Sunday, 19 September 2010


I had so many making things planned for those days when I wasn't at work this week. It didn't work out that way. Instead l've done plumbing stuff and found out that the only way to get to the leaky problem from a pipe is by cutting a big hole in Eldest Bun's ceiling, had a haircut, faffed and created a disaster.

Do you fancy a peek at my really quite lovely disaster?

I had plans for some new wristwarmers so I got a spot of yarn together to try out colours.

I fancied adding a spot of fairisle into the tops of my wristwarmers as I've never done it before. I've worked a fair bit of intarsia so I thought fairisle would be a doddle and it was in a way.

I got a basic shape for the wristwarmers from a pattern I've made before and then re-wrote it together with a fairisle pattern from a vintage patterns book. Fine so far.

I knitted one hand up in an evening as it was so quick and easy. All you have to do is move your yarn along, not keep adding it in like intarsia. I was thrilled with the result as it was exactly how I'd imagined it would be.

That's before I went to sew it up. The stretchy rib wrists fit beautifully, but I need really really thin hands for the top bit where the fairisle is.

In my impatience to get going I didn't really stop and think about how winding the wool along would make it all tighter and thicker and so a hell of a lot smaller.

If there is a next time I must remember to increase the stitches a lot before I get to the fairisle bit.

If I do find someone with unfeasibly thin hands I might just make them the matching one up as a gift.


  1. Absolutely adorable! I haven't tried fair isle yet. I really need to step up my knitting. Lovely colors too.

  2. ♥ Olá, amiga!
    Seu cantinho é agradável e criativo!...♥
    Os trabalhos estão super lindos!
    Boa semana!

  3. The pattern looks lovely - how annoying that the size has gone wonky. Sorry, I have no advice, but I'll be interested to hear what the solution is, cos it's the loss of stretchiness that makes me a bit confused about fair isle - and I'd love to give it a go.

  4. I'm not an expert by any means but from what I gather going up a needle size or two for the fairisle section makes it the same size as the rest of the knit. The handwarmer does look lovely though, nice work!

    Ms C @ HappyElastic

  5. Well..we all learn by our mistakes!! I make many!
    I love the colours though.
    x ;-)

  6. It looks so lovely Lisa! Have another go it would be such a shame to waste such a good idea! :)
    Vivienne x

  7. It is lovely , will it fit any of the little ones in the family, it is too cute to go to waste :-(

  8. De-lurking to second the suggestion to try going up a needle size or two for the fairisle section before you commit to an increase and decrease section. If you're knitting in the round you might also find it useful to work 'inside out' so that the tube of knitting you create has the floats on the outside. It helps to keep them the right degree of loose so that they don't pull too much on the knitted stitches.

    They're such a pretty pattern I hope you find a way to make it work :)

  9. Just seeing your gorgeous colours in your photos make me itch to get my needles out! :) xx

  10. I made some crocheted wristwarmers for my daughter last winter and they were too tight on the wrist and too loose on the hands. Another project that I need to pick up and finish off!

  11. I love them , the look a bit vintage, I like that

  12. Oh what a shame! They LOOK gorgeous! Even if you can't actually wear them! L x

  13. I think they are lovely,and I would be just the same...rushing to exciting ...oh dear! Have a lovely week :) x x x

  14. I think they are lovely!!And I would be just the same...rushing to finish....going well...very exciting....Oh dear!!! Have a lovely week :) x x x x x

  15. They look lovely, I've never tried fair isle. I'm sure you will find someone they will fit (lots of people waving at the computer saying "me, me" I imagine)
    I guess we will soon be needing to get out all our winter woolies - but not just yet!

  16. Oh but they look so lovely. What about blocking them to make them a bit bigger? No idea how though! x

  17. Hello again! :) I've given you a blog award over on mine today! xx

  18. I am crocheting wrist warmers at the moment for a charity stall I am doing and they are so quick but I really want to knit some but am a total amateur knitter and am scared stiff! I think your fair isle is pretty awesome and a lovely choice of colours :)


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