Monday, 25 October 2010


Strange how this Halloween business is taking us over. When I was little I got freaked out just by my parents lighting an orange candle by my bed. I had a vivid imagination and worried about all the witches and ghosties maybe popping in to visit me. That was enough excitement for me. It was just a brief affair on the calendar, none of the dressing up and shops filled with spooky stuff for us 1970's kids. The real excitement was when the Boy Scouts dragged a scarecrow around with Guy Fawkes mask on raising a penny for the guy. On Bonfire Night the guy would get thrown on the fire before all the fireworks went off.

Somehow we've let the emphasis fade from our British traditions and taken on more American ones so you rarely see Penny for the Guy anymore. 
With kids it's pretty inevitable that you give in and do the Halloween thing in the end. We still do Bonfire night  just like my mum and dad did for me.

Little Bun chose some sweeties on Friday night  (which we've pretty much eaten up already). We've never done the trick or treat thing anyway, so they're all for us. The mask came from her latest Dr Who comic - we have a huge Amy Pond fan here.
We had good time making all sorts of spooky pictures on Saturday afternoon too. I managed to get fairly freaked out when they found the glitter and then shook it over everything. Anyhow we now have a really sparkly table, floor, chairs and cat and it looks quite effective actually.

While the Bun's glittered and glued, Mr Bun got busy making his pumpkin head. He got interrupted and then told that as they had chosen it they wanted a happy mouth, not a creepy one. Hate to think what the creepy one would look like.

On Sunday morning we raced off for Apple Day at a local museum.  Now that's what a happy mouth looks like on a pumpkin.

We went for our own wander around the orchard. It's a place that makes me feel uneasy as they buried the inmates of the workhouse there until 1900 in unmarked graves. Mr Bun called me back to see the mistletoe growing out of some of the trees and told me something interesting about the mystical quality of it. I wasn't really paying attention as it was pouring down with rain and I wanted to get back on ground that was less graveyardy, so I can't share it with you I'm afraid.
Finally the rain cleared and we headed to the farm for a bit of animal cheer. We scratched a few sows and marvelled at their beautiful black piglets before Eldest Bun marched off to see the calves.
We could have stayed here for an age, but the constant mooing got a bit earsplitting after a bit so we headed home.
We ended a perfect Sunday with a game by the fire munching doughnuts and crumpets. Mr Bun had made a gorgeous casserole before we left so all we had to do was cosy up and wait for it to heat up. As usual I got out my hook and yarn. Very very soon I'll be able to show you my Dottie Blanket. 

Before I go I keep meaning to say hello to all the new followers and thank you for stopping by. The other thing I must mention is the Pick 'n' Mix Makers Market which is getting really close. We've listed all the wonderful makers we'll have there this christmas and it's an exciting mix this time as usual. Not long now till we'll be putting up road signs and then opening the doors.


  1. I suppose whether it be Halloween or Bonfire Night they're all a good excuse for a party and there's nothing wrong with that! The more parties you can squeeze into a year the better, I think!
    Great pumpkin carving by Mr Bun!
    Vivienne x

  2. it all looks wonderful.....not sure if your pumpkin will be around for halloween though!!! they collapse!!! you may have to do another one!!! hope you have a great halloween!!!!

  3. It's more British than you think - the Americans got it from the Scots and the Irish! I went out 'guizing'(trick-or-treating pretty much) at Hallowe'en as a child in the '70s, we had neepie lanterns (turnip lanterns) and Hallowe'en parties. I don't remember Bonfire Night being so much fun, possibly because November in the north of Scotland means having your bonfire in a howling gale! *shiver*

  4. That pumpkin looks to me as though he's being tickled! What a very happy face he has! There used to be a penny for the guy on every street didn't there? Trick or treating seems to have replaced that but what costumes people have nowadays! Your pictures looks scrumptuous! xx

  5. I L-O-V-E Mr Buns pumpkin! Looks like a naughty little schoolboy!

    Lovely pictures....looks like you had a fantastic time!


  6. I love your 'sinister' happy pumpkin, where I grew up in yorkshire we had mischevious night on the 4th of november, no-body I know has heard of this, (maybe I just made it up as an excuse to 'egg' the neighbours front door????) Not that I'm saying I ever did that of course ;)

  7. I would find the old graveyard rather creepy as well.

    We don't do Halloween at all, however I DS1 now he is 19 has carved a pumpkin with his scout group. Rather comical it is! Halloween just seems another excuse for excess consumerism.

    Good luck with the Pick&mix fair. So wish I could come up to it.

  8. It's such a shame that our European traditions have slowly been morphed into American ways. They're ways are all very well and good but it is such a shame to see them change.

    I'm from Ireland and Hallowe'en is A BIG THING but in a totally different way. It's more about being a bit of an imp, playing tricks (bricking up neighbours doors etc.) but even over there, in the deepest rural parts where my family still live it is slowly melting away and becoming about trick or treat, expensive sweets and costume.

    It may be traditional, as another commenter above mentioned, to go guizing but I think the innocence of a home made costume (chop up those bed sheets) and singing a rhyme has long since passed for 80% of those who now trick or treat. Many people who have knocked on our door in the last few years turn their noses up if they don't get money.

    Ooops a wee bit of a rant there.

  9. Great pumpkin carving...
    Ours are never as cute or as scary!
    Are you going to make pumpkin soup... with it?
    I would like to try to make something yummy, instead of just throw it in the bin!
    Aparently you can make cake as well...


  10. Its funny that you should say that we rarely see Penny for the Guy any more.
    We saw two young girls doing it earlier and my eldest, who's eleven, had no idea what they were doing. My husband (who is from Spain) was horrified because he thought that they were begging! I suppose they are in a way but nobody in my family understood it.
    I love your pumpkins by the way.

  11. Looks like you had a great weekend. We bought pumpkins today - we will save carving for later on this week. PS. Glitter is banned in our house!!

  12. Likewise we only celebrated Guy Fawkes when I was young.The trick and treating can get be a bit threatening for the elderly.I told my Mum to turn off the lights in the front of the house,so it looks like she's out.We didn't get any here last year though so maybe the house to house thing isn't so popular now.Mr Bun has done a brilliant job with that pumpkin..the best one I've seen! :o)

  13. The farm looks wonderful!
    I'm afraid I'm a bit on the morbid side so I like Halloween. My family did not celebrate it at all when I was a child and I wanted to so badly. Dressing up and free candy sounded perfect to me. I also liked some of the older traditions as a kid and how the whole neighborhood turned out on the streets. It seemed very community oriented where I lived and I liked that.

  14. Mr B's pumpkin is fabulous. What a lovely day out you had. I am giddy about P n M. What a lovely day it always is. Looking forward to seeing you x

  15. keep it up...i love this one...


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