Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Last Thing as Usual

Today I finally got myself down to the business of making stock for Saturday's market in Woodbridge. Admittedly I do work two days a week and there's always boring stuff to sort out just to keep a family chugging along. I'm also very good, accomplished even, at putting off to the last minute. I've told myself I work better like this to make myself feel better.

Well before I did get my head down there were a few distractions I guess. After dropping the Bun's at school I went to visit a friend. We felt the strong need to go out for coffee and then of course there were the charity shops that needed visiting. I did actually have to be there as I was in search of Victorian type clothes for Eldest Bun. Tommorow they're off to the workhouse for a get poor and experience history day. While there I found two gorgeous blue rose pyrex bowls and a beautiful blanket.

When I got back I stopped faffing and actually did something. A few small flowers and a handful of cherries were hooked up.

I ate some sweeties for a midday snack while I looked at some fabric for inspiration.

Which finally got cut, patched and stitched into this soon to be cushion cover.

And before I rushed off to do school collecting I edged and pom pom'd a couple of vintage towels. Hopefully I'll get some more brooches made on Friday if I just stop getting distracted.

I thought when I sit on my stall on Saturday I might take a look at my wristwarmer disaster. Thanks for all your great suggestions. which were really helpful At the moment the plan is to take the fairisle out and then I'm not really sure what I'll do. Have a fiddle and see I guess.


  1. I cannot believe how much pyrex is 'back in fashion'! I got over 30 pyrex casserole dishes for wedding presents 29 years ago and a dinner set. Over the years I have given them all away as became not so 'in'.
    Vivienne x

  2. I love your pottling around though I can imagine you now having that last minute dash to accomplish all that needs to be done before Saturday.

    take care and most definitely a natter soon - it's been ages!

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  3. all of that fabric is so beautiful! I love the pom pom edging on the tea towels! good luck with your stall, I am doing one on Saturday also and need to stop procrastinating and get some sewing done! x

  4. That is my kind of lunch!
    I love your choice of fabrics and the pompoms are adorable. I am a huge fan of pompoms.

  5. I would have been over the moon to have found those blue rose pyrex bowls! You lucky girl!

    Good luck with the stall on Saturday, glad you found time today to get making.

    I've been busy sewing today as well :-)

  6. Hi I love your pretty pyrex dishes. And the fabric is so pretty and colourful. And your patchwork i am going to get round to having a go. Dee x

  7. Am loving the pyrex.. and the idea of vintage towels with pom poms! Good luck with the fair xxx

  8. I'm loving that pink fish..and the pom-poms.Hope it goes well on Saturday :o)

  9. Those new finds are lovely and well done you for making a new cushion cover! I've been promising myselfI'd make one since last spring and I've just got as far as making a pile of fabric ready for cutting!(It's a start!) xx

  10. Busy times for Mrs. Bobo Bun I see. Love the pom poms and the cherries too!

  11. I love the fabric, a definite source for inspiration :) xxx

  12. Ooh, best of luck on Saturday - how I'd love to pop across. Your makes are perfect. Hmm, I think I might ask Mr P xxxx

  13. Those pom poms are a great touch - like it! I hope your stall goes well, I wish you the best of luck. And these last minute things are always the best - less faffing about time!
    Gorgeous x

  14. Your patchwork and towels look fab!
    and ever since I saw those fruit salad sweets I can't sop thinking about them..Have a great weekend x x x x x

  15. What a lovely blog you have! Great work, great pictures, just lovely!

  16. You don't really like those weird banana sweeties do you? I used to be gutted if one of those turned up in a 5p mix. I'm definitely more of a white mouse, red bootlace and spaceship sort of a lolly eater... with a sherbert fountain and space dust thrown in for good measure! x
    P.S. I'd love to pop over and do your wallpaper... fancy going halvsies on the bus fare?


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