Friday, 1 October 2010

Thank the Stars it's Nearly Saturday

The weekends come just in time I think. We all need a good flop around here and a bout of doing any old thing we fancy. We've a had lovely week don't get me wrong, but there's been a lot of manic chasing about. The Bun's  were really pleased that we actually sat down in the middle of the week to draw with them. I got pretty engrossed with my picture of Mr Benn's street and then ran out of room to add the shop.

They love it when we make time for craft. I wish we did it more often, but there never seem enough hours around all the stuff that just needs doing. Now I might have found a solution. It's an idea that's been buzzing around for months now which I mentioned to a friend. She said today to make it happen. I needed a kick up the bum. We plan to set up an after school craft club and have loads of ideas already, the Headmaster's keen and I think there are quite a few kids ready to get going. Finally somewhere I will let them get the glitter out without shrieking and I won't get distracted by all the home stuff.

To tell the truth I find most time to do my crafty stuff when the Bun's are fast asleep. This week I've been adding rows to my ripple blanket and then falling asleep under the cosiness of it. When I did manage to stay awake I made myself a Cheeky Cherries brooch. I changed the design slightly and added a pair of leaves instead of just the one.

Normally I only make things to sell and never get round to making any for me. I'm so pleased I actually made myself some cherries as I've worn them every day since. Some things just make you smile. Hopefully getting a bit more crafty with the kids will make them smile too.

Here's to a great weekend whatever you have planned. For us some will involve choccies and seeing what Anne Widdecombe has to offer when she trips the light fantastic on Strictly. After tonights offering it promises to be great fun.


  1. You have a great weekend as well. Your plans sound terrific.

  2. what a lovely idea hope it works out well for you. I love the cherries there fab. dee ;-) x

  3. After school craft club ~ GENIUS ~ mRS.bUN. DO IT DO IT DO IT!

    Such a great enterprise, it will be brilliant, please can I come!!!!!

    Love Sarah x

  4. After school craft club sounds like a brilliant idea!
    Great brooch, as always. :)
    Do you know, I loved Mr Benn!!
    Have a great weekend.
    Vivienne x

  5. What a good idea for an after school club. The art club at our school is very popular. Best of luck with it. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who shrieks when the glitter comes out! I even confess to hiding it ocassionally - what a dreadful mother I am!

    Have a lovely weekend and enjoy wearing your lovely brooch. I get so many nice comments about mine!

  6. Love your cheeky cherries brooch :) xxx

  7. Love the cheery cherries.
    The after school craft club is a wonderful idea.
    My weekend task is to try to finish granny stripe blanket edging.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Carol xx

  8. The cherries are beautiful, so glad you found time to treat yourself. We have had a busy week too so we will be relaxing for most of tomorrow - finally back in the lounge after decorating. We can spend some family time together after a week full of decorating and leaving the kids to their own devices!

  9. Great idea to have an art clubs, kills two birds with one stone (poor birdies :-)). Hope it is fun fun fun.

  10. An after school craft club is a great idea.I think we all dread the glitter coming out because it goes everywhere and for weeks on end!

  11. Sounds like a brilliant idea..wish I was nearer to join in! Good luck with it! Loving the cherry brooch. :o)

  12. You'll really enjoy doing a club I think I only do Rainbows so I can play around with glue and glitter :)

    you brooch is very pretty don't feel guilty about keeping it
    Cate x

  13. I'm so glad to see that made YOURSELF something Lisa - your new style cherries are gorgeous. Hope you've enjoyed the weekend x

  14. BTW the afterschool making group sound brilliant x

  15. Ohh I love the cherry! Hope the weekend was good!


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