Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Crying for the Aliens

The Buns and I wanted a home day today. Perfectly cosy eating, watching films,  cuddles and crochet. For a while now they've wanted to see E.T. so I made sure I got it for half-term. I have to admit I cried even though I knew E.T. would be alright in the end and then I welled up again when he asked Elliott to Come and he replied Stay.

Despite the soggy eyes I managed to finish the last strip of my Dottie Blanket. Hopefully I'll finish the edging tonight and then I will have officially actually finished something I've made for us. The first not just started and then put aside thing in quite a while.

The rest of the afternoon went in a whirl of putting up ghostie and spider banners and then just fiddling with stuff.

Just what we needed. A day of not much at all. It felt good and we needed it.

I really enjoyed reading your different views on Halloween by the way. I worried I sounded like I was being a sourpuss about Halloween and that wasn't what I meant at all, I really do enjoy it. I love all the markers in the year and the excuses for another celebration. We always have our own family party and daft games to match. At the moment the Bun's are busy deciding between being cats or witches. Alfie has his own red devil suit hanging ready.


  1. I spotted that pretty blanket right away!

  2. Ooh can't wait for the big reveal! ;-)

    Sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday, even if a little tearful. My boys are well past that age now and so school holidays are just not the same anymore.

  3. Ooooh sounds like a great day. The bears and I have had a pottering week so far and it has been great, just what we have all needed! Have fun with the rest of your week! xxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I like the sound of a day like that,they are the best when you all get to do something you want,Have a fun Halloween! (loving the colours of your blanket and your little flower brooch!) x x x x

  5. Your blanket looks great :) I always cry at E.T, lol :) xxx

  6. I have never been able to watch ET for fear of bawling my eyes out.
    The blanket is looking fab.

  7. That blanket is looking glorious! How lovely to actually finish something! I feel like I have about ten projects up in the air at the moment and even more things that I'm itching to start! It's all about Hairdressing Capes at the moments...I'm getting a bit bored with biased binding I can tell you! Can't wait to see your grand reveal. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. is that a new brooch I spy? love it if it is emmiexx

  9. What a perfect day, I blub at the film too, in fact I think the only time I blub is when watching sad films - strange.

    Love the blanket , fab colours.

  10. I know what you mean about E.T., it is sooooo sad!!
    Your blanket is looking great, lovely colours.
    I do hope we get to see a photo of Alfie in his Red Devil suit, I really wouldn't want to miss that!!!
    Have a great Halloween!
    Vivienne x

  11. Apple bobbing...that's what I miss from Halloweens of old!
    Thanks for your lovely comment, it's a bit of an emotional time at the moment, even a Wheel of Fortune rerun made me cry last night.... lord, it's like being pregnant all over again. I couldn't think about Zola Budd or the Milky Bar kid without bursting into tears!!! x

  12. We love ET at our house.... Love little Drew Barrymore.
    So cool when the push bike takes off into the air.
    When I was twelve I recieved an ET badge for Christmas... Cool, I thought I'd wear it to school(first year of High School) some cruel older boys thought it a great joke to name me Extra Testical the name stuck for a little while but the badge made it's way to my bedroom drawer & stayed there. I still have it to this day & how it makes laugh.
    I must tell that story to my hubby & kids some day.

  13. It's so nice to just sit and make isn't it? I've just started a crocheted cushion and it's great fun choosing the colours! xx

  14. I too am looking forward to the finished blanket, I have yet to tackle it, though I have been pondering it a while now.

    You know, to this day I have never seen E.T. When I tell people that, they tend to gasp in disbelief.

    Sounds like a good day of pottering about at home. I am looking forward to that this weekend.

  15. How lovely to visit with you, been a while....had to smile as I was wearing that exact same tanktop today after not being able to fit into it for quite a while.
    Your dottie blankie is looking so pretty ♥

  16. That blanket is going to be so so wonderful!


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