Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Devilish Good Time

On Saturday we all dressed up for our spooky family party. We ate underneath the disco ghosties and then pinned the nose on the witch, bobbed apples, ate witches bogies and biscuits dangling from wands.

Alfie Blue dashed here and there in his Devil suit and was impossible to take a picture of. Eldest Bun pinned him down in the end so you could see how terrifying he looked in it.

Fortunately the only picture taken of us is wibbly or you'd be screaming with fear by now! Eldest Bun did my make-up  for me complete with black warts. My Dad (who came as a ghostie) told me he thought red hair suited me, I'm not so sure the horns are me though.
I even added a spot of pretty to all the preparations with the last blooms from our garden.  Not long now before it all goes brown and dull out there.

Now without any more to do I'll show you the finished Dottie Blanket.  I stitched a label on some softly worn thrifted linen. I wish I'd been able to crochet when the Bun's were babies as I would have loved to wrap them in one of these snuggly happy blankets.

When I get the time I'll definately be making another as they both want it for themselves.  I won't mind at all as I really enjoyed making this. There was something really relaxing about just going back and forth once I'd decided on the colours I was using in each row. 
The inspiration for this blanket came from Dottie Angel, but I didn't completely follow Tif's instructions. I sewed all the strips together, rather than join them up as I went.

Now this is done, I've got a pile of other things that need finishing and quite a few things that need to be made for the Christmas markets. Better get a move on then hadn't I.

Here's hoping you've all had a great and spooky weekend.


  1. Hi Bobo! I agree with your Dad! From what I can tell on your wibbly photo, red hair does suit you! Oh that blanket! How glorious1 I love it! I'm still Rippling slowly back and forth but one day I shall make a Dottie blanket of my own. Love the colours you chose. I've had to put my hairdressing gowns to one side for a while...I really hate making the same thing over and over. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a great family time .
    Your blanket is beautiful, love the embroidered lable too, great touch, may have to add one to my blanket once it's finished :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Love, love, love your blanket. The colours are great. I also adore the elephant in the pic, so sweet with the scarf on.

  4. Great blanket Lisa, the colours go beautifully together!
    Pretty little bunch of garden flowers especially for this time of year. :)
    How cute is that dog!!!!
    Vivienne x

  5. What a little devil!

    Love the red hair and dottie blanket - oh to have more time to indulge in the things that we so love.

    Nina xxx

  6. What fun! We are having a bit of a family 'party' tonight. Roast dinner followed by a film and party snacks. Goodness I'll be bloated, will definitely need to go for a run tomorrow am.

    Love your version of the dottie blanket. I really love mine and snuggle in it every evening.

  7. Great blurry photo! Sounds like you had the best time at the party. Makes me feel kind of mean. We got the kids dressed up and they went trick or treating in our close on their own. The blanket looks amazing. Can't wait to start mine - have bought some of the wool needed...

  8. Looks like a great fun party, your dog looks so cute ;-)) I did smile to myself. Im loving your blankets really beautiful lovely colour choice. Dee x

  9. I'm loving the precious little blankie xox

  10. LOve your blanket, loVe your red hair, lovE your dog and your decorations!!! Looks like you had a ball :) x x x x x

  11. Loving your dotty blanket, fab, looks like you had a great Halloween :) xxx

  12. I am wondering what witch bogies are made of???!!!!
    Love your Dottie Blanket and especially the lovely label you made, such a special touch!
    Have a lovely week XXX

  13. GORGEOUS blanket! Just GORGEOUS! I love that photo of it laid out, and your embroidered "tag. The coloured squares are wonderful, they work beautifully together. YUm. Alfie is a sweetie. I saw a little Jack Russell with bats wings on last night, and I thought that was great, but Alfie has gone the whole hog, what a good little sport. Love vanessa xxx

  14. Red hair is definiately you! Blanket looks fab too. Jacs x

  15. I love your ghosts. Sounds like your halloween was really fun.

    Love, love, love that blanket. I really need to learn to crochet.

  16. Love your Alfie, we tried a neckerchief on Hector, but he was having none of it. He just wanted to eat the pumpkins! Dev x

  17. hello lovely Mrs. Bun,

    So nice to hear your warm words, I should like to be nestled under one of your crochet blankets cup of tea in hands ruminating on life!

    Ah well, all will work out one way or another, we are awaiting a decision tommorrow and then we will be able to stir from this paralysis!

    Glad you and Buns had a Hallowtastic time!

    Love Sarah x

  18. ...I think, I have to start a new blanket. After Christmas.... Need more time! Enjoy your day!

  19. Love your Dottie blanket. I too visit Tif's blog it is not only inspirational but guaranteed to put a smile on my face on a wet November morning.
    Looks like you had a great spooky family party.
    Carol xx

  20. It's gorgeous!!!! I love the blanket.

  21. i love that blanket, the colours are so fresh. i so wish i could use the hook!

  22. There really is something special about that blanket isn't there? To my mind it suits those paler rather than bright colours perfectly. I love it. I really do want to make one - yours is beautiful! Love the little label on it too.


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