Monday, 18 October 2010

Time to Stop, See & Think

On Saturday morning as I sat on the steps in the kitchen, chatting to Mr Bun about this and that, I thought I must show you something that always makes me happy to look at in our cottage. Starting of with our bubblegum pink fridge, passing gorgeous turquoise on the way and ending at my hot pink do dah cabinet.
 I think it was the view combined with sunny Saturday morning and time with my favourite lovelies that made it all feel so good.  It was a weekend of cooking up yummy food, watching films, taking time to look and enjoy and we even fitted in a game of badminton in the garden and a bike ride too. 
On my way to bed on Saturday night I laughed at the sight of Olly asleep as if he'd fallen from the sky. My other boy cat always slept like this too.  Today he's curled up with his favourite boy in the whole world, Alfie Blue and giving his ears a good wash. Alfie's snoring through the whole thing.
Today I'm trying to make the most of my time as after half-term I'll be working more days and I'll have less time to just stop and think. To play with creative ideas in my head and respond to what I see around me. It makes it harder for me to try and juggle Bobo Bun, but I know I'll find a way. I started off five years ago wanting to have my own creative business and run workshops. I've succeeded in doing that and more besides, but we needed a secure income too so I went back to teaching. I love my job. I know I'm really lucky in that as no two days are the same. I've swapped academic FE teaching for teaching vunerable adults and sometimes amongst all the other things we do we have a few craft sessions. We have a Blue Peter afternoon planned soon to make a few "here's one I made earlier" examples for christmas makes.
So I've decided that this afternoon needs to be spent whipping up some mistletoe kisses brooches, possibly a bit of holly and maybe if there's time before collecting my lovely Bun's I can get on with a bit more of the Dottie Blankie. Cake also needs to be eaten I think. Good plan I think. Then maybe one day soon I'll find the time to actually finish all of those thingies in the baskets
Thanks so much for all your great suggestions about the Bow Bracelet, they're been really helpful. Also for those of you that said sock knitting seems scary. Honestly it isn't, once you get going it's pretty relaxing. Grab a ball of any old how yarn and some double ended needles and have a fiddle, bet you'll love it, especially if you get round to knitting more than one.


  1. Your house looks like one of the prettiest, most colourful houses I have ever seen!

    I would LOVE to make socks! Have always wanted to...just have to learn how to knit first. I have visions of stripy handmade socks all over the house! One day, when all the other crafty pastimes have slowed down, i might just make time to finally tackle it!

    Hope the sun is still shining there!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh wow, what a colourful little nook you have! Scrumptious turquoise & pink! I think I need some of those colours at home, difficult when I live in a house of boys!

    yes double pointed needles scare the hell out of me! I must just try harder!

    Lou x

  3. Hey Lisa missed you sunday but am really looking forward to our catch up in november! loving the house pics - after all I shall be modeling my new home after yours :)
    Right best get back to packing-ARRRGGGHHHHH!
    emmie xxx

  4. I do love that through look from bubble gum pick to turquoise then pink again - I can see why it makes you smile - it certainly did make me too.

    Enjoy the snatched moments and your crochet goodies,

    Nina xxx

  5. your house looks gorg i love the fridge and your use of colour and your lovely tile floor. Bless Ollie he did make me laugh out loud ;-) Good luck with all your projects. dee x

  6. What a really lovely colourful, cheery post Lisa!!
    Oh that cat, gorgeous. :)
    Vivienne x

  7. Lovely colours in this post! Who needs to get projects finished when they are stored in such pretty baskets? I often buy vintage baskets for my shop, but strangely, they rarely actually make it there (hee hee!)
    I like the look of the Dottie blanket - I might have a go at one of those! (Good excuse to use another basket!!)
    Gorgeous x

  8. Love your colourful world..from your beautiful crochet to your bubblegum pink fridge! :o)

  9. Your home looks so pretty, I love your colour choices.
    Good luck with the new job.
    Jacquie x

  10. Oh your kitchen looks lovely...would love to see more of the wonderful temptation!

    I haven't started my socks yet, other things have got in the way, but hope to sometime this week, so will let you know how I go.

    Your dotty blanket looks like it is coming on well.

  11. That bubblegum pink fridge would make me very happy too unfortunately we have a teeny tiny kitchen that would be dwarfed by a big fridge.
    Your house is lovely. Bright, colourful and homely.
    I used to teach art to adults with Mental Health problems and it was the most fulfilling job I've ever had, they were all lovely people.
    I hope you have a great half term.

  12. What a lot of eye candy! Your blankets are beautiful, you clever thing! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  13. I just love all the gorgeous color in your post, it has given me a smile!

  14. JEALOUS of your beautiful pink fridge. Love all your blankets and all the colour gorgeous xxx

  15. So who was your favourite BP presenter... I was a huge fan of John Noakes, but when I'm cooking for a dinner party I pretend to be Valerie... I find it calms me x

  16. i love the pink fridge .. i have fridge envy i think!!
    its funny how we have little views in the house that give us pleasure isnt it..

  17. i love the colourful paintwork.....looks amazing!

  18. What a lovely, snuggly post, love your fridge btw xxxxxx

  19. oohh I have fridge envy! The colours in your house are lovely, I bet it seems bright even on a grey day.

  20. Wow, your house has so many gorgeous things in it! Really beautiful piccies. Olly the cat looks so cute he must be having a lovely sleep :) Sarah

  21. Those brooches sound great! I must give socks a go...

  22. Can imagine you being happy seeing that fridge and all these lovely colours. Nice to read you work as a teacher too AND have a creative business too. Good work!!


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