Saturday, 16 October 2010

Preparing & Munching

This year I'm trying to be ahead of the game, so I've started making some christmas gifts. I can never get my head around christmas until we're at the end of November, but this year I've decided I don't need the stress of last minute staying up until 2am to get things finished. With extra work planned, the after school Crafty Kids club starting after half-term and the Pick 'n' Mix to run I think being sort of organised, rather than the ad hoc way I usually do things will keep me reasonably sane. 

My first plan was to make some bed socks for the Bun's. Little Bun has taken to going to bed in her grey school socks and her cold feet should look pretty I've decided. I found this pattern and then popped off to my friend Gilly's yarn shop to pick some pretty soft wool.  Rowan's Cashsoft was perfect in a pale lilac. I plan to add eyelets so I can run a cream ribbon through to make the socks even prettier.  Gilly gave me a handy tip on how to resize sock patterns for children's feet which was really helpful. Apparently once you've turned the heel you measure the foot from heel to the bottom of the small toe. Then that's the length you knit before decreasing for the toes. Thought I'd share that in case there are any sock knitting virgins out there like me.

It took me three goes to get the hang of the four needles, but I couldn't work out how to join to make it a tube. After a google I found a lady who explained it all and I felt really thick then as it was so obvious. Now I'm a few rows in, I've knitted the eyelets and I'm really enjoying this new found thing. Eldest Bun asked what I was knitting, I told her it was a christmas secret. Then she had a look through the pattern book which I'd closed and opened up on the pattern I was knitting. She told me she'd love some of those socks in blue. Perfect - now I know which colour to buy for her too.

I've also been having a fiddle around with a few ideas for things to sell at the next markets. Bows seem to be everywhere at the moment, so I wanted to do something with them. I changed the crochet cuffs I make by not adding all the vintage buttons, but putting a lareg bow in the centre instead.

I'm not sure if these would work better with contrasting coloured bows or if all one colour is better. I'll try both and see how I get on. I'd really appreciate your ideas on whether you think they work as a design and what you think about colours.
Friday's other bit of creativity went down a storm. We had a friend coming to eat with us and the Bun's had asked if they could eat later with us too. Last Sunday we'd picked tons of apples off my folks trees, so I wanted to start using some up. I decided to make my first Tarte Tatin for pudding. Boy was it yummy. Before that we had a delicious potato layer bake oozing rosemary, emmental, caramelised onions and cream with veggie sausages and all sorts of veg washed down with red wine. No wonder I woke in the middle of the night groaning. Don't say I'm already at that age when rich food gives you grief please.
Today we're gardening, eating Butternut Squash Soup and leftover Tarte Tatin. I know Autumn's here as I'm getting excited about all this cosy food I can cook up and enjoy. Later on I think we'll light the woodburner, we've got the Prince of Persia from the library to watch before Strictly and more knitting. Perfect day I think.

P.S. Are you finding it impossible with this new blogger to space everything where you want? It looks fine, but comes out all over the place when I post. It's really irritating the tidy freak in me.


  1. Oh yum Lisa, wish I'd been to your house for tea!!
    As for sock knitting I've tried it twice, I managed to knit one sock from each pair and I never finished the second sock in each case! I think it's called 'second sock syndrome'! Love your lilac yarn. :)
    Enjoy your Saturday!
    Vivienne x

  2. wow you seem to be able to pack so much in to your time... I would love to knit socks, but I'm afraid I'm a little intimidated about that one. All those needles look so confusing.
    Apple tartin sounds so yum! Lovely to use your parents apples.
    I'd like to see you knit a blue & white horizontal striped bow with red wrist band. What do you think??

  3. Hi Lisa
    I am a sock virgin!

    The great thing about crochet/knitting? endless possibilites..

    I am so frustrated with this new editing thing, its rubbish!!


  4. What a good idea, to knit our girlies bedsocks! I'm sure I have something in my stash that will do nicely for Little J. I think I have some really soft purple I could use! Looking forward to seeing your fimished socks! Lots of love, Amanda xxxcolat

  5. I'm gald I'm not the only finding this new set up annoying. I would love to knit socks but my knitting isn't good and the thought of using 4 needles is just too much.

  6. Lovely pictures and would love some bedsocks for my three littles! xoxoxo

  7. My youngest definitely needs bed socks - she has been wearing her school socks to bed too! I will not be having a go at making socks - it looks far too much of a fiddle for me. Love the bow bracelet. What about some clashing colours like hot pink and orange? Enjoy Strictly - we are X Factor watchers I'm afraid! x

  8. I don't use the 'new' blogger, I still use the old one, I couldn't get on with the new one.

    I've got some wool to try some knitted socks...haven't started yet though. Thanks for the hints.

    Yes I think it is time to start thinking about those Christmas pressies otherwise they do rather seem to creep up on you.

  9. I love your crochet bow cuff idea. Bed socks for Christmas? So cosy - perfect. I'm so looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

  10. I love your crochet cuffs,I would wear them one colour, multi colour any way, they are so sweet. I don't even know which blogger I am using...., I am such a techno-phobe I just press publish and hope for the best!!!

  11. I love the socks! I can only knit very basic things like scarves so that looks extremely complicated to me.
    I also love your little cuffs, so sweet.
    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  12. The bed socks will be lovely, I just love bed socks and have crocheted a few pair, lovely and cosy :) xxx

  13. love the socks -I fancy the potato layer

  14. I love the idea of knitting socks. this year might be the year I start although I have re found my crochet hook last couple of weeks. I am so fickle. Thanks to Emma at Sylvies Garden I am now starting on crochet bunting much to my brother & hubby's amusement. boys just don't get it, do they!
    Food sounds yummy! I am sure the food didn't disagree with you. Must be a bug going round! Jacs x

  15. ahh what a fab idea knitted bed socks i would love it, i have my good old sock fluffy primark ones on now in the house, but handmade would be smashing. I love the bow wrist band what a great idea, love it in red i would like to see it in 2 toned colours as well. What a great idea. Nice to hear somebody elses roast dinner is veg sausages ;-) Were all vegetarians to. Happy knitting. Dee ;-) x

  16. ooh, love the bed-socks idea, my eldest could do with some of those, would have to get better at the 4-needle-ness though!

    I'm with you on the blogger issue, it's quite rubbish if you try and place things in specific places, adding pics takes forever!

  17. Oh wow, knitting socks! I am deeply impressed... I have tried once on four needles and gave up (after a secret mini-tantrum) but I'll try again another day!!!!
    I love your bows.... they look great on a cuff. Lots of girls and women in NZ love wearing them as clips and these ones would look fantastic on the side or top of a hairband? They're super cute, I hope you sell heaps and heaps.
    Have a lovely week! XXX

  18. I love hand knitted socks and they make great pressies. Love the bracelets too. :)


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