Friday, 3 September 2010

Time is Flying By

On Wednesday September 1st our beautiful first born gorgeous girl turned ten. In this picture she's exactly half this age. A little girl of five, days away from her first day at school. A big moment for her and for us as she stepped out into the world.

Now five years later a graceful, funny, thoughtful and sophisticated girl is emerging of whom we are very very proud. One who is loved intensely by her little sister who is her best friend in the world.

We had the family birthday tea the evening before her birthday as we we had an 8pm train to catch in the morning. So lots of grandparents gifts to open on Tuesday and then our gifts early on Wednesday.

She loved the bag I made for her and so this came with us for the day filled with all the essential books, paper and pens.

A busy day was planned sightseeing in London. We took the train as this was another first for the Bun's. Having lived in London until our early thirties neither of us have felt much urge to go back other than the meetings and other work stuff we do.

We chose the right age as the Bun's were just old enough to get what they were seeing and just about have the energy to walk the ten miles we walked them from St Paul's up to the Tower for a look around and then back along the river up to Westminster, the Palace, through Green Park and end at Trafalgar Square.

We had a fabulous day, the weather was perfect, tons of drinks and good food were scoffed along the way and we managed to fit in a spot of people watching.

On the South Bank we spotted this little mudlark playing in their leopard suit, They must have been boiling.

In my teens I couldn't wait to get away to live in London, in my forties I was thrilled to be heading back home to the countryside.

I had to work the next day and I could barely move. Those ten miles have played havoc with my legs.


  1. Happy birthday Eldest Bun!! What a lovely girl she is too!
    Just back from London myself, we were there from Sunday to Wednesday and the weather was just great.
    Vivienne x

  2. We just did the same thing with our 8 and 10 year old, just the monday gone. We walked their little socks off with a little tube catching inbetween. They loved it and have a list of places to go next time ;)

    A belated Happy birthday to the 10yr old!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your eldest bun - how they grow so fast.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

  4. Happy Birthday, Miss Bun, what a very pretty bag from a talented mummy. So glad you had a good day in the capital and I know what you mean about covering so many miles. I tell everyone who comes to stay with us to wear trainers and do they ever listen...
    Hen x

  5. Happy Birthday, eldest Bun. It llooks as though you had a wonderful time. I envy your bag - it's beautiful. I envy your cake too - delicious. Have a lovely weekend x

  6. Happy Birthday Big Sister Bun.. Time flies my oldest is 23 and the youngest only girl is 3. How I appreciate each shared moment.

  7. Happy Birthday! A very special day to celebrate! I didn't celebrate my birthday in quite the same style but it was still lovely! Lucy x

  8. Happy Birthday! A very special day to celebrate! I didn't celebrate my birthday in quite the same style but it was still lovely! Lucy x

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  10. Happy birthday. My she looks like you in the 5 year old photo!
    My eldest (10 in November) often looks over my shoulder whilst I'm reading your blog and was hugely impressed to hear Eldest Bun measures 5'6". She wonders how big her feet are?!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog the other day. I'm a bit new to all this and it made my day.

  11. aahh happy 10th birthday eldest bun, my eldest was 10 a couple of weeks back - scary how time flys isn't it :-(

  12. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl, she is stunning

  13. Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter!!! 10 is one of the best years of all! enjoy every minute!

  14. What a beautiful girl you have there! happy birthday :o) x

  15. Eldest Bun, Miss Bun, Birthday Bun, R. Bun - Happy Birthday to You!!!

    Ten is a most auspicious age, isn't it? Those two digits seem to carry more weight, hint at exciting things to come, make one feel a bit more grownup.

    Here's hoping some of your wishes come true, and that you're surprised, too, in this sure to be memorable year.


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