Sunday, 28 November 2010

Going Crackers

At last I'm starting to feel a vague christmassyness  feeling a stirring. We started the weekend on Friday night with a Christmas lights switch on in the town where we used to live. We drove home through a very white swirly blizzard. While we'd been out our village had changed from everyday to a clean white snow world. As we had tons of food in the cupboards and the log basket was full we didn't need to go out once all weekend. It's been bliss.

This morning a craft urge hit us. I 've been wanting to make some tiny crackers for the tree for a while now so I got everyone else to join in too. We covered the table in shiny, sparkly stuff, glue and crepe paper and got cutting and a sticking.

Then I thought you might like to have a go too so I made sure I took a few pictures to show you how we made our dinky crackers.

Start off by cutting a narrow strip of paper and roll it up into a cigarette tube. Then fix it with a bit of cellotape.

Next choose your shade of crepe or tissue paper and cut a strip slightly wider than your inner tube. Stick it down and then get rolling again, fixing it again once it's all rolled up.

To make your crackery ends, tie a knot at each end with thread or ribbon. Then you can leave well alone or snip to make feathery ends (which is what I preferred). I had a vision of imitating well worn vintage crackers from the 1960's in my head.

Once your cracker is made then you can start having fun tarting them up with all your shiny sparkly stuff.  I definately think we'll be going crackers again.

I've really enjoyed reading your kissy fantasies in my  Mistletoe Kisses giveaway. Thanks for sharing them (even Hugh Hefner Jus) and for taking part. Shame I can't send you Johnny Depp too as he seems pretty popular in his pirate suit. If you've not already entered then don't forget to take part and Pucker Up.
Giveaway ended now. I've drawn a lucky winner and I'll be back later to let you know who it is.


  1. Hi Bobo, these are fantastic and I'm sure will look gorgeous on the tree! I love the little things you have used to embelish them. Thanks for sharing! :) Sarah

  2. So lovely!! Your crafts are so amazing! Xoxoxo

  3. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

    We had a smattering today that kept the kids amused (and the cat) for at least an hour.

    Hope your not too stuck in?

    Love the crackers.

    Nina xxx

  4. Thanks for some great ideas, I love getting all christmassey :-) let it snow

  5. Sparkle and crackers made by one and all makes for a very good beginning to a festive season, thanks for sharing xox

  6. Those crackers are amazing, well done! SueXXX

  7. Great crackers, such a bright and fun thing to make.

  8. Love your crackers, they do indeed remind me of the crackers we would have had when I was a child! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. Love the crackers so very cute and yes they do look vintage i will have to have a go at these with my little son he will love them. Great idea thanks Dee ;-) x

  10. Your crackers definitely have a vintage look about them, gloriously garish - in a nice way of course!

    Jo x

  11. Great minds think alike! I ordered some crepe paper and cracker snaps online at the weekend, have been saving loo roll tubes and have bought some little presents to put in them. I'm sure our crackers won't look nearly as good as yours though. Love crepe paper!

  12. Oh yes, Johnny in his pirate suit....what more could a gal want for Christmas x

  13. Your little crackers are scrumptious!

  14. Cleared up that cat poo yet? x

  15. homemade crackers - I'm with you there. they look really great.

  16. Those embellishments are fab. Lovely crackers. Reminds me I need to get some snaps. Cheers. Jacs x


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