tasteful and we can't have that can we.

Now what do you think of the wristwarmers I made for Eldest Bun? So easy to knit and cable, but oh so hard to actually sew up. I did it late at night when I should know better. First stitched them the wrong way round. Then I unpicked and stitched them up without a thumbhole. Got there in the end though. First christmas make all completed - hooray. As for the bedsocks, it's slow progress.

Today is really my last stitchy and making day before next weekend and I've ended up being a plumbers mate instead for most of it.  My very useful and DIY able friend came over to sort a very big problem we had. We had a leaking overflow pipe from the hot water tank, but no way of getting to it. It must have been put up there and then the ceiling put back in after. 

So today my friend climbed all over our roof trying to see in. I felt ill even looking up. I did do a good job though holding the ladder for when he finally came down. Next up we had to guess where the tank might be in Eldest Bun's room and cut holes though. After a few holes under the tank he then cut a square on the other side, went up and sorted the problem. Now there are a few holes, a really big square waiting to become a hatch, but thankfully no more drip drip drip.

I told you all this just in case you were under the impression that it can get quite exciting around here. 

Have a good weekend won't you.


  1. I'm most impressed - with everthing.

    Have a lovely weekend too - thank gawd it's here.

    Nina xxx

  2. Love the wrist warmers - we've had the plumber in today as well - done food shopping, washing - exciting life we lead isnt it ?? just reading a few blogs then settling down to carry on with the blanket :) Have a great weekend XX

  3. Those pillowcases are absolutely stunning! Great find.
    Love the wristwarmers.
    Hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Glad you got it sorted.

    Hope your weekend is far less dramatic :)

  5. Big Buns pressie is lovely, glad you got them sorted in the end. Plumbing is a real pain, one of those jobs that can take days, so at least you were very lucky to get it sorted so quick. Have a good weekend, I am off to tackle a mountain of ironing while watching something on iplayer!

  6. Great wristwarmers and lovely pillowcases with or without orange crochet edging!!!
    Have a great weekend, Lisa! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Love the pillowcases. It's always exciting when you find things in their original packaging.

  8. Mr Boo's been promising to mend the leaky pipe under the sink all week! Maybe I could borrow your friend?
    Glad you're not dripping anymore.
    Well done on the wristwarmer sewing up challenge.I think they would have gone out of the window if it had been me! :0)

  9. wow, plumbing and crochet edging! You are a very very clever Bun indeed!
    Orange? Mais oui, mais oui - there is no other option!

    Love Sarah x

  10. What beautifully cabled wrist warmers and the pillow cases will look fabe with an orange trimming me thinks xox

  11. Hehehe, love the last comment that we might be "under the impression that it can get quite exciting around here". Glad you got the drip sorted.
    The cable wristwarmers are lovely. Yes, those rather plain pillowcases certainly need brightening up with orange crochet. lol.
    Hope you are having a good weekend, lovely and sunny here in Yorkshire.
    Carol xx

  12. I'm so unbelievably jealous of your vintage sheet find! what a gem!! lovely hand warmers too, I could definately do with a pair over the winter :)

  13. My favourite day is Monday strangely enough... don't know why but it always has been!
    Hope the fair goes well, x


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