Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Post with the Poodle

Woodbridge Market was great fun yesterday, despite being the coldest I've been for quite a while. I was pitched next to my friend the lovelie Emmie for a chat or two. I met a lady with four Pugs, one is only four months old, black and called Violet. She was beyond gorgeous, can you feel broody for Pugs I wonder? I also met one or two people who read my ramblings and caught up with a lovely lady who always makes me laugh each time I see her.

Anyway I'm digressing. I completely forgot to take any pictures yesterday, so I took some today to show you my buys. First up something to make my making stuff in chair even better. It's becoming my very own Jim'll Fix it Chair (soon to have it's own secret compartment).

Don't know what it's called so let's call it a chair table thingy. How can you not like pink plastic painted with flowers, especially when it's a handy wee table that grips chair arms with a vengeance.

Early in the morning on one of my wanders I spotted something quite nasty that Mr Bun has been after for quite a while now. He likes kitsch stuff that makes him laugh, in fact he'd even got me to agree to make one for him and now I don't have to as we finally have our very own poodle loo roll cover. He can stay in the downstairs loo to keep the cats company while they eat.

When I called him to say "I've found it, something you've wanted for ages." He got very excited thinking it was the thing he has really wanted for forever. Do you remember those plastic money collectors that stood outside shops with little boys with a caliper on their legs? Well for some reason he hankers after one. I did say if we found one it would have to be a garden ornament as it would give me the creeps indoors.

I did find a fair bit of gorgeous stuff too while I searched about the stalls. A couple of green glass bowls, buttons, pillowslips in their original 70's packaging and a bag load of embroidered and plain linens from the Hospice stall.

I've just about run out so I was thrilled to find so many, these are just the colourful ones. They all smell pretty strongly of cigarettes so need a good soaking first and then I can start stitching up more trinket bags for Christmas gifts.

Today has been all about being cosy after getting soaked through at the end of the market. Part of the excitement of being outside. So the woodburner's been lit, I've crocheted and baked. In fact we're all sitting here full up after scoffing cheese scones and chocolate cake. A pretty fine antidote to a wet windy day.


  1. I've just laughed myself silly over that poodle, it's hilarious but at the same time I am strangely drawn to it!
    You bought so many lovely things. I hope you've now thoroughly dried out.

  2. Mr Bun sounds great. How nice to have a man who looks out for such interesting things! Imagine, you could be trawling collectors fairs for stamps, coins, thimbles... Mr Jam, he can spot a Mobo horse at 40paces!
    Have a good week

  3. OK- to be fair - If I was a bloke and I had to face said Poodle during my "performance" - I may get stage fright.

    On the other hand - it's a talking point!!!!


  4. beautiful things. I have to say i have one of those clip on sofa trys but mine is a boring mustard colour not pretty flowers like yours, but goodness they sure do grip on for dear life ;-)) I did smile when i saw the poodle hes cool. love the crochet blankets in the first picture so colourful. Dee x

  5. Hi, much baking and some crochet has been done here too :0)
    Great weather to spend time in a warm kitchen.
    Jacquie x

  6. Your chair looks so cosy with all the lovely crochet comfies on it.The clip on tray is great... now you won't be losing things down the side of the cushion.The
    linens are beautiful..they will make lovely bags. :o)

  7. I have just laughed my head off at Mr Bun wanting the little boy with the callipers on his leg. What a strange thing to desire. I remember that little boy really well. It must be a forty something thing!

    Love the poodle! Maybe the little boy next time!!

    Alison X

  8. Coloured glass I love it, doesn't matter what colour or shape its all great so you green glass is luvvverly. As for the poodle I'm still laughing..
    Pene x

  9. Glad you had such a lovely day yesterday. It was certainly cold thought wasn't it? Although not as bad as today! Now as for the poodle...hmmm, I guess it is a talking point!

  10. Love the poodle, very kitsch. Sounds like you have had a lovely end to your day, I wish I had a log burner.
    Ann x

  11. Lots of great things, might join you in a hot chocolate.

    My Mothering in law had a loo roll cover the head was a sindy doll and it was dressed like a crinoline lady now that's kitch :)

    Cate x

  12. I love that poodle loo roll. How can you not laugh when you look at it. The embroidered finds are gorgeous. You certainly had a fun time despite getting wet.

  13. hello mrs bobo bun, just admiring all your goodies. i love your ripple blanket and i'm just wondering what sort of yarn you are using. i'm on the hunt for some yummy colours and just love the ones you have used. have a happy day!


  14. It's nice to have a cozy chair and you got lots of great finds. Great idea, by the way, of remaking the embroidery finds for trinket bags.

  15. When you purchased the poodle I had to laugh as I thought of the moment I had picked it up and the stall holder looked like I was insane!! but now I can see it very well in your loo with the hint of blue. As for the arm tray I couldnt picture what you meant ( I was having a moment) but what a great idea to stop those tea ring stains!
    Looking forward to Ipswich and more natters xx emmie xx

  16. Ooooh - you've found some lovely treasures there. And the poodle is divine - I want one ;-)
    Gorgeous x

  17. Omg I am broody for a black pug!!
    My husband says that regarding the phrase
    'owners looking like their dogs'
    that I should have a pug!!



  18. I'm sure the little pug was very cute, not sure if I could say the same about the poodle though! lol
    Just love your green glass bowls. :)
    Vivienne x

  19. Hi
    Love your green glass ware. Would you like a notice board to match your cloakroom blind? I've made one in the same fabric and it is in my Folksy shop if you are interested!

  20. The green glass & embroidered linens are a devine find.... That poodle makes me giggle... Somehow they take me back to my youth... Were the poodles crocheted over sherry bottles? Not saying I drank sherry in my youth!

  21. Lots of colour for a cold weekend, love Posie

  22. Your chair is lovely, very colourful and cosy :) I love the poodle loo roll holder, that is fab!
    I hope your really enjoying your cosy day, crochet and baking sounds wonderful :) xxx

  23. I laughed so much about the poodle, I have only been talking about them recently with my friend, my Great Nan used to have one in her loo!! I am glad to hear there is someone as barmy as me, I have five Pugs!!
    Jo xx

  24. I am in love with those linens. Totally in love.

    Oh and the word verification is poodel - almost but not quite!

  25. Wonderful - the poodle loo roll cover!
    I do remember we actually owned one of those (well Mother did) plus we had a real live one too.
    I have a pattern for the original design if you feel the need!
    Carol xx

  26. I'm thinking a chain saw and council grade hedge clippers could do the trick!!
    Jim'll fix it... oh no, I've gone into bad impersonation melt down, x


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