Sunday, 3 October 2010

Snap & Swap

I was so happy when I found some more playing cards at the fleamarket on Friday. My stash is getting pretty low and then all of a sudden I 've found a few more packs to boost it up. These Holiday Snap are my favourites, I especially love Bubble Car Betty with Dennis and his Dinghy a close second!

I've kept a a few of the originals back so I can frame them up. Something else to add to the growing list of will sort out one day soon.

I was also lucky enough to get a gorgeous parcel of gifts from Lorraine over at The Balancing Kiwi on Friday morning. We were paired up as swap partners in Tilly Rose's Vintage and Shabby Swap. I love the idea of swaps, but this is only the third one I've taken part in and the second one I actually managed to do properly. With the disastrous swap we both cocked it up so I don't feel quite so bad, although it's still pretty embarassing to think about.

I was overwhelmed by how generous Lorraine was and how beautiful the gifts she had sent were. Mr Bun was here when I opened up the parcel and was impressed by the whole thing of a stranger sending me presents. He thought it was a marvellous idea. Amongst all the lovely handmade, thrifted and vintage gifts were this stunning handmade patchy tea-cosy and brooch. 

Lorraine even kindly included a gift for each of the Bun's which they loved.

I really enjoyed putting together the parcel I was sending in return. I hope Lorraine will be happy with what I've sent to her. 


  1. I love Bubblecar Betty..I want to be her, but wearing the jaunty hat of Susie scooter :)

  2. I love Betty's duffle coat and Sally's capri pants!!
    Lovely swap goodies! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Glad you liked them. Forgot to say that the doily in the (vintage?) glass jug was my husband's grandmothers...possibly handmade? Sorry it needed ironing!

  4. Loely goodies!
    Glad you enjoyed taking part hunny x x x

  5. I love the pictures on the cards, I have never seen any like that before. Your tea cosy is really pretty , what a great swap gift.
    Ann x

  6. Hi, what lovely goodies .. i posted the same cards last week on my first ever post.. and even commented on how dennis and his dinghy was so funny !
    Love those cards i has the same thought about framing them .
    Mantha x

  7. Great playing cards, very cute :) xxx

  8. I used to love playing snap and Happy Families. My girls won't play them because they are too low tech, they prefer computers and the Wii.
    They have no idea of the fun that they are missing.

  9. Ohh lots of lovely floral vintage goodness! I love the idea of swaps. I must find out how to get on one! Jacs x

  10. She does a lovely goodie basket does the old Balancing Kiwi... I still have my pinwheel brooch pinned to my shopping bag, x


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